How to Make Kids Camping Chores Fun

Looking for tips on how to make kids camping chores fun? Camping with children is a lifetime family experience with memories that will stay forever in your mind and in your heart. There are so many things to discover in nature.

For children, it’s one big adventure that’s not just fun but a learning environment as well. It teaches them about the natural world around them as well!

camping chores for kids that are fun
These are the best tips to make camping chores fun for kids for a stress-free camping adventure.

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How To Make Camping Chores Fun

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we love having the kids jump in and be part of the process! This is a super-easy way to have them helping out with the chores and contributing to making a fun camping experience.

make camping chores fun for kids

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Kids Camping Chores Tips

Once you start giving chores to the kids, they will come back with more understanding about conservation and respecting nature and wildlife without even realizing it. It enhances your environmental awareness and appreciation for a lot of things that are usually unnoticed. With kids around, careful planning and precautions are required to make the trip more fun and memorable.

You have to get the kids interested and put up their excitement to get them involved. Make the children feel part of the team by giving them camping jobs. Assign the children to help with camp chores. Let them lend a hand in some of the things to do, whether it is just carrying smaller items, hammering tent stakes, setting up of sleeping bag, and fetching water. They love to be involved and it makes them feel like they are making a real contribution and grown-up.

They are not totally dependent. In fact, many kids love to help because it gives them a feeling of purpose, and it aids them to learn essential camping skills.

Give them camp responsibilities and give details on the importance of why the chores have to be done. The thought is to get them to have fun while helping at the campsite.  Camp chores are actually fun for kids.

fun chores for kids camping

Tips for how to make camp chores fun for kids

  • The night before the trip, let the child select and assist in preparing your meal for the next day. Let the little ones help in the preparation and packing of the supplies. They will surely have fun doing it and makes them more excited.
  • Let them assist you in preparing meals in the campsite. Assign each child some of the easy tasks needed in preparing the food. The kids will love these meals because they make it.
  • Children can collect firewood and have a contest to see who can gather the most kindling for the fire. Explain to the children to gather dead and dry firewood only and to do this, give them a “grading” system for the wood to let them classify the wood.
  • Show your children how to wash dishes using sand in the creek or river bed. Give them the option to splash around in the water while they wash.
  • Let them help put up the tent and drive in the tent stakes. They will learn how to use camping equipments too. And learning how to use will make them feel independent.
  • Make a camp chores chart. It can motivate the children by awarding a prize when they completed the chores in the list. Making a chore chart gives the child a sense of pride for finishing a task and having the responsibility completed.
fun chores for kids when going camping

Make it even more fun by having a contest for the fastest tent set up.

  • Best camp cooking contest.
  • Cleanest campsite contest. It teaches the children to take care of the outdoors kindly. See to it that all trashes are disposed of properly when camping or hiking.
  • Fastest cleanup contest.
  • Most organized gear contest.


The parents should join with the children and get involved too. The kids will be grateful for the entire camping experience even more if their parents bond with them and dynamically get involved. They can have a lot of fun together doing the camp chores and at the same time building a pleasant parent-child relationship. 

Have some competition also that even the youngest and the smallest child can win. So everybody will be happy. Time will be well spent camping with children and the memories you make will last forever.

make fun camping chores for kids

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kids camping chores with text which reads best tips and tricks to make camping chores fun for kids

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