These Craft Stick Fairies Are So Cute and Fun

When it comes to creative summer fun, these craft stick fairies are the cutest and they are a lot of fun to make. They encourage creative play and all of the supplies come right from the Dollar Tree.

The kids (and maybe you, too) will LOVE learning how to make a fairy with faux flowers. Be sure to read through the tips if you have very young ones.

Horizontal image showing a craft stick fairy trio made with popsicle sticks, flowers, and butterfly wings from the dollar tree.
This fun set of fairies can be used for pretend play or strung up for a sweet garland.

Be sure to check out my Fun Fairy House, as well, so the kids can just dive in and create a fairy garden.

Popsicle Stick Fairies

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, my daughter has been a fan of fairies since she saw Tinkerbell at age 2. Years ago, we made a version of these craft stick fairies using cupcake liners as the dress but inspiration struck and a few faux flowers later, here we are again!

These are so stinking cute and almost IMPOSSIBLE not to want to join in on the play. We had a great time creating them, giving them adorable voices, and playing with them using our imaginations.

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Vertical image of three popsicle stick fairies decorated with faux flowers and butterfly wings on a concrete background.
These sweet fairies are a lot of fun to put together – I had a blast!

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Fun Ideas for Craft Stick Fairy Figures

While these DIY fairies are fun to just play with, you can also use them as a learning opportunity for the kids.

  1. Work on counting skills: layout some popsicle sticks while the paint is drying and have them count or sort.
  2. Talk about coordinating colors or the types of flowers they chose to use for the dresses.
  3. Discuss the different shapes that are being used to make these sweet popsicle fairies.

Tips for Making a Flower Fairy with a Popsicle Stick

  • If you have very little ones, this craft might be too long for them to complete in one sitting. Perhaps paint the fairy bodies and clothing in advance and let them choose the flowers and draw on the faces.
  • Sometimes the Dollar Tree is great for florals and sometimes we head to the craft stores. I get many large single stem flowers for a dollar or two on sales and clearance.
  • The lighter flowers can be attached with a glue stick by little hands but only adults and older children should use the hot glue gun. For young children, I let them use the glue stick and the go behind them with a few dots with the glue gun.
  • It doesn’t matter the size of the stick to create the fairy – we’ve used thin ones (like we used to make dessert pops) and the thick craft sticks interchangeably to create super cute fairies.
  • I do not recommend dried flowers for this craft. We tried it and they broke apart fairly easily into very small pieces…
Square close up image of three craft stick fairies with flower skirts and butterfly wings on a light concrete background.
These popsicle stick fairies are great for puppets, to stick into a plant, or to string on a garland.

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How to Make a Fairy Using a Craft Stick

Below is the written and printable tutorial for these fairies. You can print it off and let the older kids make them on their own.

The fun part about this popsicle stick craft is that there are so many variations of fairies they can make. If you have some faux greenery or ribbons, throw them into the mix – the kids are going to have a blast with these.

Popsicle Stick Fairy Craft

Square close up image of three craft stick fairies with flower skirts and butterfly wings on a light concrete background.

This craft stick fairy craft is a fun summer day activity for kids of all ages. The flowers really give these popsicle stick fairies a fun touch.

Active Time 25 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $4


  • Jumbo Craft Sticks
  • Acrylic Paint (Various Colors)
  • Faux Flowers
  • Pack of Butterflies
  • Pom Poms


  • Hot Glue Gun and Sticks / Craft Glue Stick
  • Paintbrush
  • Black Fine Tip Marker
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


  1. Paint the popsicle sticks in skin tone colors and let them dry or use a hair dryer or heat gun to dry. Paint the hair in different colors. Optional: add a pompom for a bun or two for a pony tail look after painting the hair. Popsicle sticks painted in skin tones on a white wood background with the names of Americana acrylic paint.
  2. Paint the clothing and shoes in different colors. Use the black marker and draw two eyes on the face and lines to make the legs. Dip the pencil erase into the light pink paint and dot on for rosy cheeks. Horizontal image showing how to decorate the craft stick fairy bodies and hair.
  3. Each fairy can use a whole flower or just a party on one. Remove the stem and center out of the flower. Cut a slit in the middle of the petals and slide the fairy body in between to make the skirt. Repeat with another section of the flower, adhering with the glue stick or hot glue. Crafter showing how to attach the flower petals with a hot glun.
  4. Cut the plastic body and antennae from the butterfly and glue the wings on the back of the fairy. Horizontal image showing a hot glue gun attaching a butterfly to the back of a popsicle stick fairy on a light wood background.


For very young children, paint the body and clothing on the craft stick in advance.

If using a glue stick, it might be helpful (and longer lasting) to use the hot glue gun for the kids.

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Stacked vertical image collage of popsicle stick fairies on top and in process image on bottom with text which reads craft stick fairy craft cute and fun.
Add a little fun and whimsy to an afternoon by setting up this fairy craft.

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  1. These are so adorable! I shared them with some girls I’ve taught to sew. These are the same kids that made the sewn gnomes from the sewing group. Thank you for your site and great projects.