This Easy Coffee Soap Is Easy and a Wow Worthy Gift

This coffee soap recipe is so simple and easy to make and feels like you’re pampering your skin while giving it a pick-me-up. Using this homemade soap will be like having your very own spa day right at home.

Learn how to use melt and pour soap base to create a coffee gift idea any java lover will ooh and ahh over. Let’s go through the easy coffee soap tutorial together, step by step, without you having to become a master soap maker or work with scary lye solutions!

Horizontal image of a DIY coffee soap with coffee grounds and coffee beans on small cutting board with tiny white flowers.
Create your own coffee soap gift using melt and pour soap base, coffee beans, and coffee grounds.

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Easy Coffee Soap

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I love making our own beauty and skin products. My daughter and I make our own soaps and bath bombs so we can control the ingredients while getting creative.

Although my daughter sat this one out, I put together this easy DIY soap recipe in an afternoon. It’s a fun way to use up some coffee beans that have been open a while and leftover melt and pour soap base.


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Vertical image of a close up of a bar of coffee soap made with melt and pour soap base with text which reads DIY coffee soap.
This easy beauty DIY makes the most impressive coffee soap bars with or without the coffee beans.

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Melt and Pour Coffee Soap Tips

  • You’re going to need both coffee grounds and coffee beans for this easy DIY bar soap so plan ahead and get both. The grounds will actually be less visible but the beans look really cool on top.
  • Although I created a pretty thick layer of coffee beans, if you’re making this soap DIY for others as a gift, go a bit lighter. Three or four coffee beans on top will make it easy for them to dispose of the accent easily. It’s just as impressive without them.
  • Pay attention to the steps and work quickly. Quick soaps like this one are fun but we need to keep moving so nothing solidifies before our pour.
  • Use whatever soap molds you have on hand or can find, but silicone is best for easy removal.
  • This is a unique homemade gift idea and is perfectly paired with the coffee sugar scrub recipe here for a fun, themed gift basket. Add a coffee shop gift card and you’ll be seen as a gift-giving diva!

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Square image close up of coffee soap on small wood cutting board with white flowers on white wood.
This easy soap recipe is a coffee lover’s dream gift.

How To Make DIY Coffee Bean Soap

Not everyone makes their own soap so sharing it with others is so much fun. You can easily gift this to family and friends for holidays, birthdays, and more. Put it in a gift box with tissue paper or pick up some cellophane bags to seal it.

Yield: 5 soap bars

Easy Coffee Soap

Square image close up of coffee soap on small wood cutting board with white flowers on white wood.

This simple homemade coffee soap recipe is so fast and easy to make with a few craft store staples, coffee beans, and coffee grounds.

Active Time 10 minutes
Setting Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10


  • 1 pound of melt and pour soap base
  • 1/4 cup of coffee beans
  • 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds


  • loaf soap mold and cutter
  • measuring cup - microwave safe


  1. Cut the soap base into 1-inch squares. Put all the squares but two of them into the measuring cup.
  2. Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds on high heat. Take out and stir well. Put back in and heat in 30-second increments until melted. Stir between each time.
  3. Let the soap set for about three minutes, stirring it often. Add the coffee grounds and stir until the soap cools done but not set. You're basically trying to keep the grounds within the soap rather than rising to the top.
  4. Pour into the mold and let it set for up to 60 seconds. Add the coffee beans on top.
  5. Heat the last two soap squares for 20 seconds, remove, and stir. pour over the top of the coffee means. Then add a few more coffee beans on top.
  6. Let the soap set for bout an hour. You can then cut into 4-5 bars that are 2-3 inches in size. Horizontal six image collage of how to make coffee soap using a melt and pour soap base, coffee grounds, and coffee beans.


If gifting these coffee soap bars, you might opt for less coffee beans as they will have to be removed from the soap during use.

It is optional, but you can add an additional coffee scent available on Amazon or Brambleberry.

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Stacked vertical image of step by step process and finished bar of coffee soap with text which reads easy DIY coffee soap.
Create a unique and gorgeous DIY coffee soap for yourself or others.

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