This Jungle Thumbprint Animal Art is So Much Fun for Kids–It’s a Whole New Art Form!

Due to a moment of boredom, the kiddo and I figured out how to make a whole bunch of jungle thumbprint animal art in just a few minutes. It was so fun, we’re definitely sharing!

how to make jungle thumbprint animal art
You are not going to find a more fun way to teach kids to draw than these easy jungle thumbprint animals!

Jungle Thumbprint Animal Art

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we are really enjoying some time with the kiddo. But sometimes she and I get really bored and we have to come up with a new idea for fun. When the kiddo was the “most bored I’ve ever been in my whole life” the other day, I decided to show her how to make jungle thumbprint animal art. And we came up with so many different ideas in just a few minutes!


We made ocean thumbprint animals and jungle thumbprint animals–five of each–you can check out the ocean thumbprint animal art here. They’re both adorable sets and there are a lot more animals we could have drawn, but these were our favorites. If you’re ready to make a few thumbprint animal art pieces, let’s get started.

how to draw a lion using a thumbprint as base with text which reads easy thumbprint jungle animals
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thumbprint giraffe drawn by a kid with text which reads make five thumbprint jungle animals

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Tips to Make Fingerprint Animals

  • Don’t use paint. That just gets messy and, while fun, does not dry quickly. So, use just stamp pads–seriously. And dab it off, if you have to, on a paper towel or a second sheet of paper.
  • Let the ink dry completely before you try do draw on your animal parts. No need to make a mess and get all frustrated when the pen ink doesn’t stick.
  • While you’re letting the ink dry, you can decorate your scene a little bit, get crazy with where your lion is going to stand, etc.
  • Want some great ideas you can make using these thumbprint animals as decorations? I’ve got you:
    • Father’s day pencil cup made from a tin can covered in paper with the fingerprint animals.
    • Cards to grandma and grandpa just to say “I miss you”.
    • Mason jars for the teacher or school librarian for teacher appreciation week!
kid-made jungle thumbprint animal art

How Do I Make Jungle Thumbprint Animal Art?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial.

Yield: Jungle Thumbprint Animals

Jungle Thumbprint Animals

how to draw a thumbprint tiger

These jungle thumbprint animals are so easy--and you can customize them to be any animal ever, really. I love using this tool to start teaching my kiddo to draw!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $1


  • Paper


  • Stamp Pads
  • Fine Tip Markers


Giraffe Instructions:

  1. Make a horizontal (sideways) orange thumbprint. This will be the giraffe’s body/belly.
  2. Above it, make a second thumbprint, slightly pointing down.  This is the giraffe’s head. 
  3. Connect the two with two long lines to form a neck with an orange sharpie marker. 
  4. Add four long orange rectangle legs.
  5. Make a simple line for the tail at the end of the body. 
  6. On top of the head, make two pointy ears. 
  7. On either side of the ears, make the giraffe’s osicones.  These are the horns on top of the giraffe’s head. 
  8. Add a little hair down the giraffe’s neck and on top of the head. 
  9. Color in a bit of hair on the end of the giraffe’s tail.
  10. Make a smiling face for your giraffe!
  11. Cover your giraffe in brown spots. 
  12. Using a gray marker, make hooves at the end of each foot with a simple rectangle shape. photo collage tutorial of how to draw a giraffe with a thumbprint base

Lion Instructions:

  1. Start with a horizontal thumbprint.  This is your lion’s body.
  2. Make a second horizontal thumbprint right above the first.  This is his head.  
  3. Using an orange sharpie, make two round ears on the top of the head, 4 legs and feet and a long skinny tail.
  4. Using a brown sharpie, draw a mane around the lion’s head.  Add a bit of fluff to the end of the tail.
  5. Make your lion’s face with two eyes, a heart shaped nose, whiskers, and a mouth.
  6. Color in the mane. photo collage tutorial of how to draw a tiger with a thumbprint base

Monkey Instructions: 

  1. Make a horizontal thumbprint.  This is your monkey’s body.
  2. Make a vertical (up and down) thumbprint above, to the side, slightly off the body.  This is the monkey’s head.
  3. Make a third thumbprint, horizontally, over the monkey’s head, connecting the body and head together.  This completes the monkey’s face.
  4. Using a brown Sharpie, add two round ears on top of the head.  Also draw a long curly tail at the end of the body and four legs.
  5. On the top part of the monkey’s head draw two eyes.  On the horizontal part of the head, draw his/her two nostrils and a big smile.
  6. At the end of each leg draw his feet. photo collage tutorial of how to draw a monkey with a thumbprint base

Snake Instructions:

  1. Choose your colors of ink. 
  2. Make a horizontal thumbprint in the first color. 
  3. Behind that, using your pointer finger, use a different color ink to make a vertical fingerprint. 
  4. Then, go back to making a horizontal thumbprint.
  5. Alternate between thumb and finger prints until your snake is the desired length.
  6. Make an eye and a smile.  Draw out a long pink tongue. photo collage of how to draw a snake with thumbprints

Tiger Instructions:

  1. Begin with a horizontal (sideways) orange thumbprint.  This is the tiger’s body.
  2. Make a second horizontal thumbprint above and off center of the first. This is the tiger’s head.
  3. Draw 2 pointy ears on top and four legs.
  4. Draw a long tail at the end. 
  5. Make ‘V’ shapes on the tiger’s face, back and tail for his/her stripes. 
  6. Finish your tiger with the face!  Two eyes, a heart nose, whiskers and a mouth. photo collage of how to draw a tiger with a thumbprint base


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photo collage of how to draw a monkey with thumbprints with text which reads thumbprint animals

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