Darth Vader Paper Roll with Printable

May the Force be with this Darth Vader Paper roll craft. We made this fun Star Wars craft earlier this year for Star Wars day (May the 4th Be With You) and I forgot to share.

This is part of a Star Wars paper roll set we’ve been creating and it was good for all school-aged children. If you have younger fans who want to make their own, you can cut out the pieces for them.

Horizontal Image of Darth Vader paper roll craft on a light green and white background.
Create a Darth Vader paper roll craft using a free printable and a little paper.

Darth Vader Paper Roll Craft and Printable

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, our house is pretty into the Star Wars series. Both my husband and I have love Star Wars and been fans since childhood and now our daughter loves the characters and stories, as well.

This easy kid’s craft only takes a few minutes to complete but the fun lasts for hours. I’ve included both a coloring page and the printable template to make Vader, but read the tips section below for ideas on creating scenes for extended play.

Star Wars Paper Roll Crafts

As part of a Star Wars craft series for the “May the Fourth Be With You,” I created a few characters kids of all ages could make pretty quickly. Using pre-made templates, here are a few of the characters we’ve made so far.

Let’s take a visit to the Dark Side, shall we?

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Vertical image of a close up of Darth Vader paper roll with text that says free printable Darth Vader paper roll craft.
This is surprisingly easy to put together.

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Tips to Make Star Wars Toilet Paper Rolls

  • For any character, add a lightsaber! Use a cake pop stick or wooden chopstick and a set of markers to make any color.
  • Use the helmet shape to create a few stormtroopers with some white construction paper and a black marker.
  • Create a scene using a cardboard box to keep the imaginative play going. Want a Tatooine world scape? A couple of suns or a few moons and you’re done.
  • You can make a scene for the inside of the Death Star with a bit of gray construction paper or paint covering the inside of a box, too. Poke holes and add in some Christmas lights for a really fancy upgrade.
  • UPDATE: I am getting a lot of questions about Luke like, “Why is there no Luke Skywalker paper roll character?” Friends, use Han Solo’s printable, change the color of the clothes to some neutrals, and his hair to blonde. Bam: instant Skywalker!
Square Image of a completed Darth Vader Paper roll doll on a light green background.

How to Make a Darth Vader Craft with a Paper Roll

Below is the written and printable tutorial. Be sure to download and print the free Darth Vader template before getting started.

Yield: 1 Darth Vader Paper Doll

Darth Vader Paper Doll

Square Image of a completed Darth Vader Paper Doll Craft on a light green background.

This easy and fun Darth Vader paper roll fairly quick to make but brings out such imaginative play! Make all the Star Wars characters in the series.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $1



  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Sharpie or Marker
  • Pencil


  1. Select colored craft papers (black, grey, red, green and cream) for the Darth Vader paper roll. Trace the patterns in the printable template onto the selected craft papers. Cut them out. Process Image of all the cut out parts of Darth Vader Craft 
  2. Glue the eyes and mouth patterns on the face piece of the Darth Vader helmet. Process Image of Eyes and mouth added to Darth Vaders Helmet 
  3. Use a black marker to fill the eyes and mouth. Process Image of Drawing on the Features of mouth, eyes and nose to Darth Vader's Helmet
  4. Attach the face part of the helmet on the bigger part of the helmet pattern. Glue the smaller parts of the Darth Vader’s suit on the rectangle pattern. Process Image of The Darth Vader helmet next to his fully put together body.
  5. Grab an empty paper roll and cover the roll with the rectangle pattern. Process Image of the Body being put on the toilet paper roll with Darth Vader's helmet above it.
  6. Attach the head of Darth Vader on the top side of the roll. Use a marker to add the cape pattern to the rolled paper to complete the craft. Process Image of the fully completed Darth Vader Paper Roll Craft.


For more in the Star Wars craft series, visit Ruffles and Rain Boots and search Star Wars paper roll.

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Vertical image of Darth Vader Craft with 3 lines of text that says Darth Vader paper roll printable.

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