Wood Slice Snowman Ornament – A Quick Christmas Craft

This adorable wood slice snowman ornament is done in about 15-minutes and makes for a wonderful, DIY rustic Christmas ornament. Let’s get started

Wood Slice Snowman Ornament - DIY Christmas Ornament Idea

Wood Slice Snowman Ornament 

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we’re busy making so many fun ornaments. Last week, my daughter came up with the idea for this cute wood slice snowman ornament and I’m happy to say, it only takes about 15-minutes to make.

We made a few, so we’re also going to hang them on the larger presents we’re giving this year. We painted the back of the bottom snowman section so that we could write our “To and From:” sentiment on.

Let’s get started with this quick Christmas craft!

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Easy Snowman Ornament for a Fun Holiday Craft

Supplies for an Easy Snowman Ornament

We had these wood slices on hand from our simple hand lettering ornaments, but you can also pick them up at the craft store or on Amazon.

  • three wood rounds in different sizes (descending)
  • white acrylic paint and a foam brush
  • black and orange paint pen (or paint)
  • scrap felt in black (for the hat) and another color (for the scarf)
  • 10-inches of twine or ribbon for a hanger
  • scissors and a glue gun

Easy Snowman Ornament

How to Make a Fun Wood Slice Snowman Ornament

This only took me about 15-minutes to make with the longest part waiting for the paint to dry. During that time, cut the felt pieces or make this hot cocoa ornament (so cute and tasty).

If you’re creating a DIY Christmas ornaments playlist on Youtube, here is our Wood Slice Snowman Ornament video tutorial.

Easy Christmas Craft Ideas - Snowman Ornament

  1. Paint the wood rounds. If you’re using these for gift wrap or as a gift, paint the back of the largest snowman round, as well. Let dry.
  2. Use the paint pens to draw on a face on the smallest wood round (black for eyes and mouth, orange for the nose).
  3. Roughly measure out the width of the scarf on the middle-sized round so that it just bends around one side of the snowman body but hangs off straight on the other side. Cut it out and make slits on one end. Glue it to the middle-sized round.
  4. Cut out a hat from black felt and glue it on above the eyes.
  5. Hot glue the small wood round over the scarf on the middle wood round. Hot glue the middle and small rounds to the large one.
  6. Put the twine’s ends together and tie a knot. Hot glue the twine to the back of the smallest round. And that’s it – you’re done with this easy wood slice snowman ornament!

Wood Slice Snowman Ornament

A Few More Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments 

Just like you, I’m usually pressed for time and want to fit in as many crafts as I can. Here are a few more Christmas ornaments that don’t take a long time to make.

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Adorable Snowman Ornament made in 15 minutes or less

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