DIY Laser Cut Wooden Bookmarks

Today I am sharing these DIY laser cut wooden bookmarks made with plywood, vinyl, and a ribbon. These can be made into paintable bookmarks to sell or be used as stocking stuffer ideas for readers.

The set of Christmas Bookmark SVG designs features three styles to choose from for laser cutting and engraving or cutting machines. You can decide to score, engrave, or even layer these fun holiday bookmarks.

Horizontal image of two wood bookmarks with permanent vinyl made with xTool M1 on holiday background.
Use this beginner laser project idea as a starting to point to learn scoring, engraving, and cutting.

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How to Make Wood Bookmarks with a Laser

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’ve been playing around with my xTool M1 laser and blade cutting machine. Each week, I challenge myself to create a few projects with it and today, I turned my sights to the holiday season.

When hosting Christmas dinner, I like to have a few activities to keep the little ones entertained. And because the smallest ones are now reading (I feel so old), I thought a fun holiday bookmark craft would be just the thing to add to our activities.

If you want to make this but can’t get started right now, save this beginner laser cutting project to a DIY Laser Crafts Ideas pin board or share it to Facebook. Either way will make this easy to find when you’re ready to begin making your own wooden bookmarks for Christmas.

Vertical image of three painting bookmarks and 2 vinyl wooden bookmarks on holiday background.
Whether you want to score, engrave, or cut, you can use this free tutorial to create wood bookmarks.

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Interested in a Laser or a Laser Side Hustle Business?

I own two types of lasers right now: CO2 and diode. Below are summaries of each and suggestions on materials. If you have questions, please ask! Not all lasers are right for those looking to start a business or side hustle. If that’s you, choose the P2 or the S1.

  • xTool P2 – A fully-enclosed CO2 laser, perfect for cutting acrylic and wood. This is an unrestricted laser when it comes to acrylic, wood, slate, etc.
  • xTool S1 – The option I have is a 40 watt diode laser which cuts some acrylic, wood and does amazing engravings. This laser has some acrylic restrictions (no clear, mirror, translucent; primarily opaque) but powers through wood.
  • xTool M1 ULTRA – The updated version of the M1 shows up to the party with a printer (can print on wood), a laser, a set of blades, foil, and embossing, as well as a pen tool. Great for crafters.
  • xTool M1 – A 10 watt diode laser with amazing engraving capabilities and a blade cutting machine. This is a great starter machine and is best for engraving vs cutting.

Tips for Making Laser Cut Wood Bookmarks

  • Use a thin wood. I chose to use 1/8th in because I felt 1/16th was too pliable, especially to make them perfect for kids.
  • Practice all of the features: scoring with the laser, laser engraving, and then cutting wood. This is a great beginner laser project because you can use all of the features of the xTool M1 laser and blade cutting machine – yes, BOTH functions!
  • A good sized bookmark is 2 inches wide by 6 inches high (maximum). That said, these can be made to your specifications (unlock the designs first).
  • Add a tassel or ribbon in the hole provided or unite over the hole to remove it. Both styles work for gifts or when selling.
  • Leave off dates (unless doing custom work) so you aren’t stuck with unsold, non-usable inventory if you’re selling your items at craft fairs, markets, or online.

DIY Laser Cut Wood Bookmark Video Tutorial

If you’re a visual learner, I have put together a wooden bookmark laser project video tutorial. Be sure to subscribe while you’re there – we have a good time with the channel.

Horizontal thumbnail image of bookmarks on pine which reads easy laser engrave, score, and cut Christmas bookmarks (laser and blade).
Use a cutting machine and/or laser to create these fun DIY wood bookmarks.

How to Make Bookmarks to Paint or Color

One of the best questions I’ve had on the laser crafts prompted this entire xTool M1 project idea! The question was how to create items to sell made with a laser for kids to paint or color. If you have a Cricut or a laser with a score function, you can easily make these.

Changes to This Tutorial

  1. Set all details to score.
  2. Indicate the outside bookmark shape and inner tassel circle to cut.
  3. Increase the power slightly to darken / deepen the lines.
  4. Use air assist and a honeycomb base to avoid charring / flareups on front and back.
  5. Sand the bookmarks lightly to reduce any rough edges or flareups.
  6. Use a matte sealant on the wood to avoid bleeding. Paint pens and markers will spread if this step is skipped.
  7. If selling, purchase empty paint pots with paintbrushes like these and cellophane bags to tie them up with ribbon into a product.
Vertical image of three wood bookmarks created for a painting set with ribbons on a Christmas background.
These easy bookmarks are done in just minutes!

