Faux Fur Pompom Flower Pot Gnome

This adorable fur pompom flower pot gnome is a fun craft for an afternoon. A little paint, a pot, a faux fur pompom, and a faux flower are all you need to get started.

This mini gnome tutorial doesn’t take long to make and you can even get the flower and clay pot at the dollar store. I added clay accents but I’ll give you more ideas to make this cute gnome craft below.

Horizontal image of a close up of a black faux fur pompom gnome in a white farmhouse clay pot planter in front of a light wood background.
Make this adorable gnome in a flower post using a faux fur pompom.

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Flower Pot Gnome with a Faux Fur Pompom

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’m working on a faux fur pompom gnome series. Why? I bought a 12 pack of them from Amazon, started sketching some gnomes, and couldn’t stop.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

This week’s cutie is the fastest one to put together and it uses what you might already have on hand in your craft room. If you don’t have a fur pompom, you can make them easily and I’ll put the directions for that below, as well. Let’s make this mini gnome, but first…

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Vertical close up image of a black pompom gnome with a flower hat in a white miniature clay flower pot.
Make this sweet flower pot gnome using a faux fur pompom, a miniature clay pot, and some flowers.

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The Pompom Gnome Series on Ruffles and Rain Boots

If you’re new here, I make a lot of gnomes (there are hundreds here on the site and my YouTube channel). Over the years, I’ve created some of the most popular gnome tutorials on the Internet and have sold tens of thousands of free and premium patterns.

Years ago, I created the pompom pets sensation that spawned so many adorable gnome dogs, cats, bunnies, and more. The little fur balls are easy to make and are perfect for those wonky sizes of faux fur you have left over. But over the years, many have asked me about pre-made pompoms. Yes, they work for the pets but I didn’t want to stop there…

What Pompoms Should I Use for Pom Pom Gnomes?

You can make your own pompoms, and I show how to make them in the pompom pets tutorial above. These are the pompoms I have been using. They’re on Amazon, inexpensive, and had great reviews on size, color, and variety. There are a few different color packs to give you options, as well.

Square image of a mini gnome in a flower pot made with a black pompom and clay next to a copper vase with succulents.
This adorable pompom flower pot gnome is the sweetest little spring or summer craft idea.

Tips to Read Before You Get Started

  • The flower should be anything between 2 inches and 3.5 inches for the faux fur pom poms I have linked above. Any smaller or larger and the proportion is off.
  • You do not have to use the clay for the nose and mittens. You can make any size gnome mittens from felt (just glue them onto the pot). Gnome nose ideas include wood rounds, felted balls or pompoms, and even fabric stuffed with fill and pulled tight.
  • The pompom is the gnome body, so make sure you have scrap fabric or foam to stuff into the pot in order to raise it up.
  • I painted the little clay pot only because I was using a very dark pompom. This would be so cute left as the terra cotta color, too.
  • If you don’t have them on hand, use a knit hat, felt hat, or other style in place of the flowers.
  • It would be easy to turn this into a Christmas gnome – just use a poinsettia or other holiday flower.

Faux Fur Pompom Gnome in a Flower Pot Tutorial

Below is the written and printable tutorial. If you’re a visual learner, watch the full length faux fur pompom flower pot gnome tutorial here on the YouTube channel. While you’re there, be sure to subscribe – we have a lot of fun.

Yield: 1 Mini Gnome

Pompom Flower Pot Gnome

Square image of a mini gnome in a flower pot made with a black pompom and clay next to a copper vase with succulents.

Hit up the dollar store for a flower and a miniature clay pot to make this adorable pompom gnome. You can paint the terra cotta planter or leave it natural for a different look.

Active Time 25 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $4


  • Faux Fur Pompom
  • Mini Flower Pot (mine is 2.5 inches)
  • 2 Faux Flowers (same)
  • Fabric or Foam (that fits in the pot)
  • Polymer Clay, optional
  • Paint, optional


  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Oven (if using clay)
  • Toothpick or Skewer (to shape clay)
  • Wire Cutters / Pliers
  • Paintbrush, optional


  1. If opting to do so, use the paintbrush to coat the mini planter in your choice of paint. Crafter using a foam brush and chalk paint to coat a mini clay pot planter from the Dollar Tree.
  2. Roll clay into nose and mitten shapes and press into the edge of the mini planter pot. See how I do this in the full video tutorial. Bake clay pieces per the package instructions, let cool, and sand, if desired. Crafter forming a gnome nose using pink polymer clay.
  3. Cut the stem of flower one to about 5 inches long (this is the primary flower). Deconstruct the other flower to get the petals and remove the leaves from the one with the stem. Add the deconstructed flower pieces to the leafless flower to create a fuller flower. Replace the leaves. Crafter building a fuller flower gnome hat using two faux florals.
  4. Gently press the wire of the stem through the flower head (you just need about an inch). Thread that wire through the elastic string on the pompom. Twist the piece in place using the pliers and bend down the stem to a curl. Secure the flower and leaves to the stem with hot glue. Crafter using pliers to secure a faux floral to the top of the pompom gnome body.
  5. Use the hot glue to secure the nose (and mittens, if using) to the edge of the clay pot. Crafter gluing a gnome nose to a mini clay pot with hot glue on a bright pink back drop.
  6. Add in the fabric or foam and secure with glue before placing the pompom on top. Secure the pompom to the fabric or foam inside the pot and to the upper brim of the pot with glue. Crafter adding a pompom gnome to the flower pot for a spring diy.


  • Fluff out the pompom by shaking it vigorously.
  • Air dry clay instead of polymer clay can be used. Do not let it touch the pompom until dry or it could transfer.
  • To make this project without clay, use a wood round or pompom for the nose and secure to the edge of the pot and the pompom.

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Stacked vertical image of gnome in a flower pot with a flower hat with text which reads easy and fun pompom gnome a fun mini gnome diy.
This is an easy and quick gnome craft!

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