Ways to Letter A – Free Hand Lettering Practice Sheets

Here is a ton of ways to letter A with a free hand lettering practice set. Learn new modern calligraphy and brush lettering styles to keep practice fun!

ways to letter A practice

Ways to Letter A – Free Lettering Practice Sheets

If you’re new to Ruffles and Rain Boots, I love to share free hand lettering practice sheets. You can find all of our lettering sheets here in the Lettering Library (subscribers only). From fun sets like unicorns and mermaids, to complete alphabets in tons of styles, I share a lot. 

Why do I share so much free lettering practice? Because getting better at lettering is all about practice. Sure, I love it when someone finds their own style but being able to add new ones is important, too. It challenges you, makes you try out new supplies, and most importantly, it keeps it interesting. 

This set of “Ways to Letter A” comes with both small and large pen practice!

No Time to Practice Now? Save This for Later!

I know how it is – you’re on your phone and have no time to practice. It’s okay, just pin this to your favorite hand lettering practice board on Pinterest and come back to print it out.

Learn how to letter A for brush calligraphy

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Tips for Practice – Ways to Letter Series 

I’m going to be sharing the entire alphabet this way, and I have tons of tips to share. 

  • I’ve included both small and large pen practice, so grab: 
  • Use the blank sheet provided for additional practice. 
  • After you’ve practiced, use the letter prompt to start a word. Build what you think would be a good match for the rest of the letters. For example, for an uppdercase letter A, letter Alexis (or another capitalized word). For the lowercase letter a, letter apple. This will help you hone your personal lettering style. 

How to Download These “Ways to Letter” Practice Sheets

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  1. I want the 28 ways of letters from the alphabet I use it in our and our kids scrapbook so i want to put myself on the mailing list.

  2. You are so pretty and bubbly, and a handsome husband I enjoyed your tutorials and your zest for arts and crafts. I’m interested in putting my name o the e mail list. I am a very young 71 year old, living in Wrangell, Alaska, a small island in Southeast Alaska. No shops or malls to pick up artsy things, so I just learned how to work this book….such old school. I enjoy all types of art and crafty things. Thank you for sharing.