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Split vertical image of two bookmarks made with engraving and laser cutting and vinyl with text which reads diy laser cut wooden bookmarks.
Use my designs or any design to create your own laser cut bookmarks.
Yield: 5 Wood Bookmarks

DIY Wooden Christmas Bookmarks

Close up square image of three scored bookmarks with Christmas themes on white background with pine branches.

Create these laser cut wooden bookmarks with any laser or cutting machine. Follow the free written, printable, and video tutorials to make bookmarks to paint, color, or give as finished items. Use this easy laser project idea for beginners to create items to make and sell using a laser or cutting machine. Use the Christmas bookmark SVG bundle or create your own bookmarks using the tips, including ideal bookmark size, how to prevent color spreading and more from Sarah with Ruffles and Rain Boots.

Active Time 25 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Difficulty Easy




  1. Import the SVG into XCS sized to 2 x 6 inches. Set engrave, score, and cut processing indicators for all design details (all styles allow you to pick your favorite). Ensure all OUTSIDE bookmark lines are set to cut. Image of the xTool M1 workspace showing all holiday bookmarks positioned for scoring, engraving, and cutting functions.
  2. Insert the basswood and refresh the camera’s view of the workspace. I used the honeycomb loaded INSIDE the top of the M1. If no honeycomb, elevate the basswood on the triangle prisms and baseplate. See note 1. Horizontal image of a piece of plywood showing in the xTool M1 camera and workspace with holiday bookmarks positioned.
  3. Position the design and select the performance mode. I chose open plane for the honeycomb (choose laser flat for the baseplate and prism combination). Select the material as 3mm basswood and be sure to AUTO-MEASURE. See note 2.

    For settings, the reference (default) settings work perfectly for this project on untreated, unpainted basswood from my xTool plywood set. 
  4. Frame the design (see notes 3), making sure all elements are within the workspace material. Turn on air assist and the purifier, if using (my air assist was on 50% - the dial was halfway. 
  5. Process the design, taking care not to leave the laser while the job is in progress.
  6. Remove the wood and lightly clean the machine (see note 4). Clean edges of the bookmarks and lightly sand, if necessary. Crafter adding blue tape to engraving after the xTool M1 processed wooden bookmarks with score, engrave, and cut functions.
  7. Once all bookmarks are ready, coat them in the sealant of your choosing. For this project, I used the spray UV sealant, 2 coats on both sides. Crafter displaying the spray sealant used on plywood in front of a teak outdoor dining table.
  8. Cut 12.5 pieces of ribbon for each bookmark and thread them through the hole cutouts. Horizontal image of crafter adding a ribbon to a laser cut wood bookmark for Christmas.


  1. To add VINYL details to the bookmarks, position the baseplate into the machine and secure with at least one screw. 

    Remove the bottom protective cover from the light grip mat and place it in the machine on top of the baseplate and secure. 

    Remove the top protective cover from the mat and place the permanent vinyl (adhesive vinyl) with the colored side up. Press or brayer it down. Crafter replacing the xTool M1 honeycomb with the baseplate, light grip map, and adhesive vinyl.
  2. Select the words or fonts in XCS you would like and size them to fit the bookmarks (mine were 3.5 inches wide). Note: be sure to WELD the text. Crafter showing how to create, manipulate, and size text in xTool XCS software. 
  3. Select blade cut from the processing function and adhesive vinyl for materials. The reference settings worked for the xTool sticker vinyl. 
  4. Insert the blade housing into the laser module, close the lid, and refresh the workspace image. Position the text on the vinyl and frame. Process the vinyl cut. 
  5. Remove the vinyl from the mat and weed out the text. If you are new to this, be sure to watch the video tutorial for tips and tricks. Crafter using a weeding tool to weed vinyl for bookmarks.
  6. Use a piece of contact paper or transfer tape to move the text to the bookmark, positioning in place and securing down. Crafter transferring permanent vinyl to wood bookmark using contact paper as transfer tape.


Painting Bookmark Changes

  1. Set all details to score and the bookmark shape to cut.
  2. Increase score power slightly to darken lines and use air assist and honeycomb to reduce flareups / charring.
  3. Gently sand the bookmarks and use a clear sealant.

Notes Indicated in Tutorial

  1. Remove the blade housing while the laser works when paired with the air assist.
  2. Auto-Measure should be selected on all projects to assist in determining the laser’s focal length.
  3. Frame the design for all projects before running / processing the laser. I use it for blade cutting, as well. It’s very helpful for beginners to reduce error and reduce wasted material.
  4. I use compressed air to clear both the laser housing and the area around my honeycomb and wipe out the baseplate. 

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