This Unicorn Sleep Mask is No-Sew and Too Cute!

This unicorn sleep mask is one way to have sweet dreams. You’ll love the ease of this no-sew project, perfect for all ages.

little girl sleeping wearing unicorn sleep mask lying in bed
Add a little magic to your dreams with this easy, no-sew unicorn sleep mask for kids.

Unicorn Sleep Mask

Here are Ruffles and Rain Boots, we love sharing unicorn crafts. And can you blame us? There are so many ways to craft unicorns, I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of them.

My daughter absolutely loves sleep masks – mine go missing all the time… So I decided that the little one needed her very own. Love the idea of making a no-sew unicorn craft of your own? Let’s get started.

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close up of unicorn sleep mask on pink table with text DIY Unicorn Sleep Mask for Kids

Tips for making these DIY unicorn crafts

  • While you can use fabric glue for this project, a hot glue gun works best.
  • Putting these in a guests room for a peaceful sleep is a really cute idea. Make a quick batch of this unicorn meringues recipe and you have a theme!
  • Warning: You may wake up with magical powers. :)
close up of unicorn sleep mask on white table

How do I make this Unicorn Craft for Kids?

It’s very, very easy and if you’d like the kids to help as my daughter did, glue everything and let them decorate.

Yield: 1 sleep mask

Unicorn Sleep Mask

close up of unicorn sleep mask on white table

This unicorn sleep mask is such a fun craft for a rainy day. Add a little magic to your dreams with this no-sew craft.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $3


  • White felt
  • Elastic
  • Glitter Craft Fabric
  • Black Puffy Paint
  • Bright Puffy Paint colors, of your choice
  • Optional, poly fill


  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • Scissors


  1. Gather up all your needed items for this unicorn craft. supplies needed to make this DIY unicorn craft
  2. Fold over the white felt and draw half of a face mask shape. You can practice on paper first if you like until you get a shape you like then use that as your template (be sure to size it to your child’s face before cutting). Cut out two of the template shapes for every face mask you want to make. cutting unicorn sleep mask
  3. Cut a piece of elastic that runs comfortably snug from one corner of your child's eye to the other. 
  4. Let your child draw a unicorn horn on the back of gold glitter craft foam. We use 4-inches, as it’s a good height for this project. Cut out the unicorn horn.  
  5. Lay one eye mask out flat and hot glue the horn down in the center. Attach the cording to one side about 1” in with hot glue – do not skip this as this is the stress point and it needs to adhere well. You can even hand sew a cross-stitch into the elastic for added measure.  
  6. Run a bead of hot glue ALMOST all the way around the edge of the mask. Leave room just opposite of where you attached the elastic on the other side. Lay the second piece on top. We’re leaving a bit open so you can make final adjustments to the length of the elastic at the end.  
  7. Make a curved eyelid and long sleepy lashes using the black puffy paint. You or your child can draw the outline lightly in pencil first. Either way, you and your child should practice with the puffy paint on a piece of paper in order to get the feel of how fast it comes out. When the flow is controlled, a neater mask is created. adding the eyes onto the DIY unicorn craft
  8. Use colorful puffy paint to draw a fringed mane along the top of the mask and around the horn.  adding colorful fringe to the unicorn sleep maskOnce the puffy paint has dried, add a small amount of poly fill, if using, pushing it into the mask areas with the eraser-end of a pencil.  
  9. Finally, give a last fit of the mask on the child, slide the elastic into the end where you want it, and finish gluing it shut. finished project of unicorn sleep mask on glitter paper with paint in background


For more amazing unicorn crafts, visit Ruffles and Rain Boots.

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