10 Best Tips to Take Your Toddler Camping

Are you ready to take your toddler camping? These simple camping tips can help for a smooth and fun camping adventure!

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These are the best tips and tricks for taking a toddler camping that I wish I knew before I went the first time.

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Top Tips to Take Your Toddler Camping

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we know that camping is always an exciting activity and many families spend this moment bonding and exploring their spirit of adventure. We love this and are all about family time! Just know that you do not have to limit yourself when you have a toddler but there are some tips you need to know when camping with toddlers.


What better way to plan a camping trip than with some easy camping tips and ideas?

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Tips For Camping With Toddlers

Prioritize their safety first

Safety is an important element when you decide to go camping with toddlers. This is not the time to explore that crazy adventure to some remote, hilly place you have always wanted to go.

Before you leave the house, make sure that you already know where you are going camping. Gather as much information about that place as possible.

Make sure it will be safe for the toddler and your whole family.

Pack enough food

You do not want a cranky toddler limiting the experience you have on this trip. Make sure you bring enough food.

Pack everything like snacks, real food, and water. Toddlers will tend to get cranky when hungry so be certain to feed them at regular intervals.

tips for camping with your toddler

Dress them appropriately

Make certain to understand the weather patterns of where you want to go camping. Knowing that will help you know the best clothing for the toddler.

Carry different clothing and extras because there will be a lot of changes to do. The clothes you carry should be warm to get through the night and cool enough for them to stay cool during the day.

Carry sunscreen and first aid

No one expects anything bad to happen during camping but it’s important to be well prepared all the same.

Sunscreen will ensure that the toddler’s skin is protected from the strong and harmful rays of the sun. It is very likely that they will spend a lot of time in the sun and you need to prepare for that. The first aid kit is to ensure they are well taken care of in event of bruises and simple ailments.

Ensure the box has everything the whole family might need for the trip.

Keep them entertained

Toddlers get bored easily. Think of ways to keep them entertained during the duration of the camping trip. Find creative ways to do that.

You can carry their favorite toys and pack funny videos on your phone.

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Make sure they sleep well

Sleep is important for the growth of these toddlers. Make sure they sleep comfortably on air mattresses or cots if possible.

Pack enough diapers

If you are already potty training your toddler, bring the potty along and let them know the process does not change with the environment. Bring diapers to take care of any mess.

Make sure you dispose of them appropriately after they are used.

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Try keeping your routine

If possible, try to maintain the same routine your toddlers have been used to every day. This will maintain balance for them – and for you.

Make sure feeding and sleeping times are kept constant.

Get good camping gear

The camping gear you decide to purchase can make all the difference between whether you will be able to have a great camping trip. Get good, reliable, and durable camping gear. You do not want to gamble when you have a toddler in the mix.

Let the toddlers run wild

Do not limit these toddlers too much. Let them run wild, play in the dirt, explore the surroundings and have a generally great experience. They will re-live this experience for years to come.

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