Free Glow Stick Valentine Printable Cards

This easy and fun glow stick Valentine printable is perfect for a non-candy Valentine for the classroom. Print it off and make them in just minutes with a few packages of the Dollar Tree glow sticks.

Classroom parties in our area are requesting non-candy Valentines, so I thought I would create a few printable Valentines in case your area is doing the same. These are made with you in mind: they are easy shapes to cut out with scissors or a paper trimmer.

Horizontal image of three glow sticks and glow stick Valentine printable cards which read you make my heart glow placed on a black background.
Download these free glow stick Valentine cards for a fun, kid-approved, non-candy classroom Valentine.

Glow Stick Valentine Printable Cards

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, my daughter and I brainstorm on her classroom Valentines. Sometimes it’s a week before and sometimes, like this year, it’s the day before… This year was one of those, but a quick run to the Dollar Tree gave me a ton of ideas.

Guess what? These glow stick Valentine printable cards are easy because well, when you have to cut 26 of them out, easy is all that matters.f Below are some ideas on how to make them with (and without) the kids. If you have quite a few to make, pay attention to the assembly line tips.

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Vertical image of pin orange and green glow sticks on a white wood table with three rectangle cards which read you make my heart glow.

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Supplies for Glow Stick Valentines Cards

These are very quick to put together which makes them a perfect classroom Valentine. I recommend cutting out the printable cards with a paper trimmer to make them quickly. This is the paper trimmer I have

  1. “You Make My Heart Glow” glow stick Valentine printable here
  2. White card stock (here is the type I like
  3. Glow stick bracelets. If you many, these glow sticks are to you in a couple of days and are very, very cost-effective.
Square image of a glow stick Valentine idea on a black background with a yellow glow stick and a white card which reads you make my heart glow.

How to Make These Easy Glow Stick Valentines

If you have a paper trimmer, the glow stick Valentine printable cards can be cut out in about a minute. If not, give the kids some safety scissors and set up an assembly line. 

We make many classroom goodies in an assembly line fashion. For this project, print and cut all the cards. Have one person hole punch them, one thread the glow sticks, and one to add the caps. Or, if you’re flying solo (you awesome person), do all of the same tasks at once for all printables and then move on to the next task.

The back of a printed glow stick Valentine showing a pink glow stick on a white wood background.

Free Glow Stick Valentine Printable Cards

Glow Stick Valentine Printable Cards

These printable glow stick Valentine cards are easy to make, cost effective, and the kids just love them.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


  • Scissors or a paper trimmer
  • Hole punch


  1. Print out and cut each glow stick Valentine card into rectangles. 
  2. Punch two holes, one at the top center of the card and one at the bottom center. 
  3. Slide one end of the glow stick bracelet into each of the holes.
  4. The glow sticks came with connectors for each bracelet or necklace, so put that on one end.


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Vertical photo of printed and assembled glow stick Valentines on a black background with glow stick bracelets around them.

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