Christmas Laser Crafts to Make and Sell

Today I’m sharing a HUGE list of Christmas laser crafts to make and sell this holiday season. Browse through the list of ideas with examples or print off the free laser projects for Christmas list to tack on the wall.

I’ll also include some laser business tips and tricks for creating a profitable endeavor. Choosing the right products is a part of the profit equation, so let’s get started.

Horizontal six image collage showing products made with xTool lasers for the Christmas season including ornaments, stocking tags, slate coasters, and more.
Use these Christmas laser crafts to sell to boost holiday sales in your small laser business.

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Laser Crafts to Sell in a Small Business

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I freely admit that I’m no laser expert. With two business degrees and multiple successful companies under my belt, however, I will say I know a thing or two about growing a business to profitability.

Today, I’m going to share a laser crafts to make and sell. Whether you’re looking to pay off a new laser purchase (my xTool S1 is getting a workout) or just expand your current offerings, you’ll find something on this list to spur an idea.

In fact, if you get something out of this, can you please share it to Facebook? If that’s not your thing, save this to a laser DIY pin board or send it to a friend. I really appreciate it because it helps this business to grow.

Vertical image collage of six holiday projects to make and sell in a small laser business.
Whether you’re creating personalized gifts on Etsy or want to boost your market stock, use these ideas as inspiration.

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Deciding on a Laser or Laser Business?

I own two types of lasers right now: CO2 and diode. Below are summaries of each and suggestions on materials. If you have questions, please ask! Not all lasers are right for those looking to start a business or side hustle. If that’s you, choose the P2 or the S1.

  • xTool P2 – A fully-enclosed CO2 laser, perfect for cutting acrylic and wood. This is an unrestricted laser when it comes to acrylic, wood, slate, etc.
  • xTool S1 – The option I have is a 40 watt diode laser which cuts some acrylic, wood and does amazing engravings. This laser has some acrylic restrictions (no clear, mirror, translucent; primarily opaque) but powers through wood.
  • xTool M1 – A 10 watt diode laser with amazing engraving capabilities and a blade cutting machine. This is a great starter machine and is best for engraving vs cutting.

General Business Laser Tips

As mentioned, I’m not an expert in lasers but you know who are experts? Laser manufacturers. Some really want to help us succeed, so I thought I’d share a resource I check in with, the xTool Small Business Guide.

It contains a buying and comparison guide if you’re new to lasers, which is very helpful. The resource also has examples of laser businesses and their products – I find looking at others’ products always gets me in the mood to create my own.

And now, to the tips on creating a successful laser business…

First, you will always have something on the laser. Whether you’re running one or many, don’t let the laser sit idle if you can help it. Why?

Planning Equals Profit

Plan your day, prepare the materials at least a day in advance, and be sure you have any peripherals on hand. Some examples of great planning:

  • a second honeycomb panel to load materials for a quick swap
  • stacks of painted or masked wood for bulk or custom work
  • pre-cutting ribbon (or get these cool hangers) for ornaments

Batch Tasking Avoids Switching Costs

Second, batch tasking is essential to optimizing the time you’re actually having to do hands on work. Whether that is designing, inputting settings or loading materials, or painting, always work on the same task as much as possible.

A few examples of batch tasking in laser work:

  • designing multiple pieces for a single material
  • painting many pieces of wood at a time
  • adding ribbons or ornament hangers while other tasks are in play

Customized Product Preparation (or Etsy Personalization Gifts)

If you offer customization, such as toys, ornaments, keepsakes, and glassware, consider items you can prepare a portion of in advance. Whether for in-person events, your own website, or personalized gifts on Etsy, take this into consideration so you can turn orders quickly.

A couple of ways to prepare customized products in advance:

  • create customization to be in only one area of a design (use a jig to add customized content, if needed)
  • make layered ornaments and add customization on the top layer only
Four image square collage of ornaments, tags, and other laser Christmas craft ideas.
Ornaments, gift tags, shelf sitters, signs, and more – so many laser craft ideas for the holidays!

Laser Cut Wood Ornament to Make and Sell

When learning a laser, wood is one of the best materials to focus on because it’s both inexpensive and versatile. And ornaments are a PERFECT place to start.

I’ve been making a ton of ornaments since getting my lasers (I have both the xTool M1 10 watt and the xTool S1 40 watt). Here are a few ideas for some easy ornaments.

Letter to Santa Wood Ornament

I’m always looking to create quick projects which don’t take much manual work and limit engraving (because it takes the most time). This layered letter to Santa ornament SVG is a great addition to your collection and the only manual effort is gluing and adding a ribbon.

Vertical image of wooden letter to Santa ornament hung with farmhouse ribbon on pine branches over berries.
These Letter to Santa ornaments are the best keepsakes and are good generic or customized.

Layered Ornaments (I Call Them 3 Minute Ornaments)

Non-customized ornaments are perfect offerings for booths or online shops. The easiest ones I’ve ever made required next to no work from me once I learned the “laser tricks” about prep and assembly.

