6 Tricks to Make Camping with Baby Easy

Needing to get some quick tips for camping with baby? You can easily have all ages in the family join in on camping fun! Check out the simple tricks below.

safety tips for camping with a baby
These are the best tips and tricks to make camping with baby easy that I wish I’d known on our first camping trip with baby.

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Camping With Baby

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we’re all about family fun! The great thing about going camping is that it gives everyone in the family to join in on the fun. The more people that want to camp, the better!

Use these fun tips and tricks to go camping with your baby easily!

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Tricks for camping with an infant

Stay close to home

Don’t go camping too far from your home or state. Sometimes things do not go as planned and you do not want to get caught unprepared when camping with a baby.

Camping close to home allows you to have some distinct advantages. You can access help and assistance fast, you know the terrain and weather and you can always rush back home if things go wrong.

Be comfortable as well

You also need to be very comfortable and very prepared both physically and mentally. If you are nursing, understand that the baby will be relying on you a lot as their source of food. Ensure that you pack enough food and water for yourself.

Ensure that the tent is also in good shape. This is not the time to test whether the tent is waterproof so be prepared ahead of time.

Carry extra diapers

Babies go through diapers with a sense of determination. If you do not carry enough diapers, you will find yourself or your spouse making a diaper-run in the middle of the camping trip. This totally breaks the camping mood.

Diapers weigh almost nothing when dry and you can take advantage of this. Check if the camping grounds have support in disposing of these diapers after use so that you can plan accordingly.

how to camp with a baby safely

Keep the baby warm and comfortable

The baby should always be kept warm and comfortable at all times when camping. Apart from dressing them for the weather, always make sure that their body temperatures are well regulated and constant at all times.

Pure cotton or woolen clothing works great at regulating temperatures. In most places, the days are seething hot and the night very cold. Keep checking on them. You do not want them to get sick during this period.

Keep them occupied

The babies do not know what is going on and they cannot join in on the fun. This means that you’ll have to find other ways to keep them occupied. Carry some toys and jingles or something that will keep them occupied during the trip.

Check the weather

Camping in the wrong kind of weather can be disastrous when you have a baby in the picture. Babies are not used to these weather variations as they spend most of their time at home in a regulated environment.

Understand the weather patterns and plan appropriately for the same.

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