Make this DIY Unicorn Party Favor Bag for a Fun Unicorn Favor Bag!

This unicorn favor bag is perfect for all your upcoming kids parties that you’re planning this year! Simple, easy and fun!

3 completed unicorn favor bags on white table top

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Unicorn Favor Bag

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we love to create. Our passion for unicorn crafts is evident and we’re crazy about these unicorn goodie bags.

These Unicorn Goodie Bags are perfect for a birthday party or anytime you need a cute little treat bag. They are a great project for your child to help create and put a unique original touch on each one. Grab colorful cardstock to match your color scheme . Let’s get started.

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close up of three unicorn favor bag crafts with text kid-made unicorn party favor bags

Tips for making these DIY Unicorn Crafts

  • Have fun and let the kiddos take control! Let them decorate their unicorn party bag as much as they want. Do they want flowers in their unicorn’s mane? Do it. Buttons? Do it. Let them own it.
  • There is no wrong way for these to turn out! Seriously. If you want to do these with black manes and make them goth-unicorns, you go for it.
  • Buy as much candy as possible and fill ’em full! Ok. Maybe that’s not the best idea. Maybe it would be better to put a couple pieces of candy, a tiny thing of playdough and a toothbrush. But whatever. LOL!
close up of three finished unicorn favor bags

How do I make this Unicorn Favor Bag?

I’m so glad you asked! Below is our tutorial.

Yield: 3

Unicorn Party Favor Bag

close up of three finished unicorn favor bags

This unicorn favor bag is perfect for all your upcoming kids parties that you're planning this year! Simple, easy and fun!

Prep Time 2 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes


  • Gold glitter cardstock or foam sheets
  • Colorful cardstock (I used teal, pink and purple)
  • Black and pink markers
  • Candy, toys or other small items for filling
  • White Paper Lunch Bags


  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. With bags flat on the table, draw an eyelid/lashes  with a black marker and blushing pink cheeks with the pink marker.
  2. For your unicorn's forelock, cut 2” x 3” long strips of pretty colored cardstock and make it into a fringe by cuting along the length, stopping ¼” from the edge.
  3. Glue the fringe to the center of bag about 3 “ from the top. 
  4. Cut 3”-4” long unicorn horns, with a base of about 1 1/2 - 2-inches wide, from thick gold glitter cardstock, cutting two for each bag. Glue the two back to back and place above the forelock. This will make your horn pretty from both sides! glue horn and hair onto unicorn party favor bag
  5. Make ears by cutting small pink triangles and slightly larger white triangles, glue together and add to both sides of the unicorns horn.
  6. Fill your bag with whatever candy and toys you want to add and fold about 1” of the bag back. fill theunicorn favor bag with candy or toys
  7. For the  mane, cut 2” wide  by 6”-8” long and fringe the same way you did the forelock and glue to the back of the bag, you can glue it right over the fold if you wish to keep the bag closed. unicorn DIY party favor bags template
  8. Make every unicorn unique if you wish, mix up the mane colors, get creative with the horns. Each one is a magical work of art created by your own hands.


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