Easy DIY Laser Cut Stocking Tags

If you are looking for a beginner project, these easy laser cut stocking tags are a fun project for a rainy afternoon. You can make and sell this laser idea or just make them for your own family.

For this Christmas laser craft, you will wood, stain, paint, sealant and a ribbon. Also included are a few font suggestions to help you get started with this easy laser cutting project idea.

Horizontal image of four red stockings hung on a wood mantel, each with a wooden stocking tag with a name on it.
Create your own family’s stocking tags or use generic titles for a quick laser craft idea.

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How to Make Wood Stocking Tags with a Laser

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’ve been crafting up a storm with my lasers. If you’re new here, I have two lasers from xTool in my craft room: the xTool M1 and the xTool S1 laser cutting machines.

While I am using both of them for different projects, I’ve had the S1 connected all the time and have been crafting quite a bit for Christmas. Today, I wanted to finish up the stockings hung on the mantle with some custom wood stocking tags.

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Vertical image of four stockings on a mantle with wood stocking tags made with an xTool S1 laser.
The stain gives inexpensive wood a touch of elegance and the painted names make them really stand out.

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Laser Cut Wood Stocking Name Tags Video Tutorial

If you’re a visual learner, welcome to the club – I really love watching things come together! I have put together a step by step laser cutting stocking name tag project video tutorial.

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Horizontal image of red, plaid stockings hanging on a mantel with text which reads Beginner Wood Stocking Tag Tutorial with xTool S1.

Font Suggestions for This Project

If you’re new, choose a chunky, connected script font. I’m using a thinner script font for mine (I am using the Mismade font here) but not all of the letters are connected and I had to create shapes to join them, as shown in the tutorial.

I am using the xTool S1 laser for this which has a very small dot with 40 watts of power behind it. Please note that if you’re using a less-powerful laser, you might have to do two passes.

That said, here are a list of fonts that work well for this wood gift tag project:

  • Amastery Script This is a chunky, connected font that works well.
  • Limon Script This is expensive (as fonts go) but this font family is so versatile and great for intricate design work.
  • Gantry If you like the vintage look, this is a staple.

The right font choice matters. If you are using a connected script font, the placement will be easier. You can use a sans serif, non-script font but it’s best to use a ruler or laser sight to keep the letters even when being placed.

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Materials to Make Customized Stocking Name Plates

Below are the materials I used for this quick project. If you want to keep these as raw wood, you will not need the stain or paint.

  • xTool S1 (this can also be done on the xTool M1)
  • 12×12 Basswood Plywood (or other natural wood like birch plywood or walnut)
  • Stain (I used Espresso Satin) 
  • White Chalk Paint 
  • Spray Sealant (I used Matte)
  • Chiffon Ribbon (or Other)
  • Optional, 3M Adhesive *See Note Below
  • Glue (I used a Super Glue Pen

I was in a hurry setting this project up before a meeting, and would have done one thing differently. Before processing, I would have added the 3M adhesive to the back of a separate piece of wood (or just one side of the 12×12 I was using) and skipped gluing on the names manually.

Horizontal image of crafter putting on 3m adhesive to the back of plywood to create wood and acrylic Christmas ornaments.
Make sure to remove all of the air bubbles to get a great seal; use a brayer or your hand.

How to Design in XCS (Using Buildable Shapes and Fonts)

Below is the detailed, step by step tutorial for creating these 3D wood stocking tags. If you want a printable version without the images, scroll to the end of this post and print (or print to save).

First, have a shape for your tag in mind. I wanted an old-fashioned tag, but consider a heart, a snowman shape, or anything which fits your theme.

In order to create my tag, I added a trapezoid to the top of a rectangle and it worked perfectly. Once I had the two shapes aligned, I went to the Combine > Unite function. My final stocking tag 3 inches wide by 4.5 inches high. 

Crafter using the xTool XCS software to build a stocking tag from basic shapes.

Cut out a hole for the ribbon (I used a larger circle because I was using wide, chiffon ribbon). To do this, create a 0.5 inch circle, center it within the shape you created, and select Combine > Subtract.

