Embroidery Hoop Snowman Craft with Doilies

These embroidery hoop snowman decorations are going to be one of your latest winter craft projects (and obsessions). Not only are they fun to make but they’re quite stunning displayed in a bookcase, on a tray, or hanging on the wall. You can find everything you need in your craft room, at thrift stores, and even at dollar stores.

A close up view of a snowman with a black and white buffalo check ribbon scarf, button eyes and nose, and lace body made of two small embroidery hoops.
This lace snowman craft is the perfect winter craft: it’s easy, fast, and uses some scraps you have in your craft room.

Snowman Embroidery Hoops

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I can’t get enough snowmen in my decor. Snowman crafts are fun to make, easy to set up, and they’re able to sit out for a few months of time because they pair well with both holiday and winter decor. To me, that’s a win all around.

Putting out the decorations and leaving them out for a while is what I (I’m a lazy decorator). But this winter craft idea isn’t only for decor – the smaller ones can be tied onto packages or used as ornaments and gift tags. Let’s get started.

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Vertical image showing a white lace snowman made from small embroidery hoops and pre-made cotton doilies in front of a farmhouse background of green wreath, tobacco basket, and white wood.
This lace snowman looks like you spent hours painstakingly embroidering it but it’s really very quick and easy.


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Tips For Making These Adorable Lace Snowman

This craft is so much easier than it looks – the cotton lace doilies do the majority of the heavy lifting. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind for this fun winter craft:

  • If you use pre-made lace doilies (mine are cotton), it looks like embroidery. The best part is that you don’t have to actually embroider anything to get the look.
  • The dollar stores often have paper doilies and if you have some on hand, try them here. You might have to use a thin, light coating of craft glue to get two of them to stick together before placing it in the hoop.
  • If you are using the cotton doilies as I am for this embroidery hoop snowman craft, be sure to stretch the lace tightly inside the hoop. Don’t pull just one side or the shape will get distorted, just make sure the entire thing is taut over the hoops.
  • No doilies around? No problem. Use fabric (any color or pattern in whites or creams) for this craft, just like I did with this easy embroidery hoop wreath.

Note: this craft uses a hot glue gun, so I wouldn’t classify it as a winter craft for kids. That said, if you use a lo-temp one and supervise, kids as young as 7 could complete this adorable snowman craft.

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Square close up image of a farmhouse background of white wood and tobacco basket with a lace snowman made with embroidery hoops, buttons, and ribbon.
Share this fun winter craft for an easy snow day project.

Ideas to Display or Gift This Snowman Craft

Since this snowman can be any size you want (depending on the hoops and doilies you have), putting it on display for winter is pretty easy. Here are a few ways to show these off or gift them to friends and family.

  • Hang these on a tree. Because these are so easy, you can make quite a few and use them as snowman ornaments (or gift them).
  • Prop it on a tiered tray. This little guy is on my dining room tiered tray right now propped up against a tiny clay pot with lamb’s ear tucked inside.
  • Use as a package tag or gift wrap element. I found some pretty small embroidery hoops and it’s adorable when strung onto the ribbons of a gift.
  • Make them larger. By using larger doilies [this is a great set with varying sizes and designs I love] and larger embroidery hoops (8 and 10 inch), this becomes a wall hanging with the details still very visible.
Yield: 1 Snowman Craft

Lace Embroidery Hoop Snowman

Square close up image of a farmhouse background of white wood and tobacco basket with a lace snowman made with embroidery hoops, buttons, and ribbon.

This snowman may look hard but it's so simple to create with a pre-made set of doilies, hoops, and some craft room staples.

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • 4 inch and 6 inch Wooden Embroidery Hoops
  • 6 inch and 8 inch Cotton Lace Doilies
  • orange (3) and black (5) buttons
  • 1 inch ribbon for scarf
  • Floral Wire Stem
  • Scraps of fabric or felt


  • Scissors
  • Fabric Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


    1. Loosen the screws at the top of each hoop and separate the inside and the outside rings.
    2. Fit the lace doilies into the hopes loosely. Pull from the back carefully to make the lace tight and then tighten the screws on the hoop.
    3. Trim off the extra lace using scissors and apply a bit of fabric glue to the cut edge. Set aside and dry.
    4. Put the hoops together with the glue where the screws meet. Then wrap the intersection with the floral wire.
    5. Cut two rectangle scraps of fabric or felt that are 3/4 inch by 6 inches. Roll the felt and then add glue to the ends to secure. Add the felt rolls to either side of the screws near the neck of the snowman with glue.
    6. To make the face, put two black buttons for the eyes, and three buttons for the nose. Put three medium buttons on the body with a glue gun. Wrap the neck of the snowman in the ribbon and add a few drops of glue to secure it. Collage of six step by step instructions to make a lace embroidery hoop snowman craft with ribbon and buttons.


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Vertical image showing a lace snowman made from embroidery hoops and doilies with text which reads embroidery hoop snowman from ruffles adn rain boots.
This quick craft is a great way to decorate with a few extra buttons, cotton doilies, and small or large hoops.

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