DIY Glitter Ornaments Cricut Craft are an Easy DIY Christmas Ornament

I have always wanted a set of glitter ornaments so I made this DIY glitter ornaments Cricut craft to hit all the high points!

easy way to make ornaments filled with glitter
This easy DIY glitter ornament Cricut craft is stunning in person.

DIY Glitter Ornaments Cricut Craft

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I love making fun new holiday crafts every year and I’m obsessed with glitter this year. It’s so fun and sparkly – and FUN! LOL! So, given that I wanted alllll the glitter, I decided to make something I’ve always wanted – DIY glitter ornaments!


I turned it into a fun Cricut craft by putting some of my favorite holiday lyrics on the front and I couldn’t be happier. If you’d like to add some glitter ornaments to your tree, let’s get started.

easy way to make glitter ornaments
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Cricut glitter ornaments with text which reads glitter ornaments cricut craft

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Tips to Make These DIY Christmas Ornaments

  • Although you can absolutely use your own text (and I don’t see why you wouldn’t), if you want to use the same text I used, you can grab the free Christmas SVG set here that will work with any cutting machine. Or, you can even print them out and cut them with scissors or a craft knife, it’s just easier to use a cutting machine.
  • If you’re worried about the paint drying on the inside of your ornament, you can always pour out the excess, then use a heat gun set on low to blow a bit of warm air into your ornament to get the paint to set.
  • These DIY ornaments, can be made using glass ornaments like these, or if you would prefer to avoid guessing which ornament the kiddos will break this year, you can make them out of these shatterproof plastic ornaments here. I did this on both and they work well and look great in either material.
glitter ornaments cricut craft

How Do I Make this DIY Glitter Ornaments Cricut Craft?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial.

Yield: 3 Glitter Ornaments

DIY Glitter Ornaments Cricut Craft

glitter ornaments cricut craft

Making these easy DIY glitter ornaments with my Cricut has really gotten my excitement up for making even more ornaments for my tree(s).

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10


Glitter Paints

  • DecoArt Extreme Sheen in 24K Gold
  • DecoArt Galaxy Glitter in Champagne Stardust


  • Cricut Joy, or other cutting machine
  • Weeding Tools
  • Scissors
  • Transfer Tape
  • Latex Gloves, optional


  1. Remove the ornament caps and set aside. Make sure the insides and outsides of your ornaments are clean and dry.
  2. Pour about 1 tbsp of Galaxy Glitter Champagne Stardust paint inside each of the ornaments. 
  3. Put on your gloves then place your thumb over an ornament's open top and shake until the paint inside has covered the entire interior of the ornament. Add more paint and shake if any portion is not covered. Repeat for all of the ornaments. Allow this coat of paint to dry for about 10 minutes. in-process step of making easy diy glitter filled ornaments
  4. Pour about 1 tbsp of Extreme Sheen 24K Gold paint inside each of the ornament.
  5. Use your thumb to cover the opening of an ornament and shake until the paint inside has mixed and covered the entire interior of the ornament. Add more paint and shake if any portion is not covered. Repeat for all of the ornaments. Allow this coat of paint to dry for about 10 minutes.
  6. Download the SVG file provided or skip ahead if you are going to use your own text. Open Cricut Design Space and click the “+” button to begin a new project, opening a blank workspace.
  7. Click “Upload” and insert the SVG file, then select "Ungroup". This will allow you to resize and rearrange the text as desired.
  8. Arrange and resize the individual phrases to your liking and then select each phrase individually and click the “Attach” button to keep the phrase together while cutting. This will make it easier to manage.
  9. Click “Make It” in the upper right corner and, if you're using Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl, select “no mat”, then select "Smart Vinyl, Permanent" from the list of material options in the menu.
  10. Following the screen instructions and cut the vinyl. in-process step of making DIY filled glitter ornaments
  11. With the weeding tool, remove the excess vinyl around the design and discard. 
  12. Cut a section of transfer tape a little larger than the design, remove the transfer tape backing and position the transfer tape on top of the phrase. With the scraper tool, gently rub the design to help the vinyl stick to the transfer tape.
  13. Flip the transfer tape and vinyl over and remove the vinyl backing, using the scraper tool to help, if necessary. This will leave the design attached to the transfer tape only.
  14. Trim the transfer tape, adding small slashes in the edges while avoiding the vinyl design, in order to help you shape the transfer tape and design around the curved ornament.
  15. Position the design on to the ornament and, making sure you are very happy with placement before you press it in place. 
  16. Press the design down with your fingers and slowly peel away the transfer tape leaving the design on the ornament.  
  17. Repeat attaching the vinyl designs onto the other ornaments.
  18. Secure the ornament caps on top of each ornament and tie a length of decorative ribbon to the top of each one before hanging on your tree! photo collage tutorial of how to make easy glitter ornament cricut craft


For more fun DIY ornament crafts, visit Ruffles and Rain Boots!

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