Free Letter M Hand Lettering Practice Sheets

This set of free uppercase letter M hand lettering practice sheets will help you develop bounce, brush, and modern calligraphy styles.

Free Letter M Calligraphy Practice on White Background

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Letter M Hand Lettering Practice Sheets

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I’m sharing the next free calligraphy practice in our uppercase, large-pen series: the letter M. It’s a super-fun letter to work on, especially in large pens. 

This week, I had to really, really focus on my practice because I kept getting interrupted by the cutest little 7-year-old. She sat alongside me for some of my daily practice (she was off school last week) and it was fun working on them together.

Letter M Hand Lettering Practice

Products Used In This Lettering Practice Set

I used my trusty Tombow duals and the colored Fude small pens. Here are the supplies I used in this set: 

  • My favorite dual brush pens are from Tombow (and they come in so many colors and palettes)
  • my new obsession is with these colored Fude pens from Tombow

For a list of all the hand lettering supplies I use daily, check out my Amazon shop.

Uppercase and Lowercase Hand Lettering Complete Sets

The complete hand lettering practice sets are in the Ruffles and Rain Boots Etsy shop. Uppercase and lowercase in ALL styles are included in these inexpensive sets. And if you sign up to the Ruffles and Rain Boots newsletter, you’ll get a coupon (included in every newsletter if you already receive it)!

Tip for Hand Lettering Practice: print off two copies of your most-dreaded or worst-looking letter. It’s really helping me be more consistent with those letters I dislike or am just plain bad at lettering.

collage of calligraphy on white background with text which reads letter M Hand lettering practice

How to Download the Letter M Hand Lettering Practice

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collage of brush calligraphy on pink background with text which reads Free Letter M Hand Lettering Practice Sheets

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