Get This Vintage Fall Farm Truck SVG for Fun Fall Crafts!

I am so ready for fall this year and this vintage fall farm truck SVG is calling my name. I want to put it on everything and put pumpkins beside it and smell the crisp air!

vintage truck for fall on a pillow sitting on a bench
I seriously dig this adorable fall farm truck SVG and plan to put it on so many fall crafts because it’s SO FUN!

Vintage Fall Farm Truck SVG

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we have a little hang up on vintage farm trucks. Honestly, I just love the silly things and could have them decorating my whole house and never think I have too many. So, I took on the task of making one for fall and came up with this adorable fall farm truck SVG toting some cute little pumpkins!


It’s designed specifically to work for Cricut or Silhouette, so you’ll be able to use it for any cutting machine you might typically have in your home crafting room. If you’re ready to get a vintage truck cut file, let’s get started.

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fall farm truck cut file set for cricut or silhouette on a wood round sign

How Do I Download this Fall Farm Truck SVG?

I’m so glad you asked!

Just keep on scrolling to grab the link to the shop and while you’re there, be sure to check out all of the free and (even better) exclusive cut files for Cricut or Silhouette created by Ruffles and Rain Boots. We have something of everything. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can be sure it’ll be coming soon, so be bookmark the shop page, so you can check back!

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tiered tray with vintage truck for fall cut file on a wood block sign with text which reads get the adorable fall fall farm truck cut file set!

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How to Use this Fall Farm Truck Cut File for Cricut

  • Frankly, I’m all about tiered trays right now and the little wood block signs on them. Decorating is just so fun with this element. So I found these quality wood blocks that are perfect for fall crafting!
  • Back at the beginning of the summer, I bought a big pack of these flour sack towels that are phenomenal. Not only are they great blank canvases for fall crafts, but they’re super high quality!
  • Oooone last thing, I am all over wood round signs lately, too. I am loving the idea of having wood round signs with farm trucks for every season on them this year. So I bought this pack of 10-inch wood rounds to start my collection.

Get the Vintage Farm Truck SVG Here

Click here to get the vintage fall farm truck SVG for Cricut or Silhouette! 

Basically, this vintage truck cut file was a labor of love that I undertook because I really wanted a truck with fenders that had that distinct look of the truck I remember from when I was a kid (I can’t remember whose truck it was, just that it had very distinct fenders). I had looked everywhere and just couldn’t find it, so I decided to make my own.

The design is perfect for layering with heat transfer or permanent vinyl (depending on your craft), but it’s also fantastic for sublimation projects. And it would work really well for a printable vinyl project, of course.

fall farm truck svg for cricut or silhouette on a tea towel on a wood table

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wood sign with a fall farm truck cut file set for cricut or silhouette

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photo collage of vintage farm truck cut file for fall with text which reads get this adorable fall farm truck cut file for cricut

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