DIY Sunflower Decoupage Coasters – A Simple Summer Craft

When you need a quick win or just a quick craft idea, make these DIY sunflower decoupage coasters. This method can be used for vases, shelf sitter signs, wood shapes, and much more, so check your craft stash.

When you find a paper napkin or cotton fabric with beautiful artwork, grab it for some easy decoupage crafts. Sometimes, even dollar stores are wonderful places to find supplies for inexpensive seasonal decor or gifts.

Horizontal image of four sunflower coasters made with the art of decoupage using ModPodge.
Creating a set of DIY coasters using tiles, a napkin, and ModPodge® is a fun afternoon craft.

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Decoupage Sunflower Coasters

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I am a big fan of the sunflower trend popping up everywhere. They are so bright and cheery and it makes me smile – I’m a simple gal.

Years ago, I got some wonderful advice from a fellow mom: always go down the party aisle in stores. Sure, you can find cute ‘earn bin’ toys and store some last-minute gift ideas for kids, but the napkins are a crafter’s dream!

This is a great afternoon craft or a fun weekend crafting idea to do with friends because you can drink wine and still get a great result. So pour a glass and let’s get started.

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Vertical image of three sunflower coaters on a concrete background with bright orange flowers.
Create your own set of decoupage coasters using these tips, tricks, and a printed napkin.

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Are ModPodge® and Decoupage the Same Thing?

While both are used during the act, ModPodge® and decoupage are not the same thing. ModPodge® is a glue used to adhere an item while decoupage is actually the art form.

The art of decoupage can be used with tissue paper, craft paper, wrapping paper, napkins, or even fabric. The adhesion medium might change, but learning how to decoupage is simple

  1. Prepare the surface of the finished piece by cleaning it and removing oils.
  2. Prepare the item to be transferred to the surface (cut, tear, iron, etc.).
  3. Choose an adhesive (I usually select one of many different ModPodge® formulas).
  4. Adhere the item and smooth it out.
  5. Protect the piece with a sealant or varnish.

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Can I Use Elmer’s Glue Instead of ModPodge®?

If you don’t have access to ModPodge®, you can make an alternative. Note: this is NOT the ModPodge® formula and it will not behave or dry the same. This alternative requires you to add the following to a jar with a lid and shake well:

  • add 2 parts of PVA glue (school glue) and
  • 1 part of water.

Be informed: this will leave a duller coat and finish and it could be a tad clumpy if not mixed very well. Additionally, I am unsure if it will yellow over time.

Square close up image of sunflower coasters made with ModPodge and napkins.
This decoupage craft for beginners will give you set of coasters you can match to any decor or event.

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How to Make Decoupage Coasters

Have fun making these DIY sunflower coasters. These would be perfect in any living room, sun room, or outdoor patio area! NOTE: please do not skip the drying time recommendation before sealing.

If you are new to decoupage, this is a wonderful decoupage craft idea for beginners because it is fast and flat. You also get a few chances to practice before moving onto advanced shapes and curved application.

Yield: A Set of Coasters

Decoupage Coasters with Sunflower Napkins

Square close up image of sunflower coasters made with ModPodge and napkins.

These decoupage sunflower coasters are stunning and so easy. This craft requires no glue guns or fancy crafting tools - just grab some napkins, tiles, and a bit of ModPodge®.

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • 4" ceramic coasters
  • Napkins
  • ModPodge®
  • Tacky Glue, Optional
  • ⅜” Felt Sliders or Pads


  • Scissors
  • Foam Brush


  1. Open the napkin, remove any additional layers (there is usually one printed layer) and cut out the section of the napkin that has the design. Crafter using scissors to cut image from napkin and remove extra layers.
  2. Use the foam brush and put ModPodge® on the top and sides of the coasters. Add ModPodge to coaster and fully coat the top and all sides.
  3. Put the napkin in the center and smooth it out with your fingers or the brush. Fold the sides of the napkin slightly over the edge. Crafter aligning a sunflower napkin image onto a piece of tile to create a set of DIY coasters.
  4. Put ModPodge® on the top of the napkin and work it around the sides and onto the bottom to seal in the design. Let it dry and repeat with a second coat. Crafter using a foam brush to cover the napkin on a tile coaster with ModPodge.
  5. Remove the backing from the sliders and put a dab of tacky glue on them (optional). Put four sliders on the bottom of each coaster on each of the corners. Be sure to leave 1/2-1 inch from the corners. Crafter showing to glue on felt feet to the bottom of coasters to protect surfaces.


If you are new to decoupage, use a piece of cling wrap on top of the coated napkin (step 5) to help you smooth it out. Work quickly but gently.

Paint the edges of the coaster as an alternative to just the napkin. Metallics are always fun. Be sure to seal the edges, as well.

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Vertical image of a close up of a sunflower napkin on a white tile with text which reads sunflower coaster DIY.
Turn a boring afternoon into a crafter-noon with this fun decoupage craft for beginners.

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