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Make these Easy Fruit Coasters for a Fun Summer Craft!

I had this brilliant idea to make fruit coasters from felt and they came together so fast and they look so cute, I was squirming in my seat to share them!

summer craft felt coasters
I made these fun sliced fruit coasters for a quick fish extender gift idea–and I love them!

Fruit Coasters

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we are super excited to be headed into the summer (ok, spring, but we’re working ahead of the season, because, frankly–they move fast around here). And although I haven’t officially booked yet, I’m certain a little cruisey with the Mousey is in my near future. So, I’ve been thinking about all the fun DIY fish extender gifts I can make and felt so inspired by this idea for fruit coasters–I had to make it.


Easy and fast, the whole set of coasters literally come together in less than 15 minutes. Yeah, I had the idea, cut the fabric, stitched and was done in less than the time it takes to get my kid’s socks and shoes on in the morning. Winning craft project right there. If you’re ready to make a little felt coaster set of fruit, let’s get started.

how to make coasters that look like slices of fruit
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overhead view of watermelon coaster, lemon coaster and orange coaster with text which reads summer fruit slice coasters

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Tips to Make Sliced Fruit Coasters

  • First, click here to get the free fruit coaster pattern so you can make this set of sliced fruit coasters just like mine.
  • Now, with the pattern in hand, before you cut anything, let’s be honest, despite the fact that I love a good cotton shirt, and don’t get me started on the fantasticalness of a cotton sheet, cotton frays unless you hem it. And I’m not into hemming circles if I can get away with it. So, use felt to make your sliced fruit coasters. That way hemming is kept to a minimum.
  • I only made a watermelon, orange and lemon coasters before I was just too impatient to get you the tutorial, but there are so many other fruits you could do! Definitely, if you want to make more than what I’ve shown here, go wild and make a lime, a coconut, apple or dragonfruit!
  • For the love of all things that are fun summer fruit, if you don’t want to sew, don’t. This is not a requirement for this project by any means. You can just grab some fabric glue, like this one I use all the time, and use that instead of popping in the few stitches. Do not let the idea of sewing stop you from making your own fun fruit coasters.
how to make coasters from felt that look like sliced fruit

How Do I Make Fruit Coasters?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial.

Yield: 3 Adorable Fruit Coasters

Fruit Coasters

how to make coasters from felt that look like sliced fruit

These fruit coasters are the easiest summer craft idea. And they're just straight-up adorable. I am planning to give mine as fish extender gifts, but these sliced fruit coasters also perfect for my own coffee table!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $3


  • Felt fabric in pink, black, white, green, yellow and orange


  • Pencil or fabric pen
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread or fabric glue


  1. Make the watermelon coaster first. Cut out the pieces from the template and trace them onto the corresponding colors of felt: big circle-green, medium circle-white, small circle-pink) and teardrop shapes-black. Cut out the traced pieces.
  2. On top of the pink circle cut-out, arrange the black teardrop cutouts (the seeds of the watermelon) around the center.  With black thread, stitch the seed cutouts to the pink circle cut-out. Tie off on the back side.
  3. Place the pink circle with the seeds on top of the white cut-out. Stitch around the edge of the pink circle to attach it to the white circle cut-out. Tie off on the back side.
  4. Place the white circle with the pink one attached on top of the big green circle. Stitch around the edge of the white circle to attach it to the green circle. Once the stitching is done, draw the needle to the back side and pull it between the white and green circle or the white and pink to tie-off.
  5. Repeat with the other fruit slices, layering them and sewing them on, then enjoy! photo collage of how to make fruit coasters


For more fun summer craft ideas, visit Ruffles and Rain Boots!

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photo collage of coasters that look like fruit slices with text which reads sliced fruit coasters
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