How to Plan a Romantic Camping Trip

Romantic camping is a thing! For some people, wondering how to make a camping trip romantic can seem like an oxymoron.

After all, the idea of camping is often associated with inclement weather, annoying bugs, and misery in general. Even among outdoors-lovers, the idea of such settings being “romantic” can raise an eyebrow. Believe it or not, though, it can be done.

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These are the best tips and tricks for a romantic camping trip that I love to keep in mind.

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Romantic Camping

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I am all about taking the time to slow down and enjoy what nature has to offer. If you’re ready to take some time for just the two of you, why not plan a fun trip that you can relax and have fun?

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Camping Date Night Tips

Location, Location, Location

Choosing the ideal site for romance is an integral part of the process. In asking how to make a camping trip romantic, consider the choice of the campground.

Is this one of those cheap places by the interstate that will suffer noise and light pollution all hours of the day and night? Is it a site rental that is clustered tightly with other camp-goers, or is it so remote that any emergency or basic human need will not be easy to deal with?

Is it out of the budget price range, or is it so inexpensive as to be suspicious? Each person involved should be excited at the prospect of the site to be visited, not filled with dread.

Exquisite Preparation

While having a thorough packing list and checking it twice may be an obvious tip, it is actually more important toward mastering how to make a camping trip romantic than most would realize.

This is why: If the couple is appropriately excited and perhaps even a bit amorous during their preparations, such circumstances make it very easy to forget a key item or misplace a crucial element that, if missing, will make the trip more of a headache than a vacation.

Nobody wants to spend a romantic trip having to make extra trips to the general store for bug spray, toothbrushes, or other such necessities.

Think of it this way: Taking the extra time beforehand to ensure all is ready means ensuring that on the actual camping trip there are no unwanted distractions.

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Just-For-Fun Flourishes

Take the full opportunity to make this a special occasion. Knowing how to make a camping trip romantic might mean knowing which red wine goes best with a campfire-grilled hamburger, or what scent of candles will most decadently complement the tent or lakeside cabin.

Pack the essentials, yes, but be sure to take your creative side out for a spin as well when deciding what to bring or even purchase especially for the trip. If not for this occasion, when else to splurge?

Taking a romantic trip can be a key component to restoring, reinvigorating, or just plain enjoying a relationship. Camping is certainly among the types of trips a couple should consider taking; and, who knows, even the city slickers might soon find themselves pleasantly surprised.

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