How to Make a Sublimation Pillow Case for a DIY Farmhouse Bee Pillow!

When I figured out how to make a sublimation pillow case, I knew making this DIY farmhouse bee pillow would be first on my list because it’s so beee-utiful!

diy sublimation honey bee sublimation craft
This farmhouse bee pillow is such an easy and fast project, I love how awesome it was to figure out how to make a sublimation pillow!

DIY Farmhouse Bee Pillow

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we LOVE the bee crafts this year. For whatever reason, I’ve been stung with the desire to make all things yellow and black striped. So, when I discovered recently how to make sublimation projects, I had a whole list of fun ideas that came to mind. But one of the first was definitely this epically easy and fun farmhouse bee pillow.


I’ve written-up a simple tutorial for how to make a sublimation pillow case, but it’s more than just that, too. I’ve included a trick to get you doing sublimation, even without a special printer, the magic paper and the ink that brings it all together. So, grab your favorite bee sublimation design and let’s get started.

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diy honey bee pillow sublimation craft
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Tips to Make This Sublimation Pillow Case

  • Click here to grab the sublimation-friendly file set for the home is where your honey is digital set. To make the sublimation project, you only need to have the PNG or JPG file in order to make the craft, but you’ll get the full set regardless.
  • If you have never made sublimation projects before and you’re not sure where to start, know that you DO NOT have to start by purchasing a printer and the special ink and all that. The easiest way to try it out is by ordering a sublimation print, just to test it. That way you know you want to invest in this new and fun craft. That’s exactly what I did. I ordered a couple of prints here of my favorite designs, then just heat-pressed them onto a blank. I loved it so much, I’m now invested 100%.
  • I used one of these prepared sublimation blank pillow cases for this bee craft. A simple enough thing to find, polyester pillow cases are a great project to test out sublimation on, but these were noted as made for sublimation, so I felt like I was starting on the right foot.
sublimation pillow farmhouse bee pillow

How Do I Make this DIY Farmhouse Bee Pillow?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial.

Yield: 1 DIY Farmhouse Bee Pillow

DIY Farmhouse Bee Pillow

sublimation pillow farmhouse bee pillow

So fast, this tutorial for how to make a sublimation pillow case is simple and straight-forward. And you get an adorable DIY farmhouse bee pillow to boot!

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • Heat-Safe Tape
  • Cricut Easy Press
  • Scissors
  • Parchment Paper/Butcher Paper
  • Heat Press Mat


  1. Preheat your Cricut Easy Press to 400-degrees and set out your heat press mat.
  2. Download the home is where your honey is digital file set. Open the JPG or PNG file using QuickLook (Windows) or Preview (Mac). In the toolbar, select Edit, then Flip Horizontal. This will mirror the image.
  3. In the toolbar, select Print, then set up your print to full-size, filling the paper completely. Select your sublimation-ready printer and send the file to print.
  4. Once the file has printed, take a moment to iron your pillow case flat, so there are no wrinkles in it, if necessary. I did this with my Cricut Easy Press, for ease of use. Once flat, place the pillow case right-side-up on the heat press mat, ready to press.
  5. Place the print face-down on the pillow case, positioning it where you want the design to appear. Tape all of the corners down with the heat-safe tape to ensure that the design will not wiggle if you accidentally bump it while pressing. Add a sheet of parchment paper or butcher paper, to keep the ink from transferring through the paper onto your Easy Press by accident.
  6. Place your Easy Press down onto the design, then set the timer for 60-seconds. Once the timer goes off, remove the Easy Press and place it back on it's rest.
  7. Remove the parchment paper/butcher paper and discard. Peel the heat-safe tape from the pillow case, removing the sublimation paper at the same time.
  8. Allow the pillow case to cool completely. Iron, if desired, then stuff your filler-pillow into the pillow case and enjoy! photo collage tutorial of how to make a sublimation pillow case diy farmhouse bee pillow


For more fun sublimation crafts, visit Ruffles and Rain Boots!

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