Dollar Tree Calendar Magnet Craft – Quick and Easy DIY!

This fast and fun DIY for Dollar Tree magnets using the farmhouse calendar comes together quickly and makes a great afternoon craft. They also would be a sweet gift for the holidays.

horizontal image of 5 dollar tree magnets made with the farmhouse calendar and tumbling tower blocks on a white wood background with small yellow flowers accenting the top of the image
This Dollar Tree calendar craft uses tumbling tower blocks, a calendar, and a little glue.

Dollar Tree Magnets Using Blocks and Farmhouse Calendar

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, it might be obvious that I love using the Dollar Tree items as blanks for my crafts. From Cricut to gnomes, I think it’s fun to go on the hunt for craft supplies because with their ever-changing inventory, it’s like a game!

Speaking of games, we are going to use one of the Dollar Tree’s most popular games, the tumbling tower blocks, to create these adorable farmhouse magnets in just minutes. Let’s get started.

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easy DIY calendar magnets made tower blocks on white wood background with a dollar tree farmhouse calendar on the right

Tips for Making This Dollar Tree Craft

Due to the nature of the Dollar Tree, you might have to hunt a bit for their oh-so-popular farmhouse calendar. Once they start appearing in stores, it is all over the craft groups and they’re always gone at my local store.

Once the hype dies down, I am always able to find them. It seems the Dollar Tree gets multiple shipments in (or puts them out in waves), so don’t lose faith if you can’t find them mid-year.

Another tip I have for you is to definitely play with paint, wax paint, or even stain on the tumbling tower blocks. You can change the look of just a few or even the entire set!

A fun additional way to present these as a gift is to add a hanger of twine or ribbon to the back. Wouldn’t they make the most adorable ornaments?!

dollar tree calendar magnet made with tower blocks on white wood background with small yellow flowers

How to Make Calendar Magnets from Dollar Tree Items

Without further ado, onto the craft! This tutorial has a full Dollar Tree calendar magnets video tutorial here on YouTube if you’re a visual learner.

Reminder: you can print this tutorial easily (just the instructions) by clicking on the “PRINT” button in the tutorial card below.

Yield: 12 Magnets

Dollar Tree Calendar Magnets

dollar tree calendar magnet made with tower blocks on white wood background with small yellow flowers

This Dollar Tree calendar magnet craft is going to blow your mind it is so easy! There are a couple of tips to make them strong and long-lasting, so read through the full tutorial.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Additional Time 5 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $3


  • Calendar (with small summary pictures of the year)
  • Tumbling Tower block game (36 pieces for 12 magnets)
  • 3 Magnet Strips (or other magnets, 1 per design)
  • Wood Glue
  • ModPodge


  • Scissors
  • Small Paintbrush
  • Foam Paintbrush


  1. Cut the small calendar images from the back page of the Dollar Tree calendar.horizontal image of scissors cutting the back of the dollar tree farmhouse calendar images into small squares
  2. Use wood glue to secure the long but thin edges together. Stack three and set aside to cure. They are ready to handle in just a few minutes.horizontal image of hands using wood glue to secure the dollar tree tumbling blocks together in a stack of three for the magnet base
  3. Trim the images to your desired size for the finished block (I trimmed off some edges to make a "frame").
  4. Add ModPodge to the block (blocks oriented vertically) and place on the calendar image. Cover with a coat of ModPodge.horizontal image of foam brush applying modpodge to the farmhouse calendar image to adhere it to the dollar tree block base for the magnet
  5. Cut magnet strips into 1-1.5 inch strips, remove backing, and add wood glue before pressing into the back of the calendar block.horizontal image of woman applying a magnet strip to the back of the dollar tree calendar block DIY


This Dollar Tree craft is so easy and can be used with any calendar. Additional design options:

1. Stain or paint the wood blocks before applying the images.

2. Add a twine hanger to the back to turn them into holiday ornaments or gift tags.

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vertical collage image of rustic magnets on white wood background with a dollar tree farmhouse calendar on the bottom and text which reads Dollar Tree Calendar Magnets

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