How to Make Laser Cut Acrylic Cake Toppers

In this quick tutorial, I’m sharing how to create layered and single layer laser cut acrylic cake toppers and cupcake toppers. Use a pre-made SVG or create one in a design software (I’ll show you how), but use this DIY to learn how to make them wow-worthy!

Cake toppers and cupcake toppers are great acrylic items to make and sell for laser crafters. And the best part is that the sky is the limit with colors, textures, and sizing.

Horizontal image of six cake toppers made with acrylic and a CO2 laser, the xTool P2.

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Laser Cut Cake Toppers and Cupcake Toppers

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’ve been testing the popularity of my products and laser cake toppers are HIGH on the list. Cupcake toppers are also rising in popularity and because both are so easy to make, I think you should give them a try.

We can easily find pre-made designs or whip up our own in basic design software (or laser software). The materials are relatively inexpensive and, coupled with my “not so secret” glue, these are definitely something to try.

Still Deciding on the Laser That’s Right for You?

I own two types of lasers right now: CO2 and diode. Below are summaries of each and suggestions on materials. If you have questions, please ask! Not all lasers are right for those looking to start a business or side hustle. If that’s you, choose the P2 or the S1.

  • xTool P2 – A fully-enclosed CO2 laser, perfect for cutting acrylic and wood. This is an unrestricted laser when it comes to acrylic, wood, slate, etc.
  • xTool S1 – The option I have is a 40 watt diode laser which cuts some acrylic, wood and does amazing engravings. This laser has some acrylic restrictions (no clear, mirror, translucent; primarily opaque) but powers through wood.
  • xTool M1 – A 10 watt diode laser with amazing engraving capabilities and a blade cutting machine. This is a great starter machine and is best for engraving vs cutting.

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Vertical image close up of a 12 birthday cake topper in two cast acrylic colors on a teal background with white stars.

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Supplies to Create Acrylic Cake Toppers

I don’t believe in gate-keeping, so I’m sharing exactly what I use to create cake and cupcake toppers with my lasers. While you can use a diode laser (I have used both the xTool S1 40w and xTool M1 10w to cut acrylic), I recommend a CO2 like the xTool P2 laser because there are no color limitations.

How to Glue Acrylic to Acrylic (The Best Glue Isn’t Glue At All)

One of the best materials I’ve ever added to my favorite laser supplies are 3M adhesives in various formulations. Whether on sheets, rolls, or thin tapes, I have it stashed all over my craft room.

Always next to my laser will be the 467MP on a 6-inch roll because I use it to create so many things, including the layered cake toppers. This adhesive formula is perfect for adhering acrylic to acrylic and nearly disappears, even on CLEAR ACRYLIC!

Vertical image of three different 3M adhesives used for acrylic, wood, mdf, and other laser craft materials.

Best Acrylic for Cake Toppers

Although we can use any type of acrylic, keep in mind mirror acrylic (and other extruded acrylics) should not come in direct contact with food. If you’re using it, combine it with a clear or cast acrylic backer and stake. You can also provide a straw for a customer or friend to put around the stake.

Get the Oh Happy Day SVG topper file set. SVG EPS DXF PDF PNG and XCS formats.

Vertical image of a mirrored cake topper made with clear and blue mirror acrylic layered together on a red velvet cake.

Combining clear with colored or mirrored acrylic allows you to offer a layered cake topper. These are so easy to make (use an offset) and they’re so pretty. I like to use a plain and a snazzy glitter or confetti, but two colors look great and can match any party theme.

And the best part is that this cake topper took only minutes to make. You can replace the ‘grad’ with a name, easily, too!

Get the Congrats Grad SVG cake topper file here. SVG EPS PNG PDF DXF and XCS files.

Vertical image of a woman holding a green transparent and gold glitter acrylic cake topper which reads Congrats Grad with a cap and tassel.

Single layer toppers can be sold with confidence, too! Whether you use glitter acrylic, terrazzo acrylics, or solid colors on their own, these are popular choices.

I made this using the free XCS software, however, if you’d prefer to have a done for you file, get the happy birthday SVG cake topper set. SVG EPS PNG DXF PDF and XCS file types.

Vertical image of a single color glitter acrylic happy birthday cake topper and SVG on a party background.

Acrylic and Laser-Safe Vinyl Toppers

Finally, when creating acrylic cake toppers, you don’t have to use ONLY acrylic. While you can have acrylic printed with any pattern, color, or artwork, you can also combine acrylic with laser-safe vinyl.

These Easter cupcake toppers combine a pale yellow xTool cast acrylic with the spring plaid laser-safe vinyl from Smokey Hill Designs. Aren’t they so stinking cute?! And, they look great from both the front and back.

Vertical image of Easter cupcake toppers in laser safe plaid on yellow acrylic pressed into lemon cupcakes on a faux green grass background.

How to Make Acrylic Cake Toppers

If you’re a visual learner, I have shared this process and additional tips in my Acrylic Cake Toppers video tutorial on YouTube. While you’re there watching this short video, be sure to subscribe to the channel – we have a lot of fun!

Horizontal video thumbnail of four cake toppers projects shown with text which reads learn how to design and cut cake toppers.

How to Design a Cake Topper for Laser Cutting

Before we get started, there is one thing to keep in mind: the weight of the topper must be supported by one, two, or even three stakes. Each stake could be up to 0.25 (or 1/4) inch wide.

First, we need to import or create a design. Creating your own cake toppers is very easy and in the video linked above, I show the exact steps to make text toppers. For a single layer topper, add a vector or text making sure everything is connected. We can then add a stake or two (about 4-5 inches high) and connect / combine it to the text.

For layered cake toppers, we will create the text or design and then add an offset. We’ll add the stake only to the offset and adhere the text or design to that backing piece.

Crafter showing the offset cut is different than the focus cut in laser cutting cake toppers.

Before cutting, we need to create a test array (if you haven’t already) for each acrylic we plan on using. Note that the addition of the 3M adhesive does NOT change our settings.

Also, if we’re making a layered acrylic, we will need to add 3M to the back of the top layer of acrylic. The backing color (the one with the stake) will be cut only from acrylic without any backing.

Vertical image of three different 3M adhesives used for acrylic, wood, mdf, and other laser craft materials.

Once the settings are in, the width (or distance) is measured, and the adhesive is on (if using), it’s time to cut.

NOTE: if you’re using mirrored acrylic OR laser-safe vinyl on acrylic, you’ll need to mirror the design (flip it horizontally) because both of those are cut from the back.

Once the acrylic pieces are cut, you can clean a single layer topper and it’s done OR we remove the adhesive from the 3M layer and carefully line it up with the back layer. Clean it up and it’s ready for a cake!

Crafter assembling a layered acrylic cake topper which reads congrats grad in gold glitter and green translucent acrylic.

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Vertical split image of three cake toppers made with acrylic and a CO2 laser, the xTool P2 with text which reads laser DIY acrylic cake topper tutorial.

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