Make This Cute DIY Spring Book Stack from a Dollar Tree Wood Crate!

Such a fun and easy craft, this simple DIY spring book stack is made from a Dollar Tree wood crate, which is so customizable!

dollar tree DIY book stack for spring
Such a cute and quick craft, this DIY spring book stack from Dollar Tree materials is so easy!

DIY Spring Book Stack

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we love adding simple and small additions to my farmhouse decor to just liven it up for the change of seasons. One of the best things about having a house is decorating it as a home! So, when I had the idea to try and make little faux book stacks from Dollar Tree materials that weren’t books, well, spring was in the air…ha!


I love a good spring craft and this DIY spring book stack turned out so cute, I couldn’t stop myself from making two others. So, if that tells you anything, it’s that this is SUCH a good craft! So, grab your paintbrush and let’s get started.

diy book stack spring craft dollar tree supplies
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Tips to Make This Spring Craft

  • I got my mini crate box to make my spring book stack at the Dollar Tree. I’ve seen them at every Dollar Tree I’ve visited in the last few months, so look around and you’ll find them. If you can’t for some reason find the crates, you can use actual books, three pieces of book-shaped wood, or a single larger block of wood with three dark stripes horizontally to resemble the separation between books. There’s so many ways to make a book stack, whether real or faux!
  • To make the little eggs in the moss nest on top of the book stack, I grabbed a pack of Model Magic like this from the kid’s section at Dollar Tree. The Model Magic comes in three different colors at Dollar Tree, typically, so try to find white. But if you can’t find white, don’t panic. You can just paint the dried clay white as a base coat, then follow by painting the eggs the colors you desire.
  • Putting lettering on your faux book stack for spring is as customizable as what you use to make your book stack. The way I did it this time was with alphabet stamps like these. Frankly, I love using my alphabet stamps, but I also like to hand letter the book stack spines sometimes, or even add vinyl lettering. Whatever floats your boat!
spring book stack farmhouse dollar tree craft

How Do I Make this DIY Spring Book Stack?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial.

Yield: 1 DIY Spring Book Stack

DIY Spring Book Stack

spring book stack farmhouse dollar tree craft

You'll love how fast and easy this DIY spring book stack is to make. I love this Dollar Tree craft - the gnomes love it, too! LOL!

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $2


  • 1 Mini Wood Crate
  • Acrylic Paint in Pale Blue, Purple, White, and Pink
  • Sheer Ribbon in Pale Blue, Purple, and Pink
  • Mini Moss Nest
  • Model Magic in White
  • Gel Food Coloring in Blue, Pink, and Purple


  • Paint Brushes
  • 1-inch Painter's Tape
  • Q-Tip, optional
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Rubber Gloves, optional
  • Red or Dark Pink Stamp Ink & Pad


  1. Tape off the center raised area of the wood crate with the painter's tape. Paint the bottom raised area (tier) of the crate blue and the top one purple. Allow the paint to dry completely. Remove the painter's tape and paint the center tier of the crate pink. Allow the paint to dry completely.
  2. Using a very small paintbrush or a q-tip, paint the center spaces between each tier of the wood crate with the white paint. Allow this to dry completely. If the white paint gets a little messy, touch up using the blue, pink and purple paints and allow this to dry completely.
  3. Break off three quarter-sized portions of Model Magic. To each of the quarter-sized portions, add a drop of food coloring. Work the Model Magic and food coloring together until the color is consistent. Roll the colorful Model Magic into an egg shape in your palm. Set aside to dry completely.
  4. Using the stamps, sort all the letters necessary to spell out your chosen phrase. I went with "spring is in bloom". Set the crate with the side you want to be the "book spines" facing up, then tap each letter stamp into the ink pad and stamp the letter onto the spine. You can correct any areas that might not get stamped properly with a red or pink marker, if necessary. Allow the ink to dry completely. If the ink gets a little aggressive on the spines, you can fix the paint with a q-tip.
  5. Hot glue the eggs into the mini moss nest.
  6. Wrap one ribbon of each color around the book stack, securing all three together to the top of the book stack. Tie a large bow, larger than the nest bottom. Hot glue the bow on top of the join of the ribbons on top of the book stack. Hot glue the nest on top of the bow then enjoy! photo collage tutorial of how to make a spring book stack from Dollar Tree wood crates


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