DIY Christmas Bath Bomb Recipe Gift Sets

I had an email from a reader asking for the best Christmas bath bomb recipe and I really had to think for a minute. Best could mean easy? Best could mean quick? There are so many options because I LOVE making bath bombs and sugar scrubs during the holidays.

After combing through my most popular recipes and considering things like ease of preparation, basic supplies, and more, I’ve put together a few here. They look (and smell) amazing, so let’s get started.

Horizontal image of four bath bombs and sugar scrubs with text which reads DIY Christmas bath bomb recipes and sugar scrubs.
A DIY gift set? Yes, please! Create a stunning combination with these easy to follow bath bomb recipes.


Well-Loved Christmas Bath Bomb Recipe Combinations

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I am a DIY gift-giver and Christmas is my favorite time of year to make things for others. Bath bombs are a tried-and-true favorite because you can create a few large fizzies and also gift smaller shower bombs for those who want to get the aromatherapy boost.

Today, I’m compiling my most popular bath bomb recipe combos for the holiday season. I’ll include both bath bombs and some sugar scrubs, as well, because together, they take a gift over the top!

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Square four image collage of bath bombs and sugar scrubs to create homemade holiday gifts.
Homemade from the heart, these scrub and bath bomb recipes are a fun craft.

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What To Know Before You Begin and Tips for Beginners

Before we get started, I need to ask: have you ever made bath bombs before? If not, do not worry, I’ve made thousands and have bought “all the things” to determine what’s really necessary and what can be skipped. I’ll also share some basic tips and common mistakes so you can make your bath bombs perfect the first time.

What You Need to Make Bath Bombs at Home

You don’t need a ton of hard-to-find things but here is a short list of what you’ll need and where to get it:

Quick Tips for Making Bath Bombs

  • Trouble-shooting is simple and most beginners have too wet or too dry a mix when they first start.
  • If a mix is too wet, it will fizz up while you’re making it. Throw the mix away and start again.
  • If a mix is too dry, it will not form in the mold (it crumbles). Remove the mix from the mold, add to a bowl with some more of the cited moisture source, and you are good to try again!
  • Always add liquid SLOWLY and combine thoroughly before adding more.
  • The mixture is best when it resembles the consistency of damp sand (clumps together when squeezed).
  • If a recipe requires salt, add it but you don’t be too picky on the type. Larger varieties like Epsom or Himalayan work best in bath bomb recipes.
  • Some bath fizzy recipes might have extras like polysorbate but stuff like that isn’t necessary and will work without adding it.

Christmas Bath Bomb Recipe Combinations

Is it just me humming a carol right now or are you joining in? Silver bells is my favorite Christmas carol (in case you wanted to know). Use the comments section if you have any questions about these recipes and don’t forget to browse the general bath bomb FAQ.

Most Popular Christmas Bath Bomb Recipe

One of my most popular mixes, this Christmas bath bomb recipe is basic and is easily adapted to bath or shower fizzies. The crushed candy cane accent really adds a lot to this highly-reviewed recipe.

Candy Cane Christmas bath bomb recipe with 3 bath bombs on a wood slat with candies.
This is a very popular, tried-and-tested bath bomb recipe that work for the bath or shower.

No Fizz Bath Bomb Recipe (and Shower Bombs)

While the majority of my readers and viewers LOVE the fizz, some don’t and they requested a no-fizz bath bomb creation. This no fizz bath bomb recipe is easy and will dissolve much slower than one made with citric acid.

This type of recipe is perfect for shower fizzies – just place them in the water stream and they will slowly release the aroma. I’ve had readers also tell me they make this recipe to help during bath time with their sensory-sensitive kids.

No fizz shower bomb recipe shaped like snowflakes on a grey background with text which reads no-fail recipe: shower bombs.
Create a no-fizz shower bomb for aromatherapy benefits.


Holiday Sugar Scrub Recipe – Loose or Solid, Which is Better?

As I mentioned above, when you create a DIY bath gift, adding a sugar scrub takes it to a new level. All the pictures of readers creating a coordinating set has warmed my heart for years. But…

I get the same question a lot: should I make a loose scrub or a solid? And 100% of the time, my answer is if YOU are using it immediately, a loose scrub is fine. If you’re gifting it or want to store it, a solid scrub is best. Why?

Loose scrubs must be used within a couple of days and should be refrigerated. Solid sugar scrubs can be stored in an air-tight jar for the lifespan of the shortest lifespan ingredient. Meaning, if the coconut oil expires in 12 months and it is the first ingredient to expire, the bath bombs will technically last for 12 months!

Below are some basic recipes for sugar scrubs you can make to coordinate with the bath bombs. I’ve included a quick-use loose scrub and a holiday favorite solid.

Peppermint Sugar Scrub Cube DIY

This is a PERFECT accompaniment to the Christmas bath bomb recipe above. They look similar, it makes a great gift set, and you will kind of feel like a rockstar giving it to everyone. Get the recipe for the easy Christmas sugar scrub cubes here.

Photo collage of peppermint body scrub with text which reads DIY Christmas gift no-mess peppermint sugar scrub.
These are the best sugar scrub DIY to give out during the holiday season and beyond.

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Loose Christmas Sugar Scrub

If you know an item will be used quickly, this loose sugar scrub recipe for Christmas cannot be easier to create. Using basic kitchen ingredients and an air-tight container, you can whip up this Christmas sugar scrub in less than 5 minutes.

White Christmas body scrub with candy canes in a red bowl on blue background.
Make a 5-minute sugar scrub for yourself or others using what you have on hand right now.

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If you have any questions on bath bomb recipes or creative ways to gift DIY bath sets, use the comments section below. I’ve put together quite a few gift sets and have tons of ideas.

Four image collage of bath bombs and sugar scrubs with text which reads free Christmas bath bomb recipes for gifts.
Take the guesswork out of gifting this holiday season and make stunning homemade bath bombs.

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