Easter Gnome DIY Inspiration and Crafts

Join me for a round up of the best Easter gnome DIY projects and crafts for a festive, trendy holiday. The best part is most of these can be put together in about 40 minutes using a hot glue gun. Easy, right?

With so many options out there for fur and fabric, it can be hard to just START making your own gnomes. Analysis paralysis, crafter’s block – it has many names, but today we’re putting it in its place with a TON of inspiration.

Horizontal six image collage of Easter gnomes from Ruffles and Rain Boots.
Make adorable Easter gnomes for displays and gifts.

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DIY Easter Gnomes and Bunny Gnomes

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I have been making gnome tutorials for years and well, as you can imagine, I’ve amassed quite the collection. Today, I was packing away my Easter stuff (yes, a little bit late on that task…) and I wanted to be able to look back on all of the fun I’ve had “gnoming” for this holiday.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

Below, I’ve recapped some of my favorite gnome crafts for Easter. If you need more ideas, join me in the DIY Gnomes and Crafts Facebook group here. There is A TON of inspiration, sharing of skills and techniques, and it’s honestly just a kind, generous place to hang out on the ‘book.

Four image collage of Easter gnomes created with free tutorials and basic craft supplies.
Make the holiday shine by crafting one or all of these adorable Easter Gnome DIY projects.

Save This Fun Resource for Later

This will be an ever-expanding list as I create and find other great fun Easter gnomes, gonks, tomte, and nisser. Save this to a DIY pin board or share it on Facebook to easily find it later.

Split vertical image of four Easter gnomes created by Ruffles and Rain Boots with text which reads Adorable Easter Gnomes.
Anyone can make their own gnomes for Easter using any of these free gnome tutorials.

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Easter Gnome DIYs for Decor

For years, I’ve been making cute little bunny gnomes and craft projects. Below are some of the most popular tutorials I’ve put together. If you have any questions or are a visual learner, nearly all of these have full gnome tutorial videos, as well.

Easter Bunny Gnome Pattern

This adorable bunny gnome is made using the most popular pattern I’ve ever made, the Scandinavian Sweeties gnome pattern. It’s easy to make with hot glue or with a sewing machine and comes with a TON of extras.

Vertical image of 2 bunny Easter gnomes holding egg and basket on black background.
This Easter gnome is a perfect afternoon craft – look at the feet!

Wood Easter Gnomes for Decor

Using Dollar Tree vinyl and a scrap of wood, make these wood Easter gnomes in just minutes! These adorable gnomes went viral for a reason: they are SO simple to make and the gnome hat and body can be the same vinyl or different.

Vertical image of a pair of Spring wood gnomes with colorful floral vinyl from the Dollar Tree and white beards in front of a light wood background and a white tobacco basket.
These gorgeous, colorful Spring gnomes are a show-stopping craft for the season.

Easter Gnome DIY (Wearing a Bunny Suit)

This is one of the cutest little things: it’s a gnome in a bunny suit! Isn’t it too precious? Oh, and the best part is that you can make it with a hot glue gun and the bunny outfit is a free pattern.

Easter gnome DIY no-sew bunny gnome pattern holding carrots on a pastel background.
For those who want a furry friend, this Easter gnome in a bunny suit is a lot of fun!

Rainbow Bunny Gnome from the Dollar Tree

Oh yes, this Dollar Tree bunny gnome is not only adorable but super affordable to make, as well. He’s a fun DIY project for Easter to do with the kids.

Rainbow easter bunny gnome.
This Dollar Tree Easter gnome DIY is so colorful.

Easter Gnomes – DIY Sock Gnome Bunny

The kids can help you make this adorable Easter sock gnome with bunny ears. To make the easy gnome body, make a sock with rice filler. Add some felt, and you’re halfway done.

Easter Gnome with bunny ears and furry white beard in front of wood egg background.
This little Easter gnome cutie comes together with a sock and some felt.

Bunny Gnome Made with a Glove and a Sock

Friends, this adorable small bunny gnome is a sock and a single glove. It’s so much fun to make and had a little mini viral experience on Facebook. I promise I won’t let it go to his head.

Vertical image of a bunny gnome made with a sock and glove from the Dollar Tree and white faux fur in front of a light wood background.
This simple Easter gnome made from Dollar Tree supplies is a great afternoon craft win.

Easy, No-Sew Carrot Gnome for Easter Decor

I had orange fleece and well, I made this no-sew carrot gnome with. Then, I made the second one (just to see if I could).

Vertical image showing two carrot gnomes for Easter with orange hats, green raffia, orange gnome beards from fur and a light wood background.
These adorable carrot gnomes for Easter are no sew and you can make them with a bendy hat or short, straight hat.

Fun Easter Gnome Crafts

Below are some Easter gnome crafts, garlands, and other quick projects you can make. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything I can’t turn into a gnome at this point…

Easter Bunny Gnome Bottle Topper

This adorable and oh-so-soft bunny gnome bottle topper can be made in less 10 minutes using a hot glue gun. It’s honestly one of the favorite craft projects I’ve done this year because, even though it’s so simple, it’s absolutely stunning.

Vertical image of a pink hat Easter gnome bottle topper with ears, whiskers, and beard in front of a twine bunny egg on a fur table with wood slat background.
This Easter gnome bottle topper is SO easy to make!

Easter Gnome Garland with Carrot Gnomes and Bunnies

This simple Easter gnome garland is a fun and quick way to up fabric and faux fur scraps. Make the most adorable banner for a mantle, a gift basket, or to drape across a tiered tray display.

Easter gnome pattern garland featuring gnomes with carrot hats or bunny gnomes on a pastel background.
This garland is a quick and easy way to use up scraps.

Please Save or Share This

I’ll be updating this list as I create more Easter gnome tutorials. Your shares are how this site grows and I am sincerely grateful. Please save this to an Easter ideas pin board or share it with a crafty gnome group on Facebook.

Six image vertical collage of holiday gnomes with text which reads easy Easy Easter Gnome Crafts includes Dollar Tree gnomes.
From bunnies to modern styles, make any or all of these fun Easter gnomes.

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