Make This Dollar Tree Fabric Pumpkin Super Quick!

I decided to make this easy dollar store fabric pumpkin for a fun farmhouse fall craft with just a few items from the Dollar Tree. I couldn’t be happier!

closeup of dollar store fabric pumpkin craft
Making this easy dollar store fabric pumpkin craft is so quick and easy.

Dollar Store Fabric Pumpkin

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we are all about that fast and easy fall craft this year. I mean, who wants to spend ages and ages making something? Not me. If it can be done fast, that’s what I want. Also, inexpensive calls my name. So, the idea of making this dollar store fabric pumpkin being easy, fast and inexpensive? That’s perfect.


So to the Dollar Tree I headed. Now I know that Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Dollar Store are officially different places (along with Family Dollar and 99-Cent Store…the list goes on and on). But the deal is, they all have about the same stuff most of the time. So, if you can’t find exactly these supplies, just get something close. You’ll still love it. If you’re ready to make a cut fabric covered pumpkin craft, let’s get started.

dollar store pumpkin craft for fall
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Tips to Make Farmhouse Pumpkin

  • First, think about the size of the pumpkin. I used a 3-inch foam pumpkin, but if your store only has 4-inch pumpkins, roll with it and just make your cloth a bit larger. Using this same method, you could, in theory, make a fabric covered pumpkin in any size.
  • When you pick your fabric, be sure to pick something thick, particularly if you’re going to use a white fabric, because otherwise the orange of the pumpkin will show through. That’s why I chose to use duck cloth for this particular farmhouse pumpkin. However, if you’re not finding a thick cloth that you like, you can double-layer your fabric like I did on this buffalo check fabric pumpkin I made.
  • If your wine cork doesn’t want to fit inside the hole at the end (there is a lot of fabric going in that hole, admittedly), you can always just put the bow really low on the wine cork then hot glue the wine cork to the top of the fabric. The cork doesn’t have to go all the way in the hole.
three fabric covered pumpkins made with supplies from the dollar tree

How Do I Make this Dollar Store Fabric Pumpkin?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial.

Yield: 1 Dollar Store Fabric Pumpkin

Dollar Store Fabric Pumpkin

three fabric covered pumpkins made with supplies from the dollar tree

This is the funnest little farmhouse fall craft. Making this dollar store fabric pumpkin just requires a few items from the Dollar Tree and you're ready to decorate!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $3


  • Dollar Tree Foam Pumpkin - 3” Tall
  • Wine Cork
  • 13” x 13” Square Natural Duck Cloth Fabric
  • 13” long x 2” wide strip of Buffalo Patterned Fabric
  • 16” Piece of Jute String
  • 6” Piece of Jute String


  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pen


  1. Remove the flowers or other embellishments from the pumpkin, including the stem.
  2. Using the scissors, dig a 1/2 to 1-inch deep hole out of the top of the pumpkin where the stem should be.
  3. Fold the square piece of duck cloth in half twice then cut the folded fabric in a rough quarter-circle, making a rough full circle when the fabric is unfolded. This circle does not in any way need to be perfect.
  4. Place the pumpkin in the middle of the fabric circle and pull one edge toward the center of the pumpkin, tucking the edge of the cloth inside the hole you made. Securing the cloth inside the hole with one hand, with your other hand, pinch the cloth into a crease and press the cloth close to the pumpkin. With a small dab of hot glue (because the hot glue will melt the foam if you use too much), tack the piece of fabric into the hole in the pumpkin and allow the hot glue to cool before moving on.
  5. Turn the pumpkin a little and, working in the next 2-inch section of cloth, fold it upward, making a crease and pulling it snugly against the pumpkin side and affix in place in the hole.
  6. Repeat all the way around the pumpkin, wrapping in the duck cloth completely. If the hole becomes too full or the fabric become unwieldy to work with, trim bits of the fabric off and discard.
  7. Wrap the jute string snugly around the wine cork, hog gluing it in place as you go.
  8. Make a flat spiral of the jute string on the top of the wine cork, completely covering the cork in the jute.
  9. Tie a piece of the buffalo check fabric around the center of the cork.
  10. Hot glue the un-covered bottom of the cork into the hole in the pumpkin and enjoy! photo collage tutorial of how to make a dollar store fabric pumpkin


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