Christmas Chef Gnome Sewing Pattern

You can make an heirloom quality Christmas chef gnome using the Chonky pattern. With or without arms, this gnome sewing pattern is just the perfect little gift or decor piece for the holidays.

a Christmas gnome with white and red holiday fabric body, white chef apron pattern, and white chef hat with white mustache and large nose in front of a craft room background
Make an adorable and festive Christmas chef gnome using the Chonky gnome sewing pattern.


DIY Christmas Chef Gnome

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I challenge myself with presenting you with never before seen gnomes. When I originally made this gnome, I was going to push out the pattern because it was just too cute.

But I cannot ask anyone to pay for something that doesn’t have a LOT of inspiration pieces. So, I set to work and made 6 more: a few more chef gnomes, a garden gnome, and even a curly-bearded, casual Santa. After a year, the pattern was finally good enough to release. Let’s get started.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

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vertical image of a red Christmas gnome with a white chef apron and white chef hat in front of a craft room background with text which reads chef gnome diy by ruffles and rain boots

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Tips for Making This Fun Christmas Gnome

  • The Chonky gnome pattern is here and can be styled so many different ways. You can make this chef gnome with a belly or a booty; give him arms or keep him sleek, make a full or half apron, and more.
  • I used a holiday baking flannel (from Joann’s craft store) as the outer fabric but because this is a BIG gnome, I used a white fleece to act as an interfacing. Just be sure to tack the fabrics together (I show you how in the full-length video tutorial).
  • Mongolian fur is my favorite (in white or frosted gray) because it has a long, 3-inch pile. That said, you can use any faux fur or even brushed out yarn for your holiday gnome.
  • Be sure to weight this guy exactly as the pattern calls out – he’s big and needs that big base to be solid.
  • If you have any questions, please let me know. It took more than a year to get this gnome sewing pattern ready – I’m very proud of it, friends.
square image of a close up of a Christmas chef gnome with white apron and holiday baking flannel topped with a white chef hat in front of a craft room background

How Do I Make a Christmas Chef Gnome

Below is the written tutorial – please note this is a premium pattern and the tutorial is cursory. I do share the full length, detailed Christmas chef gnome video tutorial here (grab the pattern first).

Yield: 1 Chef Gnome

Christmas Chef Gnome

square image of a close up of a Christmas chef gnome with white apron and holiday baking flannel topped with a white chef hat in front of a craft room background

Using the Chonky gnome pattern, make this variation on a Christmas chef gnome. Use your sewing machine and some basic craft supplies to create a truly unique Christmas gnome that will be loved for years to come.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 40 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Chonky Gnome Pattern (LINK)
  • fleece and/or flannel fabric for body
  • scrap of beige fleece for the nose
  • a completed bistro chef apron (provided in the pattern)
  • white fleece for hat
  • white stiff felt for hat
  • white Mongolian faux fur
  • 3 cups Poly Pellets
  • Poly Fill


  • Sewing Machine
  • Large Needle and Embroidery Thread
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Exacto or Razor Blade


  1. Cut the following pattern pieces from the Chonky gnome pattern: nose, body, and base. Note: I used both flannel and fleece and started the tutorial by tacking the flannel to the fleece.
  2. Pin the body piece right-sides together and sew the body piece per the pattern instructions. Pin the base piece onto the body and sew. Turn the body right-sides out.
  3. Using the large needle and coordinating thread for the nose material, start just right of center and (on the outside facing side of the material) use a running stitch about a half inch from the edge all around the nose. Be sure to end the stitches on the outside next to where you started.
  4. Pull the strings together and fill the nose with Poly Fill before scrunching the threads and tying them off tightly.
  5. Stuff the body of the gnome very, very full. Please make sure to stuff all the way up the neck, as that will hold our hat, nose, and mustache.
  6. Complete your desired style of apron (note that there are multiple aprons in the Chonky gnome pattern, however, you can make your own. Tie on the completed apron.
  7. Cut the fur 3 inches wide by 1.5 inches high. On the back of the fur, glue up the long edges to meet in the middle. Split the fur mustache in the middle and hot glue to the body of the gnome.
  8. Sew on the nose through the neck of the gnome securely. You can sew just the top in place and use hot glue to secure the bottom of the nose to the body just above the mustache.
  9. Watch and assemble the poofy gnome hat from this full chef hat tutorial. You will be provided all measurements within or you can design your own when your gnome is complete (recommended). Slip on the hat, glue it on, and display your Christmas gnome!


The Chonky gnome pattern is a dense, 12-15 inch tall gnome.

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stacked vertical image of two chef gnomes on top and process photos on bottom with text which reads christmas chef gnome pattern at ruffles and rain boots

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