Adorable Free Otter Valentine’s Day Cards Printables for Kids

Valentine’s Day is such fun for little ones. Make it easy with these adorable free otter Valentine’s Day Cards printables. Just download and print these ‘punny’ Valentine’s Day cards and you’ll be done in minutes.

Adorable Free Otter Valentine's Day Cards for Kids and Classroom

Otter Lovers, Unite!

My daughter loves otters which can be seen in her collection of plush stuffies. She can start her own otter rock band, y’all.

Her school ‘s has clans for each grade and classroom and, wouldn’t you know it, my daughter was placed in the Kindergarten otter clan. 

I kid you not, people. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

So naturally, I create printables and activities for her classroom and some learning additions for her to do at home. While on a long plane ride, I also created these free otter Valentine’s Day cards to share with you.

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Free Otter Valentine’s Day Cards Printables

Get the free Otter “Punny” Valentine’s Day cards for kids. It features one design repeated 9 times per page. The design is, “You’re otter this world!”

This is also a “boy-approved” Valentine card design, y’all. A sweet little guy on the plane (maybe 6- or 7- years-old) told me that this set was the best and the one he loved most is the one here: the space otter.

From the mouths of babes…

Free Otter Valentine's Day Cards for Kids Classroom Printable

Valentine’s Day Cards: Full Printable Set for Classroom Fun

For less than the gas it takes to run to the store, you can get the full set of these adorable Valentine’s Day cards. I’ve placed the full versions of this otter Valentine’s Day cards set in the Ruffles and Rain Boots Etsy shop and they’re a steal!

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Otter Valentine’s Day Cards

The adorable, loving otters are making a statement with the little ones these days. Who can resist their cute little faces and hand-holding?!

This full set of Otter Valentine’s Day cards printable features 9 unique designs and the best otter puns around.Otter Valentine's Day Cards for Kids Printable Classroom Valentines

Custom Valentine’s Day Cards

If you have young children, this option is for you. If you have kids who participate in after-school activities, this might also be for you… I’ll add your child’s name to a custom listing – just click through to the Valentine’s Day cards in the shop and message me.

Over to You

Are you a lover of puns? I just couldn’t resist creating these ‘punny’ otter Valentines. If you know an otter lover or someone who just can’t get their fill of puns, share this with them and laugh together.

Get these punny and oh, so adorable FREE otter Valentine's Day cards for kids printable. #ValentinesDay #valentines #valentinesforkids


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