Dollar Tree Beehive Candle Holder

This Dollar Tree beehive candle holder is a cute and easy craft for an afternoon. It’s a fun way to add a spring or summer touch to your decor using one of the most trendiest little cuties: bees!

Head to the dollar store and grab a wine glass and a few basic supplies like greenery and rope. Scroll down to get started – and be sure to check out our other Dollar Tree beehive crafts.

Horizontal image of a candle holder beehive craft from dollar tree supplies.
Such a fun and unique craft, this DIY bee hive candle holder is a great Dollar Tree craft.

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Easy Beehive Candle Holder from a Wine Glass

Here and Ruffles and Rain Boots, using dollar store finds in crafts and decor is a fun challenge. This wine glass craft was a fun afternoon DIY because it’s easy to get into the groove of wrapping and gluing.

This bee craft is a fun addition to your kitchen and would look perfect sitting on a windowsill or fun addition to a shelf. It can blend into any spring or summer decor because you can use any flowers or greenery to match. If you’re ready to make this beehive DIY, let’s get started.

Vertical image of a candle holder bee skep dollar tree craft on wood background.

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Photo collage of beehive candle holder dollar store craft with text which reads make this easy dollar tree bee hive candle holder.

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Tips for Making a Beehive Holder Using Dollar Tree Supplies

  • Even though this is written to be made with wine glasses, you can really do these steps with any type of glass. The dollar stores have pilsner glasses that would work great.
  • Change up the color of the flower to fit your home decor! This is a fun way to make this unique and the dollar stores usually have a few sizes to give some variety.
  • You can easily use this as a fun bee baby shower gift idea or even decorate it as a table centerpiece for fun family gatherings.
Vertical image of a Dollar Tree beehive candle holder craft on white wood background.

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How to Make an Easy Beehive Candle Holder

Find out the cute and adorable details below for this cute DIY. Leave this page open and follow along with the steps below. If you have any questions, use the comment section and I’ll be here to help.

Yield: 1 Bee Hive Candle Holder

Bee Hive Candle Holder

bee hive candle holder dollar tree craft

This fun bee hive candle holder is a great bee craft! But more than that, it's a fun Dollar Tree craft and you can make it in minutes.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • Wine Glass
  • 6 mm wide Sisal Rope
  • Black Chalk Paint
  • Yellow Floral Pick
  • Sunflower Floral Pick
  • Bee Buttons


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Paint Brush
  • Wire Cutters


  1. Wrap the sisal rope around the wine glass. Start at the lip with a small amount of glue and press down on the rope. Do this around the whole glass as well as the base and stem.
  2. Make the opening for the beehive by cutting 2 different pieces of sisal rope, both 7 1/2 inches in length. Make them each a circle and hot glue the ends together. Hold the ends for 30 seconds to secure, and you can use silicone fingers when holding so your fingers don't stick.
  3. Once the circles are glued, hot glue the two circles together on top of one another. Hot glue this circle to the wine glass.
  4. Grab the black paint and paint the middle of the opening black. Paint the edges of the rope first and work your way to the middle.
  5. Use wire cutters to cut greenery and small flowers. Glue the flowers where you want and think that they look good.
  6. Use the hot glue gun and add the bee buttons. Adding a flameless candle is great for display, too! photo collage tutorial of how to make a bee hive candle holder dollar tree craft


For more fun Dollar Tree crafts, visit Ruffles and Rain Boots!

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Bee skep candle holder dollar tree craft with text which reads make this easy dollar tree beehive candle holder.
Make an adorable Dollar Tree beehive candle holder – it’s too sweet.

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