Clay Pot Bunny with a Glove Easter Craft

A glove and a terra cotta planter make this clay pot bunny and absolutely adorable Easter craft. It’s the perfect size for a tiered tray or tucked into a Spring decor display.

This is a very quick craft – you’re done in just about 5 minutes – and has a full, detailed printable tutorial and a video tutorial. I was shocked how quickly this cutie came together with just a clay pot and a single glove.

Horizontal image of a tiered tray bunny craft made with a Dollar Tree clay pot and glove in front of a tulip and rain boot planter.
This DIY tiered tray bunny craft is done in 5 minutes with a glue gun, a clay pot, and a single glove.

Cute DIY Bunny Made from Dollar Tree Finds

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, my craft room is… well, it’s a mess most of the time. I love to craft but detest the whole, “put everything away” part of the crafting. While attempting to make a walkable path this week, I had inspiration strike from a few items on my craft table.

Obviously, this clay pot bunny and this DIY bunny sock gnome were created from procrastination. But aren’t they so cute?! If you can find a pair of gloves, make both, but first let’s get started.

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Vertical image of a gray tiered tray bunny craft made from a glove and clay pot standing in front of a wood background next to a white rain boot planter with tulips.
This clay pot bunny craft is perfect for a tiered tray and is done in about 5 minutes.

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Tips for Making This Tiered Tray Bunny DIY

  • Any color glove will work for this bunny Easter decoration idea – pink, white, yellow, or even a pale blue would be adorable.
  • You can use a 2.25 inch, 3 inch, or 4 inch terra cotta or plastic pot. I think anything larger than that would pull the gloves a bit too far apart to maintain the cohesive look on the body.
  • Reuse an older planter pot for this (clay or plastic) – everything is covered up, so it doesn’t matter what it looks like.
  • The bunny ears are bendable in my version (I used doubled-up pipe cleaners), but you can opt to make them flop down, as well.
  • Do not glue on the glove and you will be able to use the pots later in your Spring decor crafts or plantings.
  • You can make the whiskers from felt instead of embroidery thread. If you watch the video, you’ll see that I tried that for this one and just didn’t like the chunky look this time.
Square close up image of a gray tiered tray bunny craft made with a clay pot and a fuzzy glove with farmhouse beads and a tulip in the background.
This DIY bunny craft is absolutely the best project idea for gloves.

How to Make a Tiered Tray Bunny from a Clay Pot and a Glove

Below is the written and printable tutorial for this easy Easter decor. You can see how easily this craft comes together (and get tips on cutting the glove) in the clay pot bunny video tutorial here on YouTube. While you’re there, please subscribe – we have a lot of fun.

Yield: 1 Bunny

Clay Pot Bunny Decor Dollar Tree Craft

Square close up image of a gray tiered tray bunny craft made with a clay pot and a fuzzy glove with farmhouse beads and a tulip in the background.

This cute clay pot bunny is going to steal hearts while sitting on a tiered tray. Use what you have on hand and create this soft, sweet bunny for an Easter display.

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $3


  • Clay Pot 2-3 inches (I used the 3 inch)
  • 1 Gray Glove
  • Fur Scraps (or felt)
  • Felt Scrap (black)
  • Embroidery Thread (black)
  • Decorations (Lamb’s Ear and Flowers)


  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Scissors and/or Exacto Knife


  1. Flip the glove inside out and remove the thumb, pinky, and middle fingers.Horizontal image showing a glove with thumb, pinky, and middle pieces cut off to form a body and bunny ears.
  2. Secure the openings with hot glue and set aside to dry.Horizontal image which shows crafter gluing the cut portions of the glove closed with a small hot glue gun. 
  3. Make the bunny tail by turning the thumb piece right sides out and stuffing it with the pinky. Form into a ball and secure with hot glue. Remove the excess.Horizontal image of a small round gray bunny tail made from pieces of a glove. 
  4. Turn the glove right side out, double up the wrist portion into the inside of the glove, and slip onto the pot (open end at bottom).Horizontal image of a crafter pulling a gray fuzzy glove onto a 3 inch clay pot. 
  5. Cut fur (or felt) for the ears. I cut two pieces of fur upside down (pile pointing up) at about an inch.Horizontal image of a craft cutting one inch piece of faux fur for the bunny ears. 
  6. Glue on the tail.Horizontal image of a small gray bunny tail made from the fingers of a glove to be attached to the clay pot bunny. 
  7. Glue the fur to the inside of the ears.Horizontal image of a crafter gluing small pieces of pink faux fur onto the front of the DIY bunny decor. 
  8. Cut the nose and whiskers and glue to the front.Horizontal image of crafter placing whiskers onto the clay pot tiered tray bunny. 
  9. Decorate the front of the bunny’s head with lamb’s ear leaves and small florals.Horizontal image of a crafter cutting a lamb's ear leaf to add to floral decoration on clay pot bunny.


A white, pink, or gray glove will work for a cute clay pot bunny.

The smaller Dollar Tree pots (2.25 inch) will work, as well as the 3 inch I used. Be sure to flip the pot upside down so the wider, open part is at the bottom.

If you don't have faux fur, use felt, stuffed animal fur (they have them at the Dollar Tree), or whatever you have on hand.

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Vertical stacked image with a gray bunny on top and a process shot of a crafter adding whiskers with text which reads Dollar Tree craft clay pot and glove Spring Bunny.
This 5 minute Easter craft uses Dollar Tree supplies and is too cute for words!

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  1. It says at the beginning it is printable instructions. I just want a picture of it so I know how to put it together. Did I read that wrong or is it just printable on pinterest? I absolutely love this and would love to make a few for family and friends.