Camping with Kids – No Tears and Amazing Memories

Camping with kids can be… daunting. We’re taking the guesswork out of everything and sharing tips, tricks, recipes, and more.

You can survive and thrive when camping with kids - here is how. From games to packing, tips to treats, we make camping with kids easy.

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your family is to take (and keep) everyone outside. Whether it’s an overnight trip or a 3-week long summer excursion, these camping tips, camping hacks, and bits of sage advice will help you make the most out of camping!

Beyond getting fresh air, reducing stress, and increasing physical activity, other benefits of camping include:

  • helping the family bond and remove the routine of dependence on screens (go screen-free),
  • encouraging teamwork and camaraderie with both family and newly-made friends,
  • promoting the powerful “learn by doing” concept – educational opportunities are under every rock and around every turn!

But… Camping – and camping with kids, especially – can be daunting, stressful, and tiresome. After years of camping (and camping with kids in tow), we’ve learned how to highlight the fun and minimize the pain.

Camping Recipes

I don’t know about you, but it’s always a bit of frustration planning food for a long camping trip. For those stays where a small town is close, it’s easier, but I still face a little anxiety.

Apparently, I’m not alone!

So many people asked a well-known food blogger for her top camping recipes and she delivered with my new favorite ebook. These are simple, but tasty recipes, friends. Look over 30 Recipes for When You Go Camping. It includes camp stove recipes and cooking recipes over the fire. Win, win.

camping meals camping recipes what to cook when camping

Camping in Washington

The Best Campgrounds for Families in Washington

We’ve camped all over the Evergreen state and these are our favorite campgrounds when camping with kids.

Psst: we even share some location-specific tips!

These campgrounds are the best campgrounds for kids in Washington state

Best Hiking Trails for Kids in Washington State

Enjoying Washington state hiking with kids can be equally as rewarding as difficult. We’re sharing the best hiking trails in Washington for kids.

These are all over the state, so be sure to check this before planning your camping or hiking trip!

Washington State hiking with kids

The Best Hikes in Washington (Older Kids and Adults)

If you’re jetting out for a weekend getaway without the kids or you have older children who love hike, this one is for you.

We’re sharing our favorite hikes in the state of Washington. You will NOT be disappointed!

The best hiking trails in Washington state for hikes day trips and camping

The Best Hiking and Walking Trails in Seattle, Washington

Did you know there are a TON of hiking trails right here in Seattle? Although we love getting out the city for a great hike, these Seattle hiking trails will have you soaking up the greenery without a long drive.

We’ve included kid-friendly Seattle trails, too. Hiking is some of the best exercise for kids (and a great way to make sure they fall asleep fast at bedtime)!

These are great hiking trails in Seattle for kids and families all year long

Camping Fun

Camping Story Stones

These simple camping story stones will elevate any camping trip to the next level! You can make them as a family just before you go or after you come back. It’s almost fun to reminisce about camping trips as it is to go on them.

Camping story stones for campfire games and rainy camping days

Camping Scavenger Hunt

This camping scavenger hunt, designed for different age groups, will be a family hit! There’s a camping scavenger hut for both readers and pre-readers.

Free Printable Camping Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Games to Play While Camping

We are no strangers to camping, and it’s always a great experience. That said, it’s good to have some camping games in your back pocket!

Fun Camping Games for Camping with Kids

Best Camping Books for Kids

Camping can be a scary endeavor for kids, especially younger ones. We’ve put together a list of our favorite camping books for kids (all ages), so you can remove fears and challenge the kids while out in the wild.

Review Camping Books for Kids

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If you would love to take advantage of our extensive experience camping with kids, click here to browse tips.

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You can survive and thrive when camping with kids - here is how. From games to packing, tips to treats, we make camping with kids easy. #camping #campingwithkids #summer #vacation #getoutside #nature #gocamping #rufflesandrainboots