DIY Stout Short Gnome Pattern

This adorable bunny gnome for Easter is a new pattern featuring these fabulous, floppy ears! The knockout stout short gnome pattern packs a LOT into an adorable, 6 inch tall package and can be made with or without the long bunny ears add on.

This gnome pattern for beginners can be sewn or assembled with a hot glue gun, making it a fun 40 or so minutes to spend time in the craft room. Scroll down to see a couple of examples from the pattern to give you even more ideas.

Horizontal image of gray and white polka dot Easter gnome in front of a spring background.
This adorable long ear bunny gnome is perfect for Easter but the pattern can be used all year!

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Cute and Easy 6 Inch Gnome Pattern

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I am nearly settled into the new craft room. And by settled, I find myself saying “now where could I have put that” about 100 times a day.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

It’s still coming together but because I’ve made so much progress, I was able to create this new gnome pattern! This guy is… STOUT. He can be made in two sizes and even includes a bonus bunny ear add-on to create this adorable floppy-ear gnome.

Vertical split image collage of two bunny gnome with long ears with text which reads no sew gnome Easter pattern.
Change the fabric to change the look easily for these adorable Easter gnomes.

I am super excited to share this with you and I hope you love it as much as I do. In the pattern, I share additional options and will provide some pictures of those here. Be sure to join us on the YouTube channel for those videos!

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Vertical image of long ear bunny gnome in white and green for Easter with one ear raised and wired.
This long ear gnome has wired ears that ca be posed – doesn’t he look adorable?

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Stout Gnome Video Tutorials

As with all of my gnome inspiration, each of these gnomes comes with a complete video tutorial. My videos walk you through each step and share details on construction and gnome-making.

The playlist for the Knockout Stout Gnome Pattern is here. Be sure to subscribe and follow along – we have a lot of fun on the channel.

Vertical image of a yellow pineapple gnome in front of sunflowers sitting on a wood box.

Variation: Pineapple Gnome with Cute Embellishments

For years, I’ve been asked to create some fun themed gnomes. When I look at this body style, I couldn’t help but answer with this adorable pineapple gnome! The adjustment I made for the pattern is to cut some a crown leaf topper (2 pieces of felt) and pop it into the center of the hat.

You can see the DIY pineapple gnome video tutorial. I’d love to hear what you think of the embellishments.

Vertical image of a yellow pineapple gnome in front of sunflowers sitting on a wood box.

Variation: Stout Short Gnome with Cap Gnome Hat

This pattern includes a hat, two body sizes, and a long, floppy ear addition which will be detailed below. However, that is not the only look which can be achieved using this pattern.

The hat can be assembled without the ears and produces a rounded cap style gnome hat (with or without arms). One example of this capped hat style is below, made with a 1 inch brim for a tailored appearance. For more of a slouchy hat look in front, create a 1/2 inch brim, scrunch the fabric, and glue into place.

Vertical image of an Independence Day gnome made with fleece and fur for the 4th of July.
This cap style gnome hat pattern can be used on it’s own for a thick and chunky gnome (with or without arms).

Variation: Dollar Tree Easter Gnome with Bunny Ears and Feet

This adorable Dollar Tree Easter bunny gnome is cming soon to the channel (and included in the pattern). Use the party favor booties to create the pudgy body, ears, and adorable feet using dollar store socks and an automotive department staple!

Vertical image of a Dollar Tree gnome with long, floppy bunny ears made with socks.
Hit up the dollar store to make this adorable (and oh so fuzzy) Easter gnome.

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Materials for the Stout Floppy Ear Bunny Gnome Pattern

I have a few options in the pattern, but here are the basic supplies and materials you will need to create this gnome. As an aside, the bunny ear inserts can be cut from fleece, cotton, or flannel.

  • Stout Gnome Pattern with Bonus
  • Fleece in two colors (or cotton or flannel for the ear inset)
  • Faux Fur
  • Gnome Nose
  • Embroidery Thread and ModPodge (to add whiskers)
  • Basic Gnome Making Supplies (listed below)
Crafter showing materials needed to construct a no sew bunny gnome for Easter.
Gather materials listed in the pattern and any additional decorations.