Crafter showing how to remove a circle from a shape using the combine subtract feature in XCS xTool laser software.

Design the names or generic titles for each of the stockings. I created a shape to fit all of them into so they would resemble each other and look cohesive. Note: be sure to delete or ignore the shape so the laser doesn’t process it. 

Weld the fonts (or unite and weld, depending on how you built them). 

Crafter showing how to create text and manipulate fonts in XCS, xTool laser software.

How to Make Christmas Stocking Tags

Load the wood into the S1 on the honeycomb panel and secure with pins. ‘Load the wood into the S1 on the honeycomb panel and secure with pins.

Auto-measure the distance by pulling the gantry and laser head over the material and selecting the function within the software.

Horizontal image of the xTool S1 auto-measuring the distance between the laser and the wood.

Mark the processing area using the software then move your designs into the bounding box (green box). You might have to move things around to fit them all, however, note that nothing can overlap because these are all being cut. 

Crafter showing how to move the laser cut design into the processing area for the xTool S1 laser.

Set all of the items to cut and enter the settings. Note: all materials should have a test grid run on them, but my settings are below as a general guide. Power 90, Speed 10, Pass 1

Frame the items, paying close attention to the edges and turn on the smoke purifier, if using. Process the cuts. 

Remove the tags and names and wipe the edges (and the hole for the ribbon) with a dry rag to remove the soot. If not staining or painting, spray with a matte sealant. 

Crafter using a microfiber cloth to remove soot from laser cut wood.

If staining or painting, use the sponge brush to apply stain to the tags (front and back), following the instructions on the container. I did two coats. 

Paint the names or titles using the small paintbrush and white chalk paint. Let dry. I protected the paint and stain by spraying a clear, matte sealant over all the pieces.

Crafter using a foam brush to add a dark stain to basswood plywood for name tags.

Final Assembly

Use the super glue pen to adhere the names to the tags and let dry. Note: I used small clamps with cardboard protecting the pieces from dents. 

Crafter using a detail tip super glue to adhere wooden names to stained wooden stocking tags.

Cut 12 inches of chiffon ribbon, put the ends together, and thread the looped end through the back of the ornament. Bring the ends through the loop, and pull tight. Attach to the stockings or, if selling, leave the ends unknotted so they can be attached. 

Crafter using chiffon ribbon as a hang tag for name tags for stockings.

More Christmas Laser Crafts to Make and Sell

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Vertical image of woman holding a wooden stocking tag in front of red plaid stocking with text which reads free tutorial laser cut DIY stocking tags.
Make gorgeous handmade wooden stocking tags using wood, stain, and paint.

Laser Cut Wood Stocking Tags

Square close up image of four red plaid stockings hung on a mantel with wooden stocking name tags.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 25 minutes
Additional Time 15 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • 12x12 Basswood Plywood
  • Stain (I used Espresso Satin) 
  • White Chalk Paint 
  • Spray Sealant (I used Matte)
  • Chiffon Ribbon (or Other)
  • Optional, 3M Adhesive *See Note Below
  • Glue (I used a Super Glue Pen



  1. Add a trapezoid to the top of a rectangle to create a gift tag shape. Once I had the two shapes aligned, I went to the Combine > Unite function.
  2. Remove a .5 inch circle from the center top of the ornament for the ribbon. Once centered, select Combine > Subtract function.
  3. Design names for the stockings, weld, and size.
  4. Load the wood onto the honeycomb panel and auto-measure the distance with the xTool S1 (or manually measure for your laser).
  5. Mark the processing area, bring the tags and names into it, and select settings. Frame and process the cuts.
  6. Clean soot from edges and stain or paint the pieces. Seal with your desired method (I prefer spray for these).
  7. Use a combination of super glue and wood glue to attach the names to the tags. Optional: clamp for a few minutes.
  8. Fold and thread the looped end of 12 inches of chiffon ribbon through the gift tag hole and thread the open ends through to secure the ribbon. Leave untied for hanging options.


Settings for the 40W S1, Basswood Plywood 1/8th Inch

  • Power 90
  • Speed 10
  • Pass 1

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