Chonky Chef Gnome Pattern

After a year, the large chef gnome pattern is ready and it is FULL of extras and bonuses! You can make the most adorable chef, garden, or Santa gnomes.

adorable chef gnome with red oven mitts and striped apron on marble background with yellow dutch oven eggs and farmhouse beads
You can make an adorable kitchen cutie using this chef gnome pattern.

Large Chef Gnome Pattern

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I have been sharing DIY gnomes for years. Christmas gnomes, farmhouse gnomes, gnome sewing patterns, no-sew gnomes – there are literally hundreds of gnome tutorials here.

But none have taken me as long to develop as this guy. If you want to make an heirloom-quality piece, this is the gnome pattern for you.

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stacked vertical image of chef gnomes on top and tutorial process on bottom with text which reads diy chef gnome with easy pattern

Tips for Making This Gnome Pattern

Okay friends, this is going to be a bit of a bummer but I can’t share the entire pattern here. Something which has taken this long and this many resources has to be provided in a premium pattern.

That said, here are some tips I think you should have in order to decide whether you should get the pattern and what materials you should consider.

  • This is a 12-14″ tall gnome with a VERY large presence.
  • This gnome pattern can be made with a booty or a belly and two sizes (mainly to encompass your choice of hats).
  • Fleece is used for the body because we want to get that belly or booty stuffed to the brim and need a little bit of stretch.
square image of a large chef gnome with a striped apron and heart pocket with chef hat and white mustache

Included in the Chef Gnome Pattern

This guy is SO stinking cute, friends, but more importantly, the pattern comes with a lot of fun extras and variations. I’ve already made 6 of these in various styles.

  • 2 body styles (gnome with a belly or a booty)
  • 2 body sizes (about 2 inches difference in the finished gnome)
  • 2 mitten styles
  • 2 apron styles with 3 pocket styles (bistro apron and a full body apron)
  • 5 hat styles and sizes for various looks (chef, garden, and 3 slouchy hat styles)

How Do I Make This Chef Gnome?

I’m so glad you asked, friends. Below is a summary of the steps included in the pattern and you can see the full chef gnome tutorial here.

Yield: 1 Rotund Gnome

Large Chef Gnome DIY

square image of a large chef gnome with a striped apron and heart pocket with chef hat and white mustache

This pattern is chockfull of goodness and this chef gnome is going to blow you away! Download the pattern and get started because you'll LOVE HIM when he's finished.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 50 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10


  • Chonky Chef Gnome Pattern
  • 1/3 yard Fleece Fabric in Color 1 (for Body and Arms)
  • 1/8 yard or Less (Scraps) Fleece Fabric in Color 2 and 3
  • 1/3 yard or Fat Quarter of Fabric in Color 4 (for Apron) + Pocket fab
  • Hat Material (depends on chef hat, garden hat, or floppy hat)
  • 3 Cups Poly Beads
  • Poly Fill
  • Floral Wire (14 Gauge)
  • Mongolian Faux Fur


  • Sewing Machine and Coordinating Thread
  • Scissors, Rotary Cutter, Wire Cutter
  • Embroidery Needle and Thread
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


  1. Download the Chonky Chef Gnome Pattern. Cut out pattern pieces from desired fabrics. Much more detailed instructions are located in the pattern, but to get an idea...
  2. Pin and sew the body, arms, and mittens. Watch this detailed tutorial on how to make chef oven mitts. Turn right-sides out and stuff.
  3. For the arms, bend over the wire at both ends and insert into mitten and arms before stuffing.
  4. Make the nose by following the pattern instructions and stuff very, very well with Poly Fill.beginning of step by step process for gnome tutorial showing how to make a chef gnome
  5. Make the hat - watch this detailed tutorial on how to make one of three different styles of chef hats.
  6. Make the apron (two styles included in the pattern) and tie onto the gnome body before moving on. For a full body apron, watch this full tutorial. For a half bistro apron, watch this tutorial.
  7. Cut fur into beard or mustache and apply to the body column. Attach the nose just above the beard or mustache.second half of the step by step process shown for a large chef gnome tutorial
  8. Slip on and secure the chef hat. It's time to display your chef gnome!


For the detailed pattern which includes the following, visit:

  • 2 body styles and sizes
  • 2 mitten styles
  • 2 apron styles (with three pocket options)
  • 5 hat options (chef, garden, and 3 sizes of slouchy gnome hats)

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stacked vertical image of a chef gnome with striped apron chef hat and red mittens on white marble background with eggs and pot with text which reads diy large chef gnome pattern at ruffles and rani boots

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