10 Best Tips to Take Your Dog Camping

Are you ready to take your dog camping? It’s one thing to go camping with your family but when you bring in your furry friend, you will surely make everything much more interesting.

tips for first time dog camping trip
I love going camping with my dog and these are the best tips for camping with your dog that I just know will help you if it’s your first time or your fiftieth!

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Take Your Dog Camping

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we love pups! There is something amazing about cuddling them by the campfire and watching them with interest as they explore and sniff their way around everywhere.

It would serve you right to be well prepared so that you can all have a great time camping. If you are well prepared, you will have a great experience camping with your dog.

tips for keeping your dog safe while camping

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How To Go Camping With A Dog

Check if the camping grounds allow dogs and other pets

Before you make a choice on where you want to go camping with your dog, you need to inquire whether they allow pets there so that you do not break any rules or find yourself at a loss not knowing what to do after traveling that far only to find they do not allow dogs in the camping grounds.

Micro-chip your dog

You need to keep track of your dog the whole time. Get a microchip and always ensure that the details are always updated. A microchip will make it possible for you to know exactly where your dog is and that provides great peace of mind.

Bring a pet grooming kit

Dogs love getting groomed and this does not vary with the change of environment. Carry with you some brushes, tweezers and your grooming package and keep your pet healthy and happy. Make sure to clean up after your dog and dispose of the waste appropriately.

tips for camping with your pet

Bring enough food and snacks

Carry enough clean water and food for you and your dog. Make sure that whatever you do, the food you carry is healthy and it’s something they are used to. This would not be a good time to test new food on the dog.

Have a first aid kit

You need to be prepared with a dog injury kit in the case of minor injuries. You are going into the wild and a lot could happen. Be well prepared.

Keep your dog on a leash

You might love having your dog moving freely around but other campers might not appreciate this as much. To avoid antagonizing other people, keep your dog on a leash.

Take your dog on an exercise

Dogs love exercising and there is no shortage of such activities to engage in when you go camping. This will keep the dogs happy. Take them on dog runs and make sure that they are comfortable.

tips for camping with your dog

Have a Vet’s number ready

Emergencies do happen and although this is not something we would love to see, we need to be prepared for such an occasion. Having a Vet’s number close at hand might prove to be useful if such occurred.

Protect the dog from wildlife

This should be taken care of at the point of looking for camping grounds. Protect them from the possibility of getting injured by wild animals out there. You can keep them on a leash but do not leave them alone unattended at the camping ground in a place that is known to have wild animals.

Prepare your dog

If you think your dog cannot handle the camping trip, do not risk taking them there. Take practice walks at home to ensure that your dog is well prepared for what is coming. You can ask other dog owners for advice as well and this will make both your life and dog’s more comfortable.

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