Dollar Tree 3D Clothespin Star Craft

Today is the latest Dollar Tree DIY: a 3D clothespin star! This is a fun craft to make and tuck into a bookcase, a dough bowl, or even onto a tiered tray.

You’ll need two sizes of clothespins and a glue gun for this craft – the paint is totally optional.

Horizontal image of two wood 3D stars made from clothespins next to vintage books on white wood background.
Make these elegant 3D stars using clothespins from the Dollar Tree.

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Clothespin Star Craft for Easy Decor

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, it’s time to change up the decor. I’m moving from brights and whites to browns and other neutrals to usher in fall and the changing season.

Checking my craft stash, I found a large supply of the dollar store clothespins in two sizes and knew I could come up with something fun. The star decor I’m sharing here can be made with any sized spring-style clothespin, however, the tiny ones (mini craft pins) might be difficult to work with.

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Vertical image close up of a brown wood clothespin star in 3D style in front of a farmhouse display and white washed wood background.
This 3D clothespin star fits with farmhouse, rustic, or neutral decor easily.

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Tips for Making This Easy Dollar Tree Craft Idea

  • Use the regular or medium-sized spring-style clothespins for this 3D craft. Mine were from the dollar store, but if you have them on hand from somewhere else and you can pull them apart, they will work.
  • The full-size clothespins are in the laundry section at my Dollar Tree and the medium-sized were in the craft section.
  • In this version of these clothespin stars, I painted them brown to match other crafts, however, you could stain them (it would be faster if you stained them in a plastic tub all at once).
  • These were made for fall decor, however, paint the clothespins white and you could use them for winter or holiday pieces. They would look so nice with a bit of glitz and glam only glitter can provide.
  • Turn these into Christmas ornament by stringing some ribbon or twine on them, (securing it with glue) to make a hanger.
Square image of two wooden stars made with clothespins and painted brown stacked on books in a farmhouse style display against white wood.
This fun afternoon DIY will elevate any tiered tray, display, or decorative area in your home.

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How to Make a Star Using Clothespins

Below is the written and printable tutorial. Follow along and use the comments section if you have any questions. I’d love to see your creations – come share them in the Facebook group here.

Yield: 2 Stars, 1 Large, 1 Medium

DIY 3D Clothespin Star Decor

Square image of two wooden stars made with clothespins and painted brown stacked on books in a farmhouse style display against white wood.

Create a high-end 3D star using clothespins from the Dollar Tree and a little paint. Grab your glue gun and create this 3D clothespin star to be used as a tiered tray shelf sitter, bookcase filler, or even as a Christmas ornament!

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • Clothespins (18 Full Size, Spring Style)
  • Clothespins (18 Medium Size, Spring Style)
  • Brown Acrylic Paint (or other color)
  • Optional, Paper Towels or Wipes


  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Paintbrush
  • Sealant (Spray or Brush-On)


  1. Remove the metal spring from 18 large clothespins and 18 medium clothespins (36 total pieces). Break apart the clothespins removing the metal join.
  2. Join 2 of the same size for all of the clothespins with hot glue, lining up the flat sides of each. You should have 18 of these pre-made clothespin sets. Crafter showing to join two clothespin pieces back to back.
  3. Assemble 8 of the large clothespin sets into a flat star, joining them together with hot glue at the top, wide end of each set. Let's call this the head of the set. This creates the base for the 3D star structure. Create an 8 point star on the table by joining the wide head pieces together.
  4. Glue four pre-made sets of clothespins (head to head) at every other head on the flat star by adding glue and holding it at a 45 degree until it sets. Attach the 5th set directly in the center at a 90 degree angle to the flat star shape. Glue gun showing to create half the 3D star by joining head pieces at an angle.
  5. Flip the entire piece over and repeat step 4 for the other side. Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 for the medium-sized star. Repeat the 3D additions on the other side of the star base.
  6. If desired, paint the 3D stars and let them dry. Seal with a spray or brush on sealant. Note: I mixed the paint with water to dilute it and wiped a bit off when it was still wet. Horizontal image showing to paint the 3D clothespin star and seal.


This 3D star craft looks good when left natural, stained, or even painted to match holiday decor.

The size of these stars are perfect for Christmas ornaments, wreath accents, and can stand alone when displayed in tiered trays or other display areas.

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Stacked collage of wood stars with text which reads fun craft idea clothespin 3D stars Dollar Tree DIY.
This Dollar Tree wood star craft can be used year-round or during the holidays.

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