DIY Bee Gnomes: Patterns and Ideas

If you need one or more DIY bee gnomes for inspiration, I have you covered. I’m sharing a few of the gnomes I’ve made with the stripes and wings, too.

Below you’ll find no sew bee gnomes, bee gnome sewing patterns, and even a recycled bee gnome that will steal your heart. I’ll also share a very cool (and easy) way to make bee wings.

Five image horizontal collage of DIY bee gnomes made with hot glue guns, sewing machines, and fun details.
From large to mini, these DIY bee gnomes are a perfect addition to Spring decor.

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How to Make Bee Gnomes (with Wings or Without)

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’ve been making DIY Gnomes for years. In the past few of them, I’ve shared a bee gnome or two, made in different ways so everyone can join in on the crafty fun.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

This week, I was making a bee sign with my Cricut machine and wondered how many bee gnomes I had actually made. When I sat down and perused the site and YouTube channel, I thought others would like to see them all in one place just as much as I did.

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Vertical split four image collage of bee gnomes with text which reads 5 free bee gnome tutorials.
With wings or without, I hope this set of DIY bee gnomes inspires you to create.

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How to Make Bee Wings

Before I get into the tutorials for the bee gnomes, I want to answer a question I get a lot: how do I make bee wings? As you’ll see below, I’ll share how to make the wings a couple of different ways.

But I’d like to also say, you do not need to add them. Below, I’ll share a bee gnome I made without wings and everyone just loved him.

If you opt to make them, my favorite choice is using an iridescent fabric and thin jewelry wire. You’ll see this in the first two bee gnome tutorials below. Use clear hot glue for the technique and you can leave them as-is or use a white paint marker or gel pen to add veining.

Horizontal split image collage with two different bee gnomes with text which reads how to make bee wings.
You can use a single layer or more for your bee gnome using an iridescent fabric and wire.

Bee Gnome Patterns and Inspiration

I’ll share each of the written tutorials and video tutorials for each of the bee gnome tutorials I’ve made over the years and most come together with just a hot glue gun. I hope you find one which inspires you to create and I’d love to see them when you’re through.

No Sew Bee Gnome with Beautiful Bee Wings

If you do not want to get out a sewing machine, I have the perfect bee gnome with wings pattern for you. It went viral on social media because of the easy way to make the fabric with just hot glue and that adorable honey dipper accent.

Watch this adorable no sew bee gnome video tutorial here. And watch how the hat is made: such a simple trick!

Vertical image of a standing no sew bee gnome pattern with wings and hands.
Create a no sew bee gnome with this easy DIY gnome pattern and tutorial.

Bee Gnome Sewing Pattern with Iridescent Wings

One of my favorite projects of all time is this elegant, bee gnome DIY I made with a sewing pattern. It’s a tall, regal bee gnome made with shiny wings and delicate wire.

Watch how easy it is for a beginner to make this! The quick bee gnome sewing pattern video tutorial is here.

Vertical image of a bee gnome sewing pattern made with iridescent wings and an elegant flower.
This is a beginner gnome sewing pattern – mostly straight-line sewing!

Tiered Tray Bee Gnome Pattern

As I mentioned above, I don’t think you always need to add the wings to create a buzzy little friend. This tiered tray gnome pattern is made with a standard craft store fabric and gives off those buzz-buzz vibes.

I love how the shoes come together for this little guy. And remember: you can sew or hot glue this small bee gnome pattern.

Vertical image of a tiered tray gnome made with bee flannel fabric sitting on a wood background with succulent behind.
This beautiful bee themed gnome has a fun design and is perfectly fun-sized.

Recycled Bee Gnome Made with Scraps

While cleaning my craft room, the inspiration struck for this mini bee gnome with wings. I was working on clearing out (or crafting with) recycled materials I had saved.

This is a very quick project that will use up paper rolls, K-cups, scraps of fur, and wood hearts. Watch the mini recycled bee gnome video tutorial here.

Vertical image of a beehive gnome with wings, feet, and adorable mini wings with text which reads bee gnome a dollar tree and recycling craft.
This cute gnome with a beehive hat is too cute with flying bees, sparkly wings, and a solid footing.

Bee Gnome with Flower Pot Hat

This adorable beehive pot head gnome video tutorial walks you through how to create this ADORABLE bee gnome. Using the small clay pots as a gnome hat, you can have a cute little guy to tuck into a tiered tray, decor display, or even ship without paying an arm and a leg.

Beehive gnome with flower pot hat sitting with bees with text which reads free tutorial pot head gnome.
This adorable beehive gnome hat was created with a clay pot from the Dollar Tree!

Magnetic Kissing Gnomes (Mini Bee Gnome Pattern)

Another small, but mighty, DIY is this adorable set of kissing gnomes. They have the sweetest little wings and magnetic noses.

This mini kissing bee gnome video tutorial will walk you through each step that is not in the tutorial above. If you want to just make the wings, skip to that part.

Vertical image of miniature gnome pattern for kissing bee gnomes with wings.
This adorable couple kisses with magnetic noses.

More Gnome DIY Projects You Might Like for Spring

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Five image vertical collage showing adorable bee gnomes with wings, bee skeps, and honey dippers.
Accessorize with honey dippers, felt bees, or flowers – these bee gnomes have it all.

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