Boozy Cupcake Recipes for Your Next Party

Make one or all of these boozy cupcakes recipes for any get together. Choose from the rich flavors of cognac, bourbon, and more.

You can prepare these cupcake recipes made with alcohol in a couple of ways in order to add a hint or a wallop of flavor. Dive in and make one of these party cupcakes.

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Alcohol Infused Cupcakes

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we’re known for cupcakes. With a few of the most popular cupcake recipes on the Internet, we’re asked a lot for some “adult cupcakes.”

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Whatever that means to you, it means cupcakes with alcohol for me. Before we move on – what were you thinking cupcakes for adults meant? Let me know in the comments or on social media – I’d LOVE to hear!

Anyway, back to the art learning how to add alcohol to cupcakes…

Today, I’m sharing a few of my recipes and others’ where the star of the show is the bold flavor combinations of cupcakes with alcohol. Party on.

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How to Make Boozy Cupcakes

There are a few ways bakers whip up boozy cupcakes. The most popular are:

  • add alcohol to the frosting,
  • add spirits to the cake (or soak the baked cupcake in alcohol),
  • add alcohol to both the frosting and the cake batter, and/or
  • pour it in a mini pipette so everyone can choose their own adventure.

I have used all of them, but my favorite is a combination of adding alcohol to the frosting and popping in a pipette. Soggy cupcakes aren’t my favorite and I don’t want to have to alter my popular easy vanilla cupcake recipe too much when I bake. Adding more moisture would be too much.

These are the pipettes I use (affiliate). Be sure to test any before you add them to the cupcake, as some lesser-quality ones will not suction up the spirits.

Maple Bourbon Cupcakes

One of my absolute favorite combinations are the smokey notes of bacon and bourbon. My husband is a bit of a spirits steward when it comes to this warm, sweet or spicy alcohol. And who doesn’t love bacon?

Get the step by step maple bourbon cupcake recipe and snack on some bacon while you make it. You will not be disappointed.

Vertical image of a close up of a whiskey maple bacon cupcake recipe topped with chopped pecans, bacon, and a whiskey caramel drizzle sauce.
This maple bourbon cupcake recipe is a boozy cupcake that will wow everyone.

Buttered Rum Cupcakes

If you’re a fan of sweet and creamy, let me introduce you to butter rum cupcakes… As a throwback to L.L. Cool J, they’ll knock you out (but in a good way).

The rich, spicy rum combined with the buttercream and cake makes this buttered rum cupcake recipe the perfect holiday dessert. No one will stop you if you sip while making this buttered rum cupcake recipe

An overhead image of three cupcakes, with a clear plastic pipette in the middle on a round wooden cutting board next to a gold and white towel on a weathered white wood surface.
This buttered rum cupcake recipe is sure to be a favorite with the adults in the crowd.

Warm Cognac Cupcakes

If you’re a brandy fan, this cognac infused dessert is going to warm your soul and your senses. Smoother than brandy, cognac elevates any occasion (and it sounds super fancy).

Ready through my step by step instructions and tips for my boozy cognac cupcake recipe. And if you don’t know how to buy cognac, don’t worry – here is a great guide to buying cognac.

A cognac cupcake in front of a wooden cutting board with 2 additional cupcakes on it, against a weathered wood background.
These unique cognac cupcakes are the perfect dessert for your next party.

Key Lime Cupcake Recipe

If you love the zesty tang of citrus, these key lime cupcakes are going to hit the spot. Add a bit of tequila (or Rum Chata) to the frosting and the batter for an even zestier dessert.

four key lime cupcake ideas with a lime on top of white icing on a wood table with an orange linen

Eggnog Cupcakes for the Holidays

Listen, I’m a girl who is obsessed with loves eggnog and will start using it when it hits the stores (usually around Thanksgiving). I made this pumpkin eggnog cupcake recipe and ooh, it’s divine.

This year, I’m swapping the pumpkin spice cake mix for a vanilla cake box and adding one tablespoon of bourbon (or rum) to the buttercream. Easy? Yes. Delicious? Oh, indeed!

Mini cakes for fall desserts - pumpkin eggnog cupcakes on a wood table
This eggnog cupcake recipe makes a perfect boozy cupcake with a couple swaps.

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