Straw Valentine Printable – Non-Candy Valentine Idea

This straw Valentine printable is sure to please the littlest cupid. It’s great to give and receive this non-candy Valentine idea for kids and classrooms. With this printable, the kids will give a great non-candy gift and you won’t make yourself crazy finishing the kid’s project!

Straw Valentine Printable for non-candy classroom Valentine ideas

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“Those poor teachers.” That’s all I can think when remembering Valentine’s Day growing up. All morning, meticulously crafted Valentines boxes would sit on the edge of our desks. Between classwork, we would proudly (or slyly) slip in our signed Valentines.

Teachers would likely gather in their lounge, cursing the tradition of giving candy to kids halfway through the school day while all the kids couldn’t wait until lunch was over. CANDY! CANDY! CANDY!

Twenty or so kids hyped on red dye #5 and sugar for the rest of the day… Those poor teachers…

Non-Candy Valentine Ideas

Here are a few non-candy Valentine ideas in case you need more than our “Sip, Sip, Hooray!” Straw Valentine printable.

  • a balloon with, “You make my heart pop!” attached
  • grab this done-for-you Valentine’s Day bookmark printable and attach a ribbon
  • a glow stick and label which reads, “You light up my day, Valentine!”
  • a pencil attached to a, “I’ll get write to the point: will you be my Valentine?” printable
  • DIY bath bombs with a tag, “You’re the bomb, Valentine”
  • stickers with an, “I’m stuck on you, Valentine” tag
  • small bubble container with, “Our friendship makes me bubble with excitement!”

Straw Valentine Printable, Sip, Sip, Hooray!

These couldn’t be easier to make! Your kids can make an assembly line for these straw Valentines and with the straw Valentine printable, they’ll be done in no time.

Supplies for Easy Straw Valentines (Non-Candy Valentines)

Instructions for Straw Valentine Printable (give these to your early reader)

  1. Cut out (or punch, if you have it) the straw Valentine printable.
  2. Write your friend’s name and your name on the back.
  3. Hole punch the printables to fit the straw through.
  4. Slip on the straw Valentine.

Over to You

What are your memories of Valentine’s Day when you were little? What about now? Do you make it special for the kids with heart-shaped pancakes or other fun stuff? Let us know in the comments.

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