April Hand Lettering Prompts and Free Practice Workbook

Oooh, the April hand lettering prompts for lettering practice, April brush lettering crafts, doodles, or even bullet journal layouts for April are here! I’m sharing one of my favorite typefaces EVER – it’s one I use all the time on products and t-shirts I sell. Get started hand-lettering today!

Grab these Hand Lettering Prompts for April, featuring 3 font and type styles and a free, 11-page practice workbook! These prompts are also great for bullet journals and doodling.

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April Hand Lettering Prompts for Practice, Crafts, and Doodles

Before we get started – check here to see if one of the most beloved hand lettering pens are on special! I picked up another pack about a week ago (for the little one). :)This month, we’re lightening up – the dark skies, the moods, and we’re even lightening up our April hand lettering prompts!

It seems there’s a bit of a darkness until Spring arrives. I promise you, there were some days in March I just wanted to sleep all day. Of course, I didn’t (hey, I’m a mom) but it was darn difficult to get out of bed after so many months of gray days.


Supplies Needed

April Hand Lettering Fonts Used

As always, I’ve included the fonts below and in the practice lettering workbook. There’s the most adorable bounce lettering font style for you to practice this month. It’s one of my absolute favorites!

  • this gracious gal (and it’s free, y’all)
  • Letters of Summer is the name of the font, but I cannot find it anywhere for you. :(

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How to Download the April Lettering Practice

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How to Use The Free Lettering Worksheets

When do you letter? For me, it’s any time of day I can fit it in. I practice for a solid 10-minutes on letters and styles I want to explore but when I create something, it can take more than an hour.

I bring these hand lettering worksheets and a clipboard with me to pick up my daughter from school. There is usually a wait and I can sit in my car and get a few minutes of brush lettering practice and calligraphy practice.

Get creative with your hand lettering practice and add doodles (umbrellas are great for April).

You can even use an iPad or drawing tablet (this tablet is my favorite out of the two I’ve tried if you do not want or have an iPad with Procreate). It makes it so much easier to sell designs, transfer them to the cutting software, and save them for future projects.

Included in the April hand lettering prompts and doodling workbook (11 pages total) are:

  • April daily lettering prompts
  • Links to fonts – because sometimes we fall in love with a style!
  • 3 sets of type / font styles
  • 3 sets of practice sheets (including blanks)

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Over to You

As you practice, come on over to Ruffles and Rain Boots on Facebook and share. If you have created a doodle, piece of art, or a craft, share that, too! Let’s get creative together.

Grab these April Hand Lettering Prompts, featuring 3 font and type styles and a free, 11-page practice workbook! These prompts are also great for bullet journals and doodling. #handlettering #diycrafts #brushlettering #aprilcrafts

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  1. Oh, I’ve always envied anyone who can pull together good hand-lettering. For me, it’s copycat lettering every time. These are some fun prompts, though, and I can’t wait to see what comes out of them!

  2. These are great tips and what a helpful workbook! I’m not very good at hand lettering, but I would love to practice more!