Free Unicorn Valentine’s Day Cards Printable for Kids

One of the most adorable holidays can be made easy with these magical free unicorn Valentine’s Day Cards. Just download and print unicorn Valentine’s Day cards, order candy or our favorite non-candy alternative, and you’re set!

Magical Free Unicorn Valentine's Day Cards for Kids and Classroom

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Sweet Traditions

Valentine’s Day is commercial, yes, but it’s also very cute. I can remember getting ready for Valentine’s Day by toiling over which Valentines to get, selecting the perfect treat, and decorating my Valentine’s Day card box.

The box I so carefully designed would sit on the edge of my desk all day, collecting notes of love and friendship. And candy. Let’s not forget about the glorious pink, red, and white candy hordes you’d cart home.

And then there’s the candy you tried to trade… I’m lookin’ at you, Sweethearts.


Free Unicorn Valentine’s Day Cards Printables

This free unicorn Valentines’ Day card is sure to please any unicorn lover. My 6-year-old daughter is using these for her classroom Valentine party.

To pair up with our magical unicorn Valentine printable, we bought these non-candy Valentines alternatives. There were so many that each kid gets one, the teacher gets one, and my daughter gets to keep a couple.

Get the free Unicorn Valentine’s Day cards for kids. It features one design repeated 9 times per page. The design is, “I’d jump through hoops for you!”


Free Unicorn Valentine's Day Cards for Kids Classroom Printable


Unicorn Valentine’s Day Cards: Full Set for the Classroom

For less than the gas it takes to run to the store, you can get the full sets of these adorable free unicorn Valentine’s Day cards. I’ve placed the full version of this unicorn Valentine’s Day cards set in the Ruffles and Rain Boots Etsy shop and they’re a steal!

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Unicorn Valentine’s Day Cards

If your little one is a fan of the magical, unique, and cute-as-a-button unicorn, this full set of printable Unicorn Valentine’s Day cards for classroom fun features 3 colorful designs for them to share with their friends.

I’ve created a bright, bold design approved by unicorn lovers everywhere!

Unicorn Valentine's Day Cards Printable


Custom Valentine’s Day Cards

If you have young children, this option is for you. If you have kids who participate in after-school activities, this might also be for you… I’ll add your child’s name to a custom listing – just click through to the Valentine’s Day cards in the shop and message me.

Over to You

Share these with a fellow unicorn lover, just use the sharing buttons below. Grab the full set for a magical day of Valentine’s classroom fun.

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