Christmas Decoupage Gnome Canvas

This easy Christmas decoupage gnome canvas craft is going to bring ALL the smiles for the holidays. It’s such a fun and fast way to use a simple napkin or printable to make elegant holiday decor.

horizontal image of three Christmas gnome decoupage canvas crafts on a holiday background with tobacco basket farmhouse beads and ornament
This adorable Christmas gnome decoupage canvas craft is so easy and quick!


Gnome Canvas Decoupage Idea

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, I am a wee-bit into gnomes and love finding new ways to make decor or gifts with them. Christmas decoupage crafts have been around forever, but stay with me when I say, you’re going to love this because I’m sharing TWO decoupage ideas!

We are going to use Dollar Tree craft supplies to make a canvas in two sizes and the amazing reverse canvas craft, as well. If you’d like to make them, let’s get started.

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Tips to Make Decoupage Canvases

  • If making a reverse canvas, remove the canvas from the frame. If you can ensure the other side of the frame (without the staples) is decent looking, there is no need to remove the staples.
  • Be sure to remove every layer of the napkin from the printed layer.
  • If your decoupage napkin has those little holes or perforations in part of the design, don’t worry – you can press those out so they are nearly invisible.
  • Look for napkins for decoupage on Etsy – I have found some really cute holiday, Christmas, and year-round styles.
square image close up of a Dollar Tree reverse canvas Christmas gnome decoupage project on a farmhouse holiday background

How to Decoupage a Canvas or Reverse Canvas

Below is the written tutorial. Please read through and let me know if you have any questions. You can find the full gnome decoupage canvas tutorial here on the YouTube channel.

Yield: 3 gnome canvases

How to Decoupage a Napkin on Canvas

square image close up of a Dollar Tree reverse canvas Christmas gnome decoupage project on a farmhouse holiday background

Learn the tips and tricks to make Christmas decoupage crafts with these or any other adorable paper napkins or printables. The canvases or reverse canvas make for nearly instant, festive holiday decor.

Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • paper napkins
  • canvas (I used a 4x6, 5x8, and 2x3)
  • ModPodge (I used matte)


  • foam brush
  • scissors
  • sandpaper or sanding sponge
  • optional, heat gun
  • optional, iron (recommended)


  1. Iron the napkins and remove all layers except the printed one.
  2. For a normal canvas, ModPodge the front surface and place the napkin on top. You can spritz the napkin lightly with water before transferring it.
  3. Use your fingers (optional brayer or plastic card scraper) to press the napkin into the canvas fibers.
  4. Once the front has been completed, let air dry or use your heat gun to speed up the process.
  5. ModPodge the napkin to each side of the canvas to create a seamless look. Once dry, cut off excess and use the sanding sponge to clean up the edges (start at the edge and go down to just remove the back edge, leaving the image intact on the flat part of the sides).
  6. Cover with a sealing layer of ModPodge and display!
  7. If you are making a reverse canvas, remove the canvas from the wood frame by scoring the area just outside of the staples with your scissors or an Exacto knife.
  8. Lay the canvas down right-side up on the table, size your napkin, making any cuts, and then clean up any rough edges of the wood frame with the sanding sponge. Paint, if desired.
  9. ModPodge the napkin to the canvas. Once dry, lay the frame on the canvas, trace the outside, and then cut the canvas to size.
  10. Hot glue the canvas to the back of the frame and display your reverse canvas!step by step process collage showing 6 steps to making a gnome canvas Christmas craft using a canvas or reverse canvas technique


This full decoupage craft and other quick and easy holiday crafts can be found on

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