The Best Gnome Sayings for Crafts, Gifts, and Products

Gnomes have taken over crafts and decor so I put together a list of the best gnome sayings and gnome puns. Use them to create cards, gifts, products, and more. These are perfect for use with Cricut and Silhouette users, too.

horizontal image of a white bearded gnome with red hat and shoes in front of a white brick wall with pompom snow with text which reads gnome puns and gnome sayings for crafts and gifts ruffles and rain boots
You can use these gnome puns and sayings to make your own cards, gifts, and crafts.

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The Best Gnome Sayings

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I make a lot of gnomes – from Christmas gnomes to Halloween gnomes (and Easter gnomes and Valentine’s Day gnomes)… Okay, let’s just say I like to make and draw out a lot of gnome designs for decor, gifts, and even digital work for use with Cricut and Silhouette machines.

It’s safe to say I love gnomes.

I put together this fun list of gnome sayings for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. You’ll also find some funny gnome puns, garden gnome, and general gnome sayings, as well. Be sure to let me know if you think of more so the list can grow.

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garden gnome with watering can and hoe on green grass with text which reads gnome sayings for crafts, cards and gifts

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Gnome Sayings for Christmas

Let’s be honest – you’re here for the holiday gnome sayings, right? Crafting for the holidays is my favorite and here are just a few of the most popular Christmas gnome sayings. It’s a great idea to make any of these DIY Christmas gnomes and then a tag with one of these cute gnome sayings. Psst: this gnome tree topper tutorial makes a great gift and made with a Dollar Tree staple.

  • gnome for the holidays
  • he gnomes if you’ve been bad or good
  • I’ll be gnome for Christmas
  • gnoël or gnoel
  • from our gnome to yours
  • naughty and I gnome it
  • let’s stay gnome for Christmas; let’s stay gnome for the holidays
  • gnomie wishes and mistletoe kisses
white hat on red gnome with gray beard and pine and berry accent in front of a holiday background with text which reads Christmas gnome tree topper only at ruffles and rain boots
Make an elegant gnome tree topper for yourself or others; add a tag with a cute gnome saying!

Best General Gnome Sayings

Okay, okay enough with the holiday gnomes. Here are some of the most general gnome sayings you can put on cards, signs, and make into stickers to put, well, everywhere! For example, learn how to make a doormat with your Cricut or Silhouette and make oodles of gnome welcome mats!

  • rollin’ with my gnomes, rollin’ with my gnomies
  • oh gnome you didn’t!
  • welcome gnome
  • gnope, not today!
  • the gnomes made me do it
  • hanging with my gnomes, hanging with my gnomies
  • gnome, sweet home (or gnome, sweet gnome)
  • there’s gnome place like home
  • it’s good to be gnome
  • gnome thyself
  • the gnome did it!
  • gnome pun intended
  • gnome worry no cry
  • trust gnome one
  • welcome to the gnome depot
diy gnome welcome mat with text which reads make this gnome mat cricut craft
Use your cutting machine (or cut by hand) to make your very own gnome doormat!

Garden Gnome Sayings

Put the little gnomes to work and make a sign with one of these garden gnome sayings. Psst: gnome sublimation garden flags are thing (learn how to make them with my tutorial) but if you find one who could use a little love, learn how to restore a garden gnome.

  • gnomes at work
  • warning: gnome crossing
  • welcome to our gnome
  • gnomeland security
  • this area patrolled by gnomes
  • home is where your gnome is
  • don’t piss off the gnomes
  • the voices in my head keep telling me get more gnomes
  • there’s gnome business like garden gnome business
refurbish a garden gnome with text which reads how to restore a garden gnome
If you find an old, beat up garden gnome, learn how to refresh and restore him back to his vibrant self.

Sweet Valentine’s Day Gnome Puns

One of my favorite made up holidays, these Valentine gnome sayings are perfect for cards, gift tags, or even classroom Valentines. I like making gnome crafts (if that wasn’t obvious) and one of the most festive is this Valentine’s Day gnome garland tutorial.

  • gnome is where the heart is
  • there’s gnome body like you, there’s gnome one like you
  • gnomebody loves you like I love you
  • we have a love like gnome other
  • I love you gnome matter what
  • I’ll be your friend gnome matter what
  • will you be my gnomie?
  • be mine gnome matter what
  • You’re amazing and that’s gnome joke
  • you gnome me so well
  • love the gnome you’re with
  • I’m sexy and I gnome it
  • to gnome me is to love me
  • gnome man compares to you (or woman)
photo collage of diy garland with gnomes with text which reads valentine gnome garland
Learn how to make your own adorable gnome garland for Valentine’s Day.

Halloween Gnome Sayings

As someone obsessed with gnomes, I can turn a normal gnome into any holiday gnome with a quick change of the hat. Grab this Halloween gnome SVG bundle (it’s so cute) and get to crafting, my friend.

  • I’m spooky and I gnome it
  • trick or treat, you smell like gnome feet
  • I’m here for the boos (ghost gnome)

Easter Gnome Sayings

At this point, I think it’s obvious that I will come up with any way to make up a gnome saying…

  • Hunting with my gnomies
  • I gnome some bunny who loves you (with this Easter gnome SVG set)
  • Easter with my gnomies
  • Egg-cited for Easter with my gnomies
  • No bunny like you (gnome with bunny ears, obviously) :)

What Do You Think?

Let me know if you have some fun gnome sayings I haven’t included here. I’ll add them to the list and we can keep building. Thank you for reading through my list.

Your shares are how this site grows and I am so grateful when you share. Please save this to a crafty pin board or share it to a fun and crafty group on Facebook.

vertical image of a red and gray gnome sitting in front of a white brick wall with text which reads gnome sayings and gnome puns for crafts and gifts

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    Great list. Surprised me with “No bunny like you” (gnome with bunny ears, obviously) :)
    – I REALLY expected, ‘Gnome bunny like you’ or ‘Gnome bunny likes/loves you like I do.” ;)
    Thanks for all your creative ideas,

  2. Absolutely love these sayings! But I was looking for a birthday greeting, wondering if
    “Gnome another Birthday” sounds good? Also, I checked out your Pinterest page, Oh my, I’m hooked!! LOL Thanks again for sharing!

  3. I want to know where to find accessories for gnomes. Things they can hold like coffee cups, donuts or like garden tools, Easter basket and etc. Thanks for getting back with me. Love your gnomes. Have some of your patterns.

    1. Doris, Accessories can be made (from polymer clay, Dollar Tree finds) or purchased. I am not sure the size of your gnomes, however, most of the time 18″ doll accessories work for those which are between 12-18 inches. If you have smaller gnomes, you might try searching “mini/miniature” or “tiny” + the accessory you’re looking for. Etsy has some great finds.