Instructions to Make This Easter Bunny Gnome

Get the Knockout Stout gnome pattern, download, and print the pattern pages. I recommend you watch the video tutorial before starting. Note: you can transfer the patterns to something like a file folder or flexible plastic cutting board to strengthen them or use the printer paper

First, create the brim on the wrong sides of each of the hat pieces by either gluing or sewing the brim in place. Pin the hat pieces right sides together once completed.

Crafter using a hot glue gun to add a brim to a gnome hat with ears.
Create a brim on the wrong side of the fabric for both hat pieces.

Glue or sew the ears by placing the right sides of the fabric together. Once assembled, turn right sides out using needle nose pliers or hemostats.

Crafter using hot glue to secure long fabric bunny ears together.
Make sure to follow the pattern closely when constructing the ears.

Position the ears between the layers of the hat and secure. Please reference the pattern for detailed instructions and additional placement options.

Crafter using a hot glue gun to assemble the long bunny ears and gnome hat.
Follow the directions in the pattern and video to capture all pieces of the gnome hat.

Pin together the body piece and hat per the instructions. Glue or sew the body’s vertical and bottom edge. When secure, pull apart the sides and create the diamond bottom.

Crafter using hot glue to create the base body piece of the gnome.
Try to keep the glue stream steady while constructing the body.

Add weight and stuffing to the body. Use embroidery thread and a needle to create a running stitch near the top of the body to secure.

Crafter closing up the body of a gnome with thread.
Use the needled and thread to securely close the body.

Cut a faux fur gnome beard using the X-Acto knife, split the fur in the center, and glue the wood round to the fur’s fabric backing. Cut and assemble a pompom tail from faux fur per the pattern instructions.

Crafter using an X-Acto knife to cut a gnome beard from faux fur.
Cut the fur – an easy way to get it write is to draw the shape on the backing.

Glue the beard on to the gnome, add on the nose and hat, and secure everything. Glue on the bunny tail and decorate!

Crafter using a hot glue gun to add a gnome hat to the body to complete a bunny gnome with long ears.
Glue the hat to the body, starting with the nose and moving to the sides and back.

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Gray and white bunny gnome with long ears with text which reads Easter gnome DIY.
This is probably one of my favorite gnomes I’ve ever made and is certainly going on my Easter mantle.
Yield: 1 gnome

Stout Gnome and Gnome Bunny

Square close up bunny gnome DIY with short stout gnome pattern on Easter background.

Using the knockout stout gnome pattern, sew or hot glue this adorable cutie with or without the ears. Included in the full pattern are a gnome body, a hat, and extras like long, floppy bunny ears and even dollar store construction ideas and tips. Use fleece to create this adorable 6-6.5 inch tall gnome for tiered trays, bookcases, gifts, and decor.

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5



  • Hot Glue and Glue Sticks
  • Optional, Sewing Machine
  • Embroidery Needle
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Scissors


Gnome Instructions

  1. Cut the pattern pieces (2 hat, 1 body) from fleece. Each cut is detailed in the pattern, including the direction of the stretch. NOTE: + indicate the bunny addition references.
  2. Create a brim by turning up 1/2 inch on the wrong sides of the fabric for each hat piece. + Ears should be assembled next and turned out.
  3. Glue or sew the right sides of the hat together, leaving only the brim side open. + Position the ears as described below before joining.
  4. Create the body by folding right sides together, fold on the left. Glue or sew the right and bottom edges together. Pull apart the body and create the box pleat bottom. Turn right sides out.
  5. Add one cup of the Poly Pellets for weight and one cup Poly-Fil for stuffing, leaving one inch open at the top.
  6. Use the embroidery thread and needle to create a running stitch one inch down from the top edge of the body, cinch, and secure.
  7. Cut a U- or V-shaped beard from the faux fur using the X-Acto knife and glue to the body. Add on the nose by splitting the fur to the fabric backing, adding hot glue, and pressing the wood ball into it until set.
  8. Slip on the hat and secure with glue over the nose and around the sides and back. + Add on whiskers, if desired.

Bunny Add-On

  1. Cut the pattern pieces and 2 sets of ears. Note: cotton or flannel can be used for the floppy ear inside panel.
  2. Place fabric for each ear right sides together and glue or sew per the pattern, stopping when indicated.
  3. Turn right sides out and rub the seams between your fingers to settle.
  4. Place the completed ears in between the hat pieces and glue or sew the ears into the construction.
  5. Stiffen embroidery thread with ModPodge to create whiskers and glue under the bunny gnome nose.

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