Close up image of a white wood ornament with a reindeer and snowflakes with a clear flex Christmas plaid background on white table.
This ornament only takes a couple of minutes to make (pre-painted basswood, 3M adhesive, and clear flex pattern).

Project Block Builds: Layered Gnome Ornaments

I wanted to test an items’ popularity but didn’t want to do a lot of work and this project was born. The process is easy and it limits any bottlenecks by creating the entire thing at once on single piece of material for these laser cut layered gnome ornaments.

NOTE: scored ornaments like this also make great “Paint Kits” to package and sell! You can get small paint pots and tiny paintbrushes like these and place all of it in a cello bag.

Vertical image of woman holding a painted, layered gnome ornament in front of pine needles and berries made on a laser.
This ornament was a very fast build and I’ll be using this process for future projects.

Farmhouse Themed Ornaments

Occupations, events or milestones, and interests all make for great products to have on hand. Inspired by Rae Dunn’s simple, clean style, Diana from The Girl Creative walks you through how to make these DIY farmhouse ornaments with the xTool M1.

Vertical image of disassembled farmhouse ornament laser cut with xTool.
These farmhouse ornaments turn out SO CUTE and would be a great addition for farmhouse fans.

Other Wood Crafts to Laser Cut, Engrave, or Score

You aren’t limited to ornaments through the holiday season. Here are a few examples of products to cut, engrave, or score from wood.

DIY Engraved Cutting Board

Let Crissy with First Day of Home walk you through the steps on how to laser engrave a cutting board. Hers is so gorgeous!

Vertical image of laser engraved cutting board on white subway tile with kitchen towel and wooden spoon.
Crissy will walk you through how to engrave your first cutting board.

Drink Glass Tags and Wine Charms

If you want to use up scraps, make laser cut and engraved wine charms with this easy tutorial. I cannot tell you how much everyone LOVED these!

Vertical image of four book club DIY wine charms made with basswood and laser cutter and engraver.
Which of these is your favorite book club cut file design?

Christmas Light Box

Cara with The Inspired Workshop created this beautiful DIY Christmas light box using her xTool M1 to cut the gorgeous tree shape. I’d love to soak up the ambiance of this lighting up the space.

Vertical image of lit up Christmas tree light box made with wood and LED lights.
Set the house aglow with these custom light boxes.

Stocking Tags (Personalized or Generic)

I love the trend of wooden stocking tags and as soon as we hung ours on the mantle for the holiday season, I made our family a set of laser cut wood stocking tags with the xTool S1 40W laser. It only took a few minutes inside of the XCS software to create the tag, add the names, and cut everything out.

Vertical image of four stockings on a mantle with wood stocking tags made with an xTool S1 laser.
The stain gives inexpensive wood a touch of elegance and the painted names make them really stand out.

More Wood Craft Ideas to Make with a Laser

Door Signs and Room Signs (Personalized or Generic)

These are a bit bigger projects, so they might take a bit longer and will require more material than wood or acrylic, but can be quite profitable.

Whether you’re personalizing gifts to sell Etsy, taking orders in person, or creating custom listings on Facebook marketplace, be sure to cover your bases and get a deposit or full payment in advance.

Themed Door Signs or Wall Hangings

Using popular themes to boost your sales (while avoiding copyright and trademarked property) is easy. Watch the Facebook groups and local shops to see what sells, as well as search generic terms on Etsy to see what’s popular and always focus on hobbies or interests to start.

For example, this Christmas beer sign has been HUGELY popular. You can score or engrave (with or without paint) the design onto a wood round.

This highland cow door hanger sign DIY gets so much love and takes next to no time at all. I cut it with the xTool M1 10W, but any diode or CO2 laser will work!

Vertical image close up of a highland cow sign made with wood and faux fur using a laser.
Use a laser, cutting machine, or cut this cute highland cow sign by hand.

Layered Nursery Signs

You can follow Holly’s laser cut wood sign tutorial at Simplify, Create, Inspire to use Canva to create a design that is perfect for beginners. Note: when selling, please take caution using copyright or trademark protected items.

Vertical image of an indoor wood door sign made with an xTool laser.
This indoor door sign is perfect for a nursery.

Scored and Engraved Laser Projects to Make and Sell

There are so many amazing ways to get creative with engraving. From painted canvases to slate coasters, let’s look at a few of the best selling items to make or customize with the laser.

DIY Wood Engraved Ornaments

There are engraving projects that will blow your mind when you pair them with some prompts into an AI art generator like Adobe Firefly or XCS’s xArt AI builder. I created all of these detailed snowman ornaments with the xTool S1 when dialing in my settings.

Note: engraving projects take more time on the laser but are nearly done right out of it. You can paint or stain before engraving or leave it natural. Seal with a spray to lock in the char / soot to avoid smudges and add a ribbon.

Vertical close up image of four wood engraved snowman snow globe ornaments in the bed of the xTool S1.
Like any laser, test, test, test! It took 8 tries to get the settings dialed in for this but the detail is AMAZING.

Slate Coasters

The sisters over at Sustain My Craft Habit created a beautiful DIY slate coaster with a laser, an xTool M1. They’ll walk you step by step through this tutorial so you can create your own.

Vertical image of a black slate coaster which reads Dad, you're the rock our family leans on leaning against a plant.
Slate coasters are great as single items or packaged as a set of four.

Pre-Made Chipboard Shapes or Customized Chipboard DIYs

Don’t pass up the chipboard shape aisle in the craft store! I shared this engraved chipboard house on social media and had SO MANY home sellers and builders ask me if I offered customized houses they could give to their home buyers.

Vertical image of an engraved house chipboard shape made with xTool M1 engrave feature.
For the xTool M1 review, I wanted to test as many materials as I could and these chipboard house shapes were a fun project.

Holiday Bookmarks (Quick and Easy)

Whether you score, engrave, or combine them with vinyl, bookmarks are a pretty good item to have on a stand or as an upsell at checkout. This laser cut Christmas bookmark tutorial walks you through how to make them (and you can use the SVG).

Vertical image of three painting bookmarks and 2 vinyl wooden bookmarks on holiday background.
Whether you want to score, engrave, or cut, you can use this free tutorial to create wood bookmarks.

Block Printing, Rubber Stamps, or Craft Kits

If you’ve ever wanted to create customized t-shirt kits, follow this fun tutorial from Cara for DIY block print t-shirts. You can use standard shapes, create custom designs, or purchase designs to cover a huge range of interests.

Horizontal image of woman in dark t-shirt with orange painted, happy Jack O Lantern.
Block printing is a fun kit to offer for all holidays!

Scrap Buster Project Ideas: Needle Minders

Ruth, with Craft with Cartwright, walks you through making laser cut needle minders. This is a wonderful scrap buster project that you can paint or leave natural.

Vertical image of natural and painted wood needle minders made with a laser on a bright pink background.
Scrap busting projects like these needle minders are great to have at the ready to maximize material usage.

More Sellable Kit Ideas to Make with a Laser

  • Pop Out Ornament Craft Kit – I love, love, love this pop out ornament kit (she makes it so easy).
  • Paintable Craft Kits for Kids – Put together a few of these paintable craft kits for the little ones.

xTool Screen Printer Projects to Make

If you’re a crafter who wants to add a touch of personalization to their makes, consider the xTool Screen Printer kit. Make all kinds of projects, including the following. Read about this tool in my xTool Screen Printer Review and Project Ideas article.

Care Cards

If you have tumblers, t-shirts, or anything consumable in your small business, making a custom printed care card can elevate your brand recognition.

Wine Bags

Want the perfect hostess gift for any occasion? Make custom wine bags like these in just minutes using this easy add-on for your laser.

Vertical image of a wine bag with a Texas ornament cut on the laser.

Tote Bags

Friends, I think having custom tote bags on hand for yourself, groceries, gifts, and to keep in the car (because you’re going to forget the bags) is just a good idea. Make your own like these to sell as add-ons in booths or at markets.

Vertical image of a tote bag on a rock which reads dress for the job you want and an astronaut sitting on a moon in black and yellow.

Acrylic Projects to Make and Sell for Christmas

Depending on your laser type and power, acrylic projects are wonderful to offer this time of year. Admittedly, I haven’t done many here on Ruffles and Rain Boots yet, but inspiration is out there.

Customized Acrylic Name Keychains

I wanted to test a few new acrylic colors (so my cut on the white core is a bit chunky), but designing was a breeze. Choose a font for a name, create a offset for the name, and add a hole. Use 3M adhesive on the name cutout to adhere to the offset, add on a keychain ring, and you’re done.

Vertical close up image of a gray and light pink layered acrylic ornament which reads Elise leaning against wood rounds.
The acrylic tests went well – the gray cut like butter and the light pink with a white core will need setting adjustments to make cleaner cuts.

Acrylic Ornaments

If you have a penchant for mixed textiles, this wood and acrylic ornament is so elegant. It would even work for diode lasers if you bought the All is Calm laser cut file and premade acrylic ornaments.

Acrylic Cake Topper

This is another idea I LOVE and there are so many wonderful two color engrave acrylics. This Merry Christmas cake topper SVG is a done for you design!

Free Printable: Laser Crafts for Christmas

If you’re a visual person and want to have something for quick reference, be sure to download this free laser crafts for Christmas printable list. No sign up is required, just click on the link and download the PDF, print, and put up on the wall.

Vertical image of a printed paper list titled, Laser Project Ideas for Christmas on a wood table with holiday greenery.
Print this list of Christmas laser craft ideas and keep it near your for holiday inspiration.

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Your shares are how this business grows and I am sincerely grateful. Please save this to a laser DIY pin board or share it with a laser crafts group on Facebook.

Vertical six image collage of holiday DIYs with text which reads Christmas crafts to sell free printable.
Use these ideas or the inspiration they bring to boost Christmas sales in your small laser business.

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