Holiday Gnome with Doll Hair Beard

This holiday gnome with a doll hair beard is a snap to put together once you know how to work with the wefts. In this tutorial, you will also learn to create this two layer hat with a fun peek-a-boo section up the back.

To create this DIY Christmas gnome, you will need fleece, cotton, doll hair wefts, and a few basic craft supplies like fill and weight. Gather up everything and let’s make him together.

Horizontal image close up of a holiday gnome with a doll hair beard in green wearing a reversible two sided hat placed in front of a lit Christmas tree.
The boopable nose and doll hair make this holiday gnome a winner.

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Doll Hair Beard Christmas Gnome

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I try to create new and fresh ideas when it comes to gnomes. It keeps me challenged and that challenge bolsters my interest and creativity.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

If you’re the same, try incorporating some doll hair wefts or wigs into your gnome making, replacing Mongolian faux fur, gorilla, or short pile furs. Previously, I’ve used the ridiculously curly doll hair in this Bob Ross gnome DIY and for this pine cone woodland gnome (isn’t he so cute)!?

Admittedly, this isn’t the easiest material to work with because it’s a very thin, fine, and ‘slippery’ material that tends to shift and move just when you don’t want it to. That said, it can help you really capture a look, color palette, or style when making a gnome beard with doll hair.

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If you need to pop over to an online shop for some doll wefts (I’ve linked some good ones below), save this to a holiday crafts pin board or share it to Facebook. Using the sharing buttons will make it easy and this fun Christmas decoration will be easy to find when you’re ready to begin.

Vertical image of a Christmas gnome with a two sided hat and a gnome beard made of doll hair placed in front of a lit up holiday tree.
Color and textures of doll hair allow you to create endless customized gnomes.

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Tips to Keep in Mind While Making This Shelf-Sitter Gnome

  • The best-selling pattern used to create this gnome is the Scandinavian Sweeties gnome pattern here. It’s a favorite DIY holiday gnome because it’s easy and quick to put together and I’ve shared TONS of inspiration for every holiday and occasion.
  • Doll hair comes in a variety of colors, lengths, and textures so you can create just about anything you can dream up. I used this set of doll hair because I liked the colors, but this set of ringlet wefts is beautiful. And I just ordered this set of doll hair for gnome beards – I can’t wait to get it!
  • You can create this easy Christmas gnome using a glue gun or a sewing machine (it’s my most popular gnome sewing pattern, too). If you want to glue the gnome body and hat, however,, I would recommend a detail-tip glue gun for the tightest seams.
  • Fleece is used for the body of the gnome to hide the bumps of the weight and fill. If using a thinner fabric like cotton, add an interfacing first.
  • If creating the two-layer gnome hat as shown in this gnome tutorial, use a thinner fabric such as cotton. Two layers of fleece would be very thick and the hat wouldn’t go down onto the body as well.
Close up image of a holiday gnome with a green doll hair beard, a reversible gnome hat, and a large wooden nose in front of a Christmas tree.
Creating a two-layer gnome hat is actually pretty easy!

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How to Make a Doll Hair Gnome for Christmas

Below you will find the written and printable tutorial. Keep this page open while you follow along and use the comments section to ask any questions.

If you’re a visual learner, I’ve created a video tutorial for this gnome with a doll hair beard. It’s pretty quick and shows what the overlapped hair looks like and how I attached it to the body.

Yield: 1 Christmas Gnome

Holiday Gnome with Doll Hair Beard

Close up image of a holiday gnome with a green doll hair beard, a reversible gnome hat, and a large wooden nose in front of a Christmas tree.

Learn how to create a two layered hat and make an elegant holiday gnome with a dolla hair beard. This gnome pattern can be glued or sewn and uses doll hair wefts to create a gnome beard. It is a fun way to add color and texture to your Christmas creations!

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10



  • Sewing Machine (optional)
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Needle
  • Scissors


  1. Cut out the body, base, and hat pieces from fleece. Cut out the hat from cotton, as well. Determine whether you are assembling via glue or a sewing machine. Image of the gnome body and hat pieces stacked next to a white sewing machine with holiday greenery and ornaments.
  2. Sew the body per the pattern instructions. Turn right-sides out and set aside. Sew the right sides of the two hat pieces together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving a couple inches open for turning. Crafter using a white sewing machine to sew a light gray gnome body.
  3. Put the long sides of the hat together and sew closed, opting for the inside fabric to show along the back seam or not. I left about 1.5 inches open at the brim of the hat to split the back. Turn right-sides out and run seams through fingers to settle. Crafter showing the sewn two-sided gnome hat pattern.
  4. Fill the body with 1 cup Poly Pellets and ripped pieces of Poly-Fil until it bounces back when squeezed. Crafter stuffing the body of a sewn gnome with poly fill stuffing.
  5. Cut wire 1 inch longer than the full length of the body and bend the ends down before adding the wire from the tip of the body to the base. Sew the opening closed with the needle and embroidery thread, catching the wire in the channel to keep it in place. Crafter adding wire to the body of the gnome to make it posable.
  6. Use the desired amount of doll hair by folding the sewn edge of the weft to the desired beard width and gluing in place. Repeat until the thickness is reached to form a single piece. Crafter using a hot glue gun to fold over doll hair wefts to form a gnome beard.
  7. Slip on the hat with the seam of the hat on the opposite side as the seam of the body to determine where the beard will go. Mark or eyeball it. Using the embroidery thread and needle, sew on the weft, going just under the glued line and into the body. Gluing this in place will fail, so I don't recommend skipping this step. Crafter using embroidery thread and whipstitch to attach a gnome beard made of doll hair.
  8. Use sharp scissors to trim the beard into your desired shape. Crafter using very sharp scissors to trim a gnome beard made of doll hair.
  9. Flip up the brim and glue the nose directly onto the brim, not the doll hair beard. Glue the brim of the hat to the body and glue along the back seam, as well. Crafter adding a wood ball for a gnome nose.
  10. Use hot glue to affix greenery or decorations and your holiday gnome is done! Crafter gluing on greenery to a Christmas gnome.


The doll hair wefts I purchased are more than enough to create two gnomes with full beards at least 5" high or one gnome with a beard and one with braids (or pony tails).

This pattern can be sewed or glued - visit the YouTube channel to see how this is done. Remember to catch the wire into the channel for stability by gluing it in place before closing up the body.

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Stacked vertical image collage of a holiday gnome and text which reads DIY Christmas gnome with doll hair beard.
Open up endless possibilities by creating a Christmas gnome with a doll hair beard.

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