5 Best Tips First Time Campers Need for Stress-Free Camping

Are you considering going camping for the first time? You need these first time camper tips! Make your first camping trip one that everyone will love!

camping first timer tips
I love these first time camper trips, definitely something I wish I’d known my first time camping out.

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First Time Camper Tips

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’m all about getting out in nature. I think that camping is a great and thrilling experience. Before you get fired up and venture into the woods, check out these tips that every first-time camper should know (exactly what I wish I knew before my first outing).

What better way to have a fun trip than by using these camping tips?

tips for going on your first camping trip

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Easy tips for stress free camping

These camping hacks and tips can help you have the best camping trip, ever! Keep scrolling to get each of the tips.

tips for first time campers

Tip 1: Use a checklist for everything

You will need a lot of things while camping and sometimes it is hard to remember them all. Get a camping checklist and tick off every item as you pack. This will enable you to carry everything you need for the experience.

You can make your own in a notebook or you can find a printable camping checklist online in loads of different places. One of the best things about getting a printable camping checklist from someone else is that they’ve probably done this camping thing before – and if you have not, there may be things you just don’t know about that they noted.

Tip 2: Be familiar with your gear

There is nothing embarrassing as finally getting to your camping ground with your partner only to realize that the tent you brought along can only fit one person! You need to be familiar with the gear you carry.

If you have never used the tent before, go to your backyard and set it up. Be familiar with every gadget you will use while camping beforehand.

tips for going on your first campout

Tip 3: Carry enough and appropriate clothing

Check out the weather patterns of where you will go camping and pack appropriate clothing. The camping location also determines the kind of clothing you need.

The kind of clothing you will need for a camp in some cold mountain will differ from what you will need if you are going camping on a sunny beach. Do your research and understand the weather before you start packing.

Tip 4: Plan your meals

If you plan your meals right, you will have a delicious camping experience. Most beginner campers do not really do this and they end up eating the same kind of food, every single day.

By planning your meals right, you can be able to have an enriched meal every day. It helps to carry pre-cooked meals from home. You can carry canned food as it makes the cooking process a breeze.

tips to plan a camping trip if you have never gone camping before

Tip 5: Choose your campsite wisely

This is an important one as it affects a number of things. You will want to camp in a place that is safe, secure, and readily accessible to essential amenities and infrastructure in case something happens.

For a beginner camper, it would be advisable not to camp too far from home. When you find the right camping place, you need to check the ground for a number of things.

Be certain that the ground is well raised and drained. You do not want to have water flooding into your event should it rain. Prepare for the rain by carrying a raincoat or a tent that is water-proof.

Be aware of the camping restrictions in your chosen camping ground. Some camping grounds may request that you only carry stuff in bio-degradable materials. Adhere to these rules and regulations.

Socialize with other campers. If you are camping in a group campsite, socialize with other campers and have fun. They will offer you tips on how to successfully survive your first time camping.

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