DIY Pillow Gnome – Easy, No-Sew Gnome

This DIY pillow gnome is so easy and fun to make and can be customized for any decor, season, or holiday. If you need a quick crafting win and want to make a cute little friend, keep reading.

For this easy gnome craft idea, you will need fabric, fur, weight, and stuffing, The twine and wood round nose are optional – be sure to read the tips for additional ideas.

Horizontal close up image of a pillow gnome with a white beard, hickory fabric, and farmhouse tassel.
A casual style, this DIY gnome pillow is perfect for a display or as decor (not a toy).

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Gnome Pillow DIY Craft

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, it’s been a whirlwind of packing up my craft room (and the rest of the house…). As I write this, every scrap of fabric, all Cricut supplies, and even my cuts of faux fur are packed away.

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collage of diy gnomes teaching how to make a gnome with or without legs and with or without sewing

Before closing that last box, I whipped up this easy gnome craft idea that is perfect for a “quick crafting win.” You will be able to recreate this exact gnome in any size, change up the personality using fabric and fur, and even be able to gift them with pride. Let’s make one together.

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No sew pillow gnome with a striped body and white beard against a light wood background with farmhouse beads.
Make this no sew pillow gnome in just minutes using what you have on hand.

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Tips for Making Gnome Pillows

  • This can be made ANY size – small, medium, or large, the only thing you have to measure is the body. The beard and any supplies will be dependent only on that.
  • Stuff the gnome body well. This is where I get a lot of questions, so I want to harp on this: stuff the gnome so it bounces back when squeezed.
  • The fabric I’m using is a hickory print or a railroad stripe fabric print (available here, too). That said, you can substitute a ticking stripe (it is a popular print and easily found in craft stores) if you want this look, as well.
  • Fabric blends which will work well with this project: cotton, fleece, and blends (cotton / rayon). Knit fabrics are usually too thin to hide the Poly-Pellets unless you create a lining or double up the layers.
  • If you’re building this around an existing rectangle pillow (a bed pillow, for example), tie up the top two corners so they come to a point. A few hand stitches are a good idea to ensure that shape doesn’t come apart.
  • When cutting the faux fur gnome beard, make sure the pile of the fur (the length which hangs down) is pointed DOWN. Cut only the fabric backing with an X-Acto knife, a razor blade, or a very short-blade extension on a box cutter.
  • I’m not sure I need to say this but my attorney will be happy I did: this is NOT A TOY to be given to young children or pets.
  • If you want a fully soft gnome pillow, use fabric to make a nose or replace the wood ball with a pompom. That said, you can also use a wood bead and secure it directly to the body with a needle and thick thread.
Square close up image of a striped gnome body and white gnome beard in front of a blurred craft room background.
This easy gnome pillow comes together with just hot glue.

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How to Make a Pillow Gnome

Below are the instructions to make this easy, no-sew gnome body style. The written and printable pictorial step by step process is included, however, if you learn visually, I encourage you to watch the DIY pillow gnome video tutorial here.

Yield: 1 Gnome

No Sew Pillow Gnome Pattern

Square close up image of a striped gnome body and white gnome beard in front of a blurred craft room background.

Choose the easy way to make an adorable plush pillow gnome for decor (not a toy). Create any size stuffed gnome by following these easy steps and tips.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • Fabric (cotton, knit, or fleece)
  • Faux Fur
  • Wood Round (1 inch) or Other Gnome Nose
  • Poly-Fil
  • 1 Cup Poly-Pellets
  • Optional, Twine (for Tassel)


  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Scissors / Pinking Shears
  • Razor or X-Acto Knife


Create Cuts and Gnome Body

  1. Cut a rectangle of fabric 7 inches wide by 12 inches high. Cut the faux fur into a v-shape (6 inches wide at the top of the V by 6 inches tall). Crafter showing how to cut fabric and faux fur gnome beard.
  2. Fold the right sides together along the vertical (the long) edge (3.5" wide). Cut a "roof" shape into the fabric from the fold to the outside (open) edge 6 inches from the bottom. Crafter showing how to cut the body shape by folding over fabric and cutting a house shape.
  3. With right sides still together, glue the fabric edges, leaving a 3 inch opening to turn out the pieces. If adding a tassel, point the tassel into the body with strings hanging out of the top secured with hot glue. Crafter showing how to stuff and weight the gnome body.
  4. Turn the fabric right sides out, poking out any corners and then stuff using Poly-Fill. Get all corners and the majority of the gnome body done before add 1 cup of Poly-Pellets for weight. Continue stuffing the body until it bounces back when squeezed. Crafter showing to place right sides together and seal tassel in place with hot glue.
  5. Close up the opening by turning down the edges and securing with hot glue. Crafter using a hot glue gun after folding down the fabric opening to secure the gnome body.

Create the Gnome Face

  1. Working on the back side of the faux fur, fold down the top 1/4 inch of the fur and use hot glue to secure it down to the fabric backing. This will create a clean line when assembling the gnome. Crafter using a detail tip glue gun to fold and secure the top one quarter inch edge of the gnome beard.
  2. About 3/4 inch down from the top edge of the beard, split the fur to the fabric backing, add a generous amount of hot glue and add the wood ball for a nose. Crafter gluing on a wood ball to the faux fur to create a gnome face.
  3. Glue the gnome beard to the front of the stuffed gnome body, lining up the top edge of the beard with the "roof" corners of the body. Crafter using a generous amount of hot glue to secure the gnome beard to the body.


This pillow gnome can be made to any size you would like. My measurements are for a 6 inch wide by 12 inch high stuffed gnome.

No gnome crafts on this site are toys; please do not give this DIY gnome to small children or pets.

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Stacked vertical image collage of a farmhouse style gnome with text which reads no sew pillow gnome.
This easy and quick gnome pillow is done in no time – just grab your glue gun!

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