Upgrade Your Wine Gift Bag into a Scandinavian Gnome Wine Bag!

I love making gnomes and this fun Scandinavian gnome wine bag is a fast 10-minute craft that takes a plain wine gift bag to WOW!

no-sew tomte craft using a wine bottle bag
This easy Scandinavian gnome wine bag gift idea is just so fun to make and super fast – only 10 minutes!

Scandinavian Gnome Wine Bag

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we are incredibly and unashamedly obsessed with making gnomes. Also, I am equally obsessed with handmade gift ideas. I was brainstorming some ideas to drop on my friends’ porches this holiday season and this no-sew gnome pattern came to me.


A quick Scandinavian gnome wine bag is perfect for dropping on the doorstep with a little note about how they make my year bright. Plus, this is such a unique and fun idea, I know my friends are going to love it. If your’e ready to make a quick 10-minute gnome craft, let’s get started.

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no-sew gnome gift bag craft idea
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no-sew wine gift bag gnome with text which reads scandinavian gnome wine bottle bag

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Tips to Make a Gnome Wine Gift Bag

  • Start by grabbing one of these perfectly-sized wine bags here. Sure, you can sew one up, but why would you when they’re so reasonably priced and we’re going to for a no-sew gnome craft?! In all seriousness, though, wine bottle bags are easy to make, if you want to sew one.
  • I love all the little “extra” elements that go into making Scandinavian gnomes, the bits and bauble details that make them personalized. For this easy gnome wine bag, I chose to add one of these large Christmas bells. They’re large, which adds a little whimsy, but they’re also the perfect Christmas color!
  • Let’s talk about that faux fur I used for the beard. If you’ve seen any of my other gnome tutorials (of which there are maaaany here) you know that I love Mongolian fur. It’s long, rich and that varied color just gets me. I love frosted beards on gnomes. So, if you want a beautiful drape, I recommend the fur here. If you want to buy a small amount, I recommend this Etsy seller (watch the sizes; the pricing is better on Amazon).
no-sew gnome gift bag with text which reads make this scandinavian gnome wine bag 10-minute craft

How Do I Make this Gnome Wine Bag?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial.

Yield: 1 Scandinavian Gnome Wine Bag

Scandinavian Gnome Wine Bag

scandinavian gnome wine gift bag

I love how easy it was to make this Scandinavian gnome wine bag. Just a few minutes and I will be ready to drop this fun no-sew gnome off on a friend's porch with a bottle of their favorite wine!

Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $3


  • 1 Canvas Wine Bag
  • 1/4 yd Winter Flannel Cloth
  • 1/8 yd Minky Sherpa Fabric
  • 1 Large Christmas Bell
  • Black and White Twisted String
  • Small Amount of Polyfill
  • Wood Bead or Clay Ball


  • Scissors
  • Razor Blade or Exacto Knife
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue


  1. Lay the faux fur fur-side-down on the table and the canvas wine bag on top. Using the width and height of your bag as a guide, cut out a rectangle about 3 inches shorter than the bag, but the same width as the bag from the faux fur using the razor blade or exacto knife, cutting the fabric backing of the fur only, not the fur itself.
  2. Cut a small 2-inch by 5 inch rectangle of faux fur for the mustache, hot gluing the fabric backing in half and separating the faux fur with your fingers to either side, making a fluffy, full mustache.
  3. Glue the beard in place on the front of the wine bag, taking care to leave a 1-inch area at the top of the beard un-glued so you have room to tuck the hat in behind.
  4. Cut two triangles of your flannel fabric equal width as your wine bag, about 10-inches tall. Place the two triangles of flannel face-to-face and hot glue the edges on the two sides together. Allow the hot glue to cool completely.
  5. Turn the triangle right side up and trim off about 1-inch from the back side , starting about 1/2-inch from the seam. Tuck the back of the hat between the fur and the wine bag, hot gluing it in place both to the wine bag and the beard. Allow the hot glue to cool completely. photo collage of how to make a wine bottle bag gnome
  6. Place a bit of polyfill into the hat to give it a fuller look.
  7. Cut a length of minky sherpa fabric about 3-inches wide by the same length of your wine bag, plus 1 inch on each side.
  8. Hot glue this length of minky sherpa fabric to the brim of the flannel hat, tucking the sides down and hot gluing them in place.
  9. Hot glue the nose in place, adding a dot of hot glue to the top of the nose then pinching the fabric down onto this spot, to give the hat a little bit of a wrinkle.
  10. Affix the mustache to the beard, just below the nose.
  11. Attach the string to the bell on one end, then, with your exacto knife or rasor blade, pry apart the tip of your hat and tuck the other end of the string up into the hat and hot glue closed.
  12. Place the wine bottle into the bag and hot glue down the loose sizes of the beard, if they are pushed outward by having the wine bottle in the bag. Then get ready to gift, because you're good to gnome! photo collage of how to make a wine bag gnome


For more fun Scandinavian gnome crafts, visit Ruffles and Rain Boots